Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Hope everyone's weekend went well. Mine was slow and really uneventful. Yesterday Hannah and I lounged around in our PJ's. I'm not sleeping well at night at all and it's partly Abel being gone and my body unused to sleeping alone and it's partly the itching issue. Dirty PUPP! LoL. So we watched a few movies and played a few games and I tidied a few things up and just enjoyed the slow Saturday.
Today was even better though. I was low on sleep again and yet had a huge burst of energy. I have gone through and gotten rid of and put away about 6 or 7 boxes worth of stuff. Not to mention the 3 boxes of baby clothes of Hannah's that I have been holding onto. It was kind of hard to do but it's so good to get rid of things I won't be using. I have three boxes that now need sent out, one to my mom for Miss Victoria, Auntie's little turtle. A box to my step sister and her baby girl on teh way, Miss Daisy. And about two or three boxes waiting to be sent out to my sister in law, Miss Megan for her baby on the way. She's only 9 or 10 weeks along but I'm banking on a baby girl. Veronica and Abel both had girls for their first and so I'm planning on Megan being that way too, haha.
I pulled out the crib and put it in Nacio's room along with a few gender nuetral clothes that I had used with Hannah and now can get by using on Nacio too. I also found a bunch of blankets and towels and other stuff so I was able to get those into the room too. It's really exciting to put stuff into his room. Tomorrow I plan on going through the remaining boxes in the storage room which total about 6 maybe. And then I've got about 6 boxes in Nacio's room that need put into the storage room and then once Abel gets home, we can put the bed in Nacio's room in the storage room too and be done. We talked about plans tonight and Abel isn't going to set up anything until we get the new carpet in and get the painting done. Paint first then carpet. And we have to wait until it's warm enough to have the windows and doors open so we can air out the paint. I'm really excited!
So it was a fulfilling day for me and makes me super excited and happy to be getting this part done. I'm halfway done with my pregnancy as of Thursday! Yaay! Tomorrow I get to clear off my computer desk and get it ready for a sewing machine! Yay! And once Abel gets his paycheck I get to buy plane tickets!! California here I come!! LoL. Aww yah....
Anyways, everything is going great, no more contractions or cramping. Praise God! Nacio is pretty mellow which is weird. Hannah at this stage was moving around all the time, hiccuping hardcore everyday and just no break. Nacio is really calm. I have him on a schedule, I know when he should start moving around and not much makes him kick or jab me yet. And no hiccups. As hyper and active as Hannah is, I have a feeling Nacio will be my mellow kid. I was always hearing about how if you're first kid was amazingly good, you're second would be a terror and vice versa. It's true, LoL. At least for now....
And my great news is that Friday Abel comes home! I'm super excited! Abel got to go to the Mall Of America with a buddy of his. They got to go race Nascar go karts or something like that and check out the Lego exhibits and just check out the mall. Abel was amazed and I told him when he goes back in another 9 weeks (he has to stay for two more weeks then) Hannah and I are going along one weekend and we are going to check out the mall together. It's been a few years since I have been there and I wanna see what expansions they've done. But Abel is bored and wanting to be home and we miss him so totally much! I can't wait for him to get home!!
And that about does it for my share of the news. I hope and pray all is well with everyone out there in blog land. I'm thankful for all of you my friends! Lots of love to you and I'll update and blog stalk you all another time!! LoL.


Monday, March 23, 2009


Ok so the happy, easy going, long lasting pregnancy I was praying for just isn't. I began having contractions this weekend and went in to see my doctor today and although I didn't get horrible news, it still is quite a blow to me. I'm having pre-term labor signs. At 18 weeks. That's not good and I don't need a PHD to know that. So we did some cultures and I got to see an ultrasound which showed an active hiccupy baby. So I thanked God for that. It's hard to imagine something bad happening this far in my pregnancy. I've been naive to rely on just because I am past my dreaded 11th week, everything would be great from now on.
I've been reading Karen Kingsbury books. A lady from my Bible Study told me about her works and I fell in love with the very first series, The Redemption series. She has 3 series that go along with this very special, very faithful Christian family. And it breaks my heart that I'm on the very last book. I've learned a lot from these books and the last book I read was about a woman finding out about her daughter in her belly having a rare disease. Let me try to get this right...anencephaly. A neural tube defect in which absence of major portions of the brain and malformation of the brainstem occur. The cranium does not close and the vertebral canal remains a groove. And it deals with her faith throughout her pregnancy and the fact that she knows that she will only have maybe a few hours with her daughter after the birth before her daughter passes. It's just such a sad part of the book but teaches that sometimes God's will isn't ours and that throughout anything, He is always God and there is always a purpose. I highly recommend these books just because it helps strengthen ones faith and helps reassure and calm.
I've been put on two medications which is a struggle for me. On one hand I want to do whatever possible to help this but on the other I am hyper sensitive to medications and the side effects alone of these medications scare me to pieces. The nausea isn't so bad but heart palpitations? I already have those. Dizziness? Uh no thanks. Seizures? Ok sure! Yeah...I'm a wuss full of anxiety as you can see. So I'm going to pray on it and then begin the meds tomorrow God willing. Sometimes God has more power than any medication...
Anyways, I'm off to bed rest (yay no dishes for me!!!) and to pray. I'm very mopey right now but I'll feel better tomorrow. I still feel baby kicking so I know things will be fine. I hope everyone else is doing good. I have a few friends on my prayer list and have been thinking of you all daily. Hoping all is fine. I send lots of love and will update another day!


Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Last Day

Well, here I am, the last day with my husband. He's leaving tomorrow morning for his 3 week class and training in Minneapolis. I, of course, am dreading his absence. Not only because I'll miss him but because he's a major rock in the sanity of this house. I hate to admit it but I am one of those women who sleep better in a huge bed by herself. Another person in my bed only complicates my sleep. But I do adore sleeping with him. On those cold nights, his feet keep mine from turning to ice. And his arm happens to make a pretty nice pillow. So it won't necessarily be the sleep that will be affected by him being gone.
My father and I are butting heads big time this past week. It's hard because I do love him, I really do. But there are days that I just want to slap him silly! I'm a personal believer that a pregnant woman should do nothing but enjoy pregnancy. Yes I can be a neat freak but that always flies out of the window when I'm pregnant. I think women should be waited on hand and foot by anyone who is around. And that everyday should be a lazy day for them. But apparently, men don't think that way and that is my downfall. i don't scrub everything on my hands and knees every second of the day and my father hates that. And he hates that I spank my daughter or happen to raise my voice at her when she isn't listening. And I understand this is his house but before we moved here we were told Hannah could have a dog once we had found the dog we wanted the other day, we were told no, he doesn't want any animals in or around his house. Okaaaaay...So I'm praying that we can do this. Especially for the next 3 lonesome weeks. I pray for sanity and low level of hormones for his sake. And I will also try not to take everything so personal. Although I do think this is a situation that will not be lasting very long. That we will be having to find our own home so that we can do as we please without actually having to ask permission and feeling like crap when we are told no. My daughter is scared of cats! She never used to be but we have gone over a year without any animals. I think if I don't get an animal soon, I may ruin her animal loving skills...
I'm 17 weeks along now. And of course freaking out. I can't feel him move anymore. It's been about three days since I felt Nacio turn and it worries me. Abel rubbed my belly last night and swore that he felt Nacio poke him about 3 times but I didn't feel anything. Did I ever mention I have anxiety? LoL. Abel tends to calm me and soothe me when it gets out of hand. So a few days ago I ordered a fetal heart doppler thing and it should be here today or Monday at the latest. I can't wait. Whenever I freak out I can put it on, find the heartbeat and listen to it calmly. Everyone says it's a waste of money but I bought it for only $5 and it works and everything where one on Ebay is about $40 on a cheap day. I don't care. I'm passing all of my baby stuff to my best friend Sam when I'm done anyways so it's just another thing she gets :)
So yesterday we took a trip down to our local armory and played basketball and ran around for an hour or so. Hannah needed out of the house and we wanted to do something fun with daddy once more before he leaves. It was pretty fun, I'll pt up some pics down below so you can have a glimpse of my joy :) Next time we are bringing Hannah's princess bike with and going to attempt to teach her how to ride it finally. Any tips? LoL. She loves sitting on it and making vroom vroom noises but doesn't have the concept of pedaling. I figure that will come with practice though.
So anyways, I'd love to blabber more but I only have a few select hours left with my husband and we are cooking him a big meal before he goes so that needs tending as well. Corn beef and cabbage! Oh yea! My absolute favorite thing to eat. I could eat corn beef and cabbage everyday but I'm told I could cause a hole in the O-Zone layer...LoL.
I'm sending out love and prayers to all of you, my special friends. I think of you daily! And I hope you all have a great weekend!!!


*Hannah making a basket with daddy's help*

*We were just passing the ball back and forth*

*I threw this in so you could see that even with Abel's shirt on, I still look pretty big*

*Aww my basketball diva*

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's A......


Well everyone, we are proud to announce that we are having a boy! We had the doctor's appointment today and even though I'm only 16 weeks along, they saw a nice big ...(for the sake of Stephanie I'll leave this blank and have you use your imagination...) sticking straight on out. Dr. Lindemann used the ultrasound on me for 15 minutes making sure everything looked good and then another 5 minutes making sure that it was in fact a baby .... and not the umbilical cord or a leg or whatever. It was indeed a you-know-what.
My husband as soon as we confirmed it shouted out "We have a P-word!" and a few nurses outside were a bit shocked and came in to make sure everything was alright, haha. he's telling random strangers and is very, very excited to have his son. I? I am excited, a bit nervous but satisfied. I'm also just relieved and blessed to get past the danger zone. All downhill from here I hope.
So August 20th we will have an Ignacio Avin Guerra to join our happy family and we coudln't be prouder (although the name sort of disgust me, let me know if you think of a dandy nickname, haha). Thank you all for your prayers and now I get to decorate the nursery! Jungle theme yay! I'll do pics no problem (oh yea, my camera came in today too!) Peepees and cameras, what a day! (Sorry Steph, just couldn't resist!)
Love to you all!!