Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April 21st

I can't figure out a creative title for any of my blogs anymore, LoL. So the date will have to do for now I suppose.
You know, the best thing about shopping on the internet is not just the whole adrenaline rush of BUY IT NOW and knowing it's being sent but the day it gets here! The mailman gets stalked until my packages arrive and the day he brings them, he thinks I'm in love with him, not the gifts he bears under his arms, LoL. I jump him at the door asking, "Any boxes today??" LoL. Maybe that's why he has taken to showing up earlier and earlier and leaving everything on the porch instead of in the actual mailbox, ha ha. Fend off the lion so to say...
This may get TMI for some of you and for those who aren't squeamish let me congratulate you on being daring and brave.
Boobs. What a pain the chest. Literally. You know, I understand pregnancy is hard on our bodies and I understand these mountains are there for a purpose other than to make men oogle us but even though I've owned these pair of ladies for quite some years now, I never stop learning about them or being amazed. Ever since the day I found out I was pregnant, they have not stop hurting. Oh suck it up, I know blah blah blah. But they ache like you wouldn't believe. Daily. And I was pretty satisfied with my chest size before I was pregnant. I started off being a B before Hannah and moved up to a C. Thought yay! Perfect! HA! Now I'm barely in a D refusing to move up as I still say there's room in this boulder holder. And I'm praying that even though I know they'll expand even more once baby comes and begins my life as a fridge, I pray they don't. The one thing that makes me super relieved right now is that I bought a fabulous bra. I gave in and bought two nursing bras. I had been looking for the future but when reading the 10 reviews there were and seeing how most of the women bought these early and wore them day and night I decided to get them early. I refuse to take off my bra now, haha. And I'm not a bra person. The best thing about being a stay at home momma and living alone with just your baby and hubby? Walking around with no bra on. I despise bras. Right now I giggle and picture my hubby mimicking the line from BioDome "Free the Mahi-Mahi! Free the Mahi-Mahi!" (He seriously does that liner whenever I bring up the bra subject...)
Enough about my chest though. So I happened to get all my packages yesterday all at once which made it feel like Christmas to me. I love that feeling. Except...Once all the stuff is opened and oogled and put away...Nothing is left. So empty..LoL. Oh well...
We live in central North Dakota. 2 1/2 hours from Bismarck, 4 hours from Fargo and Grand Forks, and about an hour from Minot. So we have shopping choices but you must make a day of it if you are to travel, just to make it worth the trip. So Ebay and Walmart.com have become my best friends. I have money put away strictly for baby stuff so I'm waiting before spending that although I can not wait. I ended up buying a onesie that was on clearance that I couldn't refuse. Little monkey eating a banana. It was really cute. I had to get it. LoL. I'm an addict I realize...
So let's see. I'll be 23 weeks in two more days. Nothing fantastical to report on it. He is a super active baby finally. Heartburn still continuous but I have gotten used to it and almost don't notice it. ALMOST. My friend Amanda just had her son and we took Hannah to visit him. I know she doesn't quite get the whole baby in my belly and I almost think she thinks we're kidding with her. So we showed her Amanda's son and asked her if she remembered Amanda's baby in her belly and she nodded yes so we told her that the baby came out of Amanda's belly and there it was. She watched it for a bit, kept saying baby and that was it. Wouldn't get anywhere near it though. Should I be worried? If anyone has any tips on how to explain this better to a 2 1/2 year old, let me know. I think she's terrified of babies now, haha.
Abel is on the road today. Supposed to come home at 3 pm. I owe some of you e-mails and will get them out to you I swear! You know who you are ;) Thank you for being patient with me. Life isn't quite crazy but it is. We leave in 2 weeks to go to California to visit the momma and step momma. I'll be gone for 2 weeks and I am sad that I have to leave my internet behind, LoL. I am addicted to this as well. If I can figure out how to deal with my mother's lame 20 year old computer, I will find time to hop on and update for you all. And catch up on your blogs as well. I always make time to read your posts if nothing else. My day sucks if I don't get to read about you all. You have no idea! LoL.
Anyways, that's about the dullness of my life. I'm going to get off of here and go visit Amanda now. Maybe seeing more of the baby will help Hannah. Who knows...I hope everyone has a swell week! Much love to you all!!


Thursday, April 9, 2009

I love Heartburn!

Sexy aren't I? LoL!!!!

I was feeling all sorts of left out because I don't feel pregnant. I know there's a boy in my belly growing and I can feel him move and hiccup but I really don't feel pregnant...It's weird I know. I don't think I've bonded with him as much as I had with Hannah and I feel guilty about it. I'm odd I understand, just bear with me please. Well, now that I have heartburn once again, I'm happy to report I feel somewhat preggers again.
I had my 5 month checkup two days ago. Everything is fine and dandy. Great heartbeat, good positioning and all that. I was a bit disappointed though. I had thought by 5 months I would be bigger. I have officially gained 17 pounds already. I have belly envy though. I love big baby bellies. I adore them! I wish I had a big baby belly. But I don't sadly. I have wide hips (Thank you Jesus!!!) and my uterus grows sideways to fill that space. So I don't really have a belly. With Hannah, I looked 5 months pregnant when it was time to deliver. I will see if I can't dig up a scary, nasty picture of me back then. Ugh I didn't look glamorous at all! LoL. Come to think of it, glamorous isn't a word to describe me anyways...ANYWAYS.
So Abel has begun his training now. He started work on Monday and gets to travel 7 hours away to a tiny little town 5 steps away from Canada and then 7 hours back the next day. He does this for the next 2 weeks. When he comes home, he sleeps for 8 hours and then goes right back to work. It's a lonely schedule. I miss him a lot. Everyone keeps telling me how the paychecks will make up for it but it's so frustrating because I'd rather have my hubby than some money. But then again I need to be thankful that he has a job what with all the crazy layoffs going on nationwide. *sigh* Me and my hormones occupy my time though, LoL.
I leave on the 6th of May for my two week trip to California. Well, Hannah and I both do that is. This will be interesting. A plane ride and two weeks with my daughter for the first time. Bless the man (or woman) who invented the portable DVD player) We're still figuring out what to do while out there but it sucks because as soon as I come home, Abel leaves the next day for Minnesota again. For another two weeks. This time however I will venture out on a weekend to visit him. We're planning on a trip to The Mall Of America while out there, LoL.
*Sigh* I haven't blogged in forever because nothing has been going on lately. And yet this has got to be dull and lifeless. I apologize. I think I'm going to leave it here for now. I'm dying of thirst even though I have drank like a gallon of water today still and then go finish watching Friends on DVD and folding clothes. I hope everyone else is oding well and has a great weekend. Happy Easter to you as well! We have no plans and I'm fighting my father on the whole holiday. This should be fun...I'll explain later, after it's all over with. Happy Easter!!!