Thursday, April 9, 2009

I love Heartburn!

Sexy aren't I? LoL!!!!

I was feeling all sorts of left out because I don't feel pregnant. I know there's a boy in my belly growing and I can feel him move and hiccup but I really don't feel pregnant...It's weird I know. I don't think I've bonded with him as much as I had with Hannah and I feel guilty about it. I'm odd I understand, just bear with me please. Well, now that I have heartburn once again, I'm happy to report I feel somewhat preggers again.
I had my 5 month checkup two days ago. Everything is fine and dandy. Great heartbeat, good positioning and all that. I was a bit disappointed though. I had thought by 5 months I would be bigger. I have officially gained 17 pounds already. I have belly envy though. I love big baby bellies. I adore them! I wish I had a big baby belly. But I don't sadly. I have wide hips (Thank you Jesus!!!) and my uterus grows sideways to fill that space. So I don't really have a belly. With Hannah, I looked 5 months pregnant when it was time to deliver. I will see if I can't dig up a scary, nasty picture of me back then. Ugh I didn't look glamorous at all! LoL. Come to think of it, glamorous isn't a word to describe me anyways...ANYWAYS.
So Abel has begun his training now. He started work on Monday and gets to travel 7 hours away to a tiny little town 5 steps away from Canada and then 7 hours back the next day. He does this for the next 2 weeks. When he comes home, he sleeps for 8 hours and then goes right back to work. It's a lonely schedule. I miss him a lot. Everyone keeps telling me how the paychecks will make up for it but it's so frustrating because I'd rather have my hubby than some money. But then again I need to be thankful that he has a job what with all the crazy layoffs going on nationwide. *sigh* Me and my hormones occupy my time though, LoL.
I leave on the 6th of May for my two week trip to California. Well, Hannah and I both do that is. This will be interesting. A plane ride and two weeks with my daughter for the first time. Bless the man (or woman) who invented the portable DVD player) We're still figuring out what to do while out there but it sucks because as soon as I come home, Abel leaves the next day for Minnesota again. For another two weeks. This time however I will venture out on a weekend to visit him. We're planning on a trip to The Mall Of America while out there, LoL.
*Sigh* I haven't blogged in forever because nothing has been going on lately. And yet this has got to be dull and lifeless. I apologize. I think I'm going to leave it here for now. I'm dying of thirst even though I have drank like a gallon of water today still and then go finish watching Friends on DVD and folding clothes. I hope everyone else is oding well and has a great weekend. Happy Easter to you as well! We have no plans and I'm fighting my father on the whole holiday. This should be fun...I'll explain later, after it's all over with. Happy Easter!!!



Traceytreasure said...

You are so cute! Maybe doing pelvic rocks will bring that baby boy of yours forward and you can really show him off!! Google The Bradley Method of Childbirth to see what a pelvic rock is!
Sounds like you're going to busy! Don't worry about your hubby. 2 weeks will fly by! I'm glad that he has a job! You'll be fine! Good luck on your trip to CA! Can't wait to read about it!!

Have a Happy Easter and thanks for your comment!!


Sassy Pants Freckle Face said...

I think it is the way women carry boys. When I tell people I am almost 5 moths they look amazed like really?? I should add a pic.
I think your belly looks cute and I am sure you will "pop" in front soon enough. Now lets see who has their biy 1st you or me???? wrer you early with the last one or late???
Alright lady,
I will work on getting a pic up on my blog soon too

Justine/Justiney/Tiney said...

So that was a picture of you while pregnant with Hannah? Or is that now?
I don't get why Abel has to drive 7 hours there, then back for training. Why is the company not FLYING him back and forth a week at a time? That just sounds ridiculous! And I don't think you ever told me what kind of job he's training for. I do have an email address ya know! LOL
So, you're not going to CA to visit family? Just for a little vaca? As usual, I'm confused.

Justine :o )

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Bonding is different with each pregnancy. With the first, all you have time for is to obsess over the baby. With subsequent ones, you are more distracted by the care that your first children require.

It's not weird. It's totally normal. And you look great!

Jill said...

Love the belly! Too cute!

Happy Easter!

Traceytreasure said...

Apple cider vinegar might help with the heartburn. I forgot to mention it the other day!