Sunday, February 28, 2010

Getting To Know You

So I have found yet another thing I'd like to do. Keely has a weekly game called Getting To Know You. She asks a few questions, you answer on your blog and link up to hers and wham! Good stuff! :) Here's my go at it...

1. Would you rather bungee jump or sky dive?
You know, neither one actually tickles my feather. The sky diving seems like fun but I know that I would get up there and chicken out. That or die of a heart attack on the way down. If I had some bravery, I might choose sky diving. Less chance of whiplash that way I suppose...

2. When using a public restroom to you squat over the seat or sit?
I giggled a little bit when I read this. I really am naive enough to have thought I was the only person to actually hover over a toliet seat when it isn't the one in my home. I hover over it. Granted the door handle of said restroom has more germs on it than the toliet seat but still. I try not to use any restroom other than the one in my house but when we go out of town (2 hours from home) sometimes, it isn't possible to last an entire day without urinating.

3. Favorite flower?
Easy one. Carnations. Pink or yellow carnations are my absolute favorites. They smell great, look better than any flower and aren't too played out.

4. Pedicure or manicure?
I have never had a manicure but just got a pedicure last week and from that information alone, I simply must choose pedicure. My feet look better, feel better and don't snag on my sheets when I am in bed. Plus how great is it that you can get an hour long massage and scrub on your feet and not be expected to return it? In my house, teh only way I get a foot rub is if I rub my husband's feet at the same time or directly before or after.

5. How many siblings do you have?
Technically I have 2 half sisters. I only claim one of them. She is a twit and stopped talking to me when I was in the 5th grade. She has no contact with me or my father (she's his daughter from his first wife) and I have very deep angry and hurt issues with that. My mother tells me I'm selfish. I don't care what it sounds like. When I was younger, my dad and I hardly got along. So I had to put up with years of crap, had to deal with years of dealing with a drunk and driving him home from the bars and dragging him to his bed after he passed out (all while I was maybe 8). Now we get along wonderfully, he doesn't drink anymore and I get to take care of him, and she's still not around. I heard rumor of her wanting to get back in touch and while I'm a firm believer in second chances, she wrote me off for no reason so i write her off. If she had beef with my father fine, but why write me off? Family doesn't just ditch you and come back 20-something years later expecting everything to be great and forgiven. So as far as I'm concerned, I have nothing there. My other Sister, Stephanie is 21, has two kids and a recovering meth addict. She's cleaning up her life and dealing with my gorgeous neieces who I am in absolute love with. I'm proud of her but still very nervous because she's tried to be clean and sober a few times and fell back on the meth wagon so everyday she remains clean is a great time for me. I love her to pieces, we just don't have a very close reletionship sadly...My messed up family history for ya...

6. Do you pee in the shower? (gasp!)
I used to. I'm not ashamed. Something about hopping in teh shower and that warm water...But alas, then I had children and had to teach them clean hygiene and decided that maybe peeing in the shower could be defined as gross so we pee before showering and then hop in. It took effect because Hannah gets out to pee which is a great things as sometimes, I still shower with her and stepping in someone else's urine is not my favorite thing ever.

7. Bikini, tankini, or one piece?
Ugh. One piece with a pair of Abel's knee length shorts and then a baggy t-shirt over it. Actually two years ago was the last time I wore a bathing suit and it was teh shorts with a bikini top and I have to say, I didn't look too bad. This year though, I will go without teh shorts and shirt. One piece still, I'm not THAT brave. Buts till...That's my goal :)

8. Where do you hate to shop at, but go there anyway?
I honestly hate shopping at Menard's or Home Depot or Lowe's. Too much crap that I'm not interested in. It isn't even fun to browse! Stick me in a Walmart and I'd be good all day long! But sometimes we have to buy house stuff or appliances so we have to go shopping at those stores...Dirty man stores...

Well there you go. A little bit more about me! Hope I didn't scare you off! Now go see Keely and do it too! Lots of love!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Handy Manny Ain't Got Nothin' On Me!

You know. With Abel being a railroad conductor and always gone, I knew I was going to have to learn to be independant. But I didn't totally understand it until now. I'm so proud of myself and have reached that point today. I'm a single mother 3/4 of the time raising my two children and taking care of my father and his medical issues. Along with the daily duties of cooking and cleaning and taking care of the house and peole in it, I'm constantly running errands and grocery shopping and bill paying. Now if that weren't enough, things got really hectic with tax money coming in. Not in a bad way. But I ordered a lot of big things for Ignacio, such as a carseat, his high chair, his crib, a dresser, and other stuff. Plus we are STILL doing his room, so everything is sitting in the hallway or down here in the living room. It's worse than moving, at least when you move, things move. LoL. They are at a stand still here. Tomorrow, the painting will be done so I'm not worried about it, I can start moving things in his room. Finally. That's one part of my pride comes in. Except for the tearing down of wallpaper and putting up of sheet rocka nd mud and tape, I did my son's room. I painted. LoL. And today, I put together his crib. Woot-woot! I had both my husband and father tell me how I wasn't able to put it together and to just wait until this weekend when Abel would be home to do it for me. Well, it took me an hour and twice I had to take things apart, but by gum, I did it! Booyah! LoL. My bicycle came in today and that got put together by me as well. So I'm pretty handy right now. :D When everything else come sin, I won't even get nervous. I'm excited because I know, I can do it. What's that saying?? Tell me I can't and I will show you I can. yes. I will.

On another note. My Fed-Ex man? Pretty darn cute :) Hehehehe.....

Hope you all are having a fabulous day!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Free Books & Test Results

So. I'm an avid reader. More addicted to a good book than I am to Farmville. That alone should tell you how addicted I am, LoL. And I love free books. So the library is my best friend. Or rather was. Before I moved to North Dakota. Because here in my town, we have a library that is well lacking in the good books department. Except I can't bad mouth them because for one, the librarian has known me since high school and we adore each other to pieces and number two, their children's section has, not joking, A BILLION books. And they put on a few programs for the kids during the year. So I don't complain. But buying books can get spendy. Especially when the husband was laid off.
I met a friend about a year ago While I was pregnant who is just as much of a fan of reading as I am. Except she spends hundreds of dollars on books a month and has an entire room filled with them. My collection got lost during our move :( So she has saved my mind and has been lending me books by the box. I love it. But I let her send me books that I have not read. Now I'm looking for the books that I like so I can re-build my book collection.
So guess what I found!! It's super simple and super free-ish. I'll explain. So you go on and sign up. Then you take any books you have laying around and list them. When you list 10 books, the site gives you two credits. It takes a credit to order a book. And 2 to order a book on cd or tape. So then after you enter in your books, you go browsing or searching for books you want or enjoy. You order them and then sit back and wait for them to come in. Totally easy and awesome. And that part is free.
So say you are just like me and have used up your two credits. Then what? Well, then you drum up people to join under you, (which ta-da! I'm doing) and/or you enter more books than 10 so you have a better chance of people picking. Once someone orders a book from you, you send it off (the free-ish part comes in here haha) and when they get it, they post that they got it and that gives you more credits. Easy as pie I swear! And luckily, this is where you get rid of the books you don't read, like or don't have room for. I'm using my kid's books muahahaha. My mother bought books for my kids and they aren't that age yet or we don't care for kind of thing. Plus my father has some older books and I did have a few laying around.
Anyways, at least check it out, and if you are interested in joining, please would you do me a favor and sign up under me as your referral so I may get a credit? And definitely pass along the word. I think it's awesome, you should too, lol. Here's my link to use if you choose to sign up:

If you use the link above to join, I'll get a free book when you post your first ten books (and you'll still get free books for posting them!)

So that's about it. I hope everyone is doing well. Abel has temporarily moved to Portal (in Canada) for at least a few weeks until they get someone else to get out there. I'll be fine with it and just keep reminding myself that it's the best pay out of all the railroad jobs.
And sadly, we did confirm yesterday that my dad has two cancerous tumors in his lungs so lung cancer it is! They have doubled in size in three months so we don't know what's going to happen now or how long he has. I thought I would have freaked out by now. I haven't. I'm trying to stay calm and remind myself that I can handle this. If I couldn't then God wouldn't have chosen me to go through this. So it's a guarantee I can do it. Dad has shown me that I am just like him though. He heard everything and after we walked out of the office his first words were I'm hungry where are we going to eat? Which of course we both busted up in laughter. Figures, he gets a death sentence and cares only for food. That's pretty much me too. Anything to keep your mind clear and not focused on the bad. It seems like a grim thing but dad has been suffering with COPD since I was in the 3rd grade. He was 46-ish. Now, this year he turns 70. He's said it himself. He's tired. Bi-weekly trips to the hospital with at least a 3 day stay. Can't cook or clean, can hardly get to the bathroom and on constant oxygen. THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER SMOKE! Just so you know.
Now we focus on spending all the time we can with each other and I don't let a day pass that I'm not snapping pictures of him and the kids together. I want them to remember their grandpa in someway. I never got to meet my grandparents before they died and I hate that. A kid needs their grandparents. The ones I wanted were dead and the ones I got stuck with didn't appreciate the fact that they were grandparents. Lousy luck.
Anyways, I didm't want this to be a downer. Go join that book site! Do it out of pity ;) And don't feel sad or worry about us, we're doing really well all things considered. You think I could guilt God with ending winter a little early because of this? LoL. I wish.
Lots of love everyone! I shall blog another day....

Monday, February 15, 2010

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Simply Stacie is having a fabulous giveaway right now. Chicken Soup For The Soul:All In The Family.
Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Amy Newmark and Susan M. Heim are the authors of another Chicken Soup book called, All in the Family. All 101 stories are about families that have stuck together through thick and thin, good times and bad times, funny times and not so funny times and some even brought back together from years and years of silence. This heartwarming edition of Chicken Soup for the Soul teaches us again how important family is and that blood will always be thicker than water.
If thsi sounds interesting, you should definitely enter to win! I did! Take a trip over to see her, she's got all sorts of fabulousness on her blog :) Tell her Beckie sent ya! ;)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Answer Time!

Well readers, along with my cynical post about the V-Day that is today, I get to answer the questions that were posted to me. Only two sadly but I'm sure I will get more within time. Right?? :)

Justine asked how long Abel and I have been together and how did we meet. That is such a funny story. Because I get all kinds of mixed responses to it. You see, Abel and I have been together for almost 5 years now. It will be 5 years in May. That we've been together. We will have been married for 5 years in June. June 16th. So you see, we had dated 28 days before getting married. Yup. I will give you a minute to let that sink in. LoL. Let me start in the beginning I suppose....
Abel was a friend of my cousin's. I lived with my cousin, his wife and their two boys who I babysat when I wasn't working my two jobs. I love those boys...Anyways. So my cousin and Abel got to be good friends thanks largely to two things. God and cars. And the fact that my cousin had his own shop where they worked on cars all day long. So my first "chat" with Abel was insulting him without knowing it (How was I supposed to know he dropped out of school in the 8th grade?) and then him insulting me on my first time making macaroni salad (Not enough mustard). LoL. A little flirting here and there and then one night I was pissed off at my cousin and was in one of those "I'll show him" sort of moods and decided that after work at 9pm I wouldn't go home for a few hours. Really get him angry and all that. So I drove 30 minutes to the town over and hung out at Abel's house. The first time I had ever done something like that because A) I hardly knew him and B) I'm one of those kind of women where some things, women aren't supposed to do first and technically he was supposed to come visit me before I came to see him and yada yada yada. Half hour into my visit and a knock sounds at the door. It was the city police asking for me. First time visiting with police or ever getting in trouble with them, ugh! I had parked my car on the side of the street but it was too far in the street I guess (Hey! I didn't want to drive on Abel's lawn for crying out loud!) Abel says that nobody has ever brought the cops to his house so he knew it was love then, Haha. Jerkface. We started dating a few days after that. As we dated it was a pretty mature relationship for us both. And we prayed a lot together about whether us being together was what God wanted. We got some pretty neat signs into the relationship and one day out of the blue Abel asked me to marry him. So, 28 days after we started dating, Abel and I got married at the courthouse. 6 months after that, I got my big wedding ceremony that I threw a fit for :) And we have been together ever since. I love telling our love story but I don't look forward to the snide comments of "They'll never last" or "Wow what we're they thinking!?!" The first year was a struggle for us both. We never did anything more than kiss while dating so we got to experience the whole sex thing and issues, the whole moving in together and living with one another issues, and everything else that comes with relationships and marriage but all at once instead. It was not fun most of the time but we worked hard on everything and after that first year, it was downhill, LoL. Almost but you know. I knew that whether we had dated for 2 years or those 28 days, it wouldn't change a thing for either one of us. We're dedicated to each other, we are a lot alike while very different and we have the same goals in life as well. And we knew God wanted us together. We've also had quite a lot of struggles since being together so I'm not saying we've had the perfect life. We have but only because we come through every trial and tribulation, together and that much more stronger and closer. And I can guarantee you that anything that happens in a marriage, anyone can get through together if they are willing. No divorce necessary. :D

Sassy Pants asked what my fave color, song and candy was. Hmm...Well fave color is easy. Pink with purple behind in a close second. I used to hate that color growing up. But now it's so bright and fun and goes with anything that I have become quite addicted. Truthfully, I enjoy any color (as long as it isn't orange) colors are so awesome to look at. Song is tough because my favorite songs change so often. But as I was thinking about this, my husband's ringtone popped on and I think that honestly has to be my favorite. It's one of those songs that was written just for me all about me. LoL. I WAS the inspiration, you don't even know. Baby Got Back..*sigh*...LOL! Just kidding! Oh word no. Although..No I do have back but we aren't going there. Hate that song...Anyways, Rascal Flatts-God Blessed The Broken Road. I tear up every time hearing that song. And hence why it's the ring tone that warns me tells me when my husband is calling me. Annnnd fave candy...Too hard. Some days I enjoy chocolate (rarely actually) a lot of the time I enjoy sour candies. And a lot of days I enjoy gummies. The most I think. Right now I'm craving some gummi Lifesavers actually. That one is difficult...Oooh Nerds! LoL. I'm a big candy person, not so big on chocolates. I do not like candy hearts. Does that help? LoL.

So there you have it. Questions asked and answers revealed. I think I will dedicate my Sundays to answer sessions, if there are any questions to be had by then. So if you have 'em, ask 'em! Hope you enjoyed this as much as I had :) Thank you and until next time!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

It's Valentine's Day ... Almost

Valentine's Day.
When it comes to this day. I am bitter. Seriously. And I can't give you just one reason. It would take too long. It isn't due to any heartbreaks or anything either. Well, maybe twice but not the point...It just seems like such an un-fair "holiday" to me. It's men's excuse for not showing any signs of romance all year long. They get off the hook because on this one day of the year, they buy a few flowers, grab a box of chocolates that I guarantee they don't know who made it or what's inside, and they buy dinner. Don't even bring me to the whole fact that on their mind this whole day is how teh act of "getting some" is in the bag.

I forgot that this day was created thanks to St. Valentine . I dig that this day was created in his honor. I even dig that he was the "cupid" of his time. But seriously, when did the day of honoring him get us to such a commercialized day with so much pressure upon both sexes?

Oh yes ladies, we have pressure on us just as much as the men, if not more. Do we remind our men that this day is coming up? Do we just stay silent and try to act surprised IF he remembers? Do we drop hints to where we want to go for dinner or risk him taking us to some tacky diner where you might get a clean spoon if you are lucky? Do we tear out pages of a magazine with pictures of rings on them so that he possibly will get a clue as to what we REALLY want? Do we dare get our hopes up of him getting off that couch, putting on something nice and actually doing something on this day? God forbid we run into our girl-friends the next day who are running exaggerated stories of their night like diarrhea of the mouth, and when it comes our turn to say what we did we blush as we might have nothing to tell? And to feel the shame as they walk away shaking their heads and writing us off from then on. Oh Lord, what then!?!? What will we ever do if we can't brag about what a man our man is. How he took us here and we did this and he got us this and he said that. Oh never mind the fact that his lazy ass is parked in front of the Playstation as soon as he gets home from work (If you even can call it work!) and that one special night of the week lasts about 20 minutes if we're lucky and then he acts as if he's a God or something. Never mind that we fight every other day and his mother has had him on her couch more times then he's actually slept in our bed. Oh no. This day is sacred to us as well. With enough pressure to erupt Old Faithful. So behind every brag story, every woman who is gushing to release her wonderful night's activities, you must know there is a secret. A secret no one will tell...Most dates were planned by the woman. That's my theory. Why is it that a man who couldn't name a single love song title, can all of a sudden, one day out of the year, plan enough romance to make a Harlequin romance novel burst into flames? DOUBT IT! From January 30th, I know what we are all doing. Secretly beginning the train of though to what are we doing this year for V-Day...

Typical to-do list as follows...

#1. Call restaurant and make reservation for two in case he doesn't. Consider this to be back up plan.
#2. Leave ads for said restaurant pretty much everywhere. Mirror in bathroom. Fridge door. Toliet paper roll. Coat pocket. Anywhere.
#3. Pick up gifts and card and set them in his car after he goes to sleep at night. He will wake up groggily get ready for work and when on his way to work, after he spills coffee everywhere, will he then discover bag of goodies. Not remembering last night's activities thanks to bad poker night with the guys, he'll be patting himself on the back for thinking ahead. Now he can't possibly get into trouble with you for not remembering this dreaded day.
#4. You sit back after he leaves for work patting yourself on the back for making sure everything is ready. Now is the perfect time to go dress shopping for that special night.
#5. Two weeks fly by and man didn't remember to set reservation. Massive fight #1 begins and lasts for 20 minutes about what a moron he is and it ends with you telling him you can pull some strings and get you two in at special restaurant (Pull out Backup Plan reservation here)
#6. As dinner progresses, man pulls out bag. You get excited at the thought of that gorgeous new tennis bracelet and perfume that you picked out, sitting ten inches away from you. He starts going on and on and on about how he loves you and how you mean so much to him even in the bad times...Yet you are thinking, if he doesn't hand over that damn bag soon, he won't even know what bad times are until now!
#7. DON'T PANIC!!! When you pull out a coffee mug with your name on it, don't freak out! It must be a joke...that's right, even with the colorful and tacky socks coming out after it, you realize, it just has to be a joke. Where's the hidden camera at??
#8. When you find out that he returned everything because he didn't feel how it had been a sort of gift you would have wanted and how these great socks and mug just screamed you, you can see red and feel the tears begin to fall but you start breathing lamaze style.
#9. After coming to, after massive fight #2 begins, you ask man what on Earth made him think you had wanted these gifts and not what was in the bag first. He starts explaining how you are always complaing of losing your socks and how he realized that he was wearing them all the time because all the socks in the house are white, so when he saw these he thought that they felt soft which would feel good on your feet and how you wouldn't ever lose these to anyone thinking they were theirs. And when he broke your favorite coffee cup this morning (by the way he says, I broke your coffee cup and I'm sorry) so he ran out to find one and saw this one was insulated so you would never burn yoru hands holding it nor would it ever get cold on you while you are cleaning or doing laundry. During all this, you start realizing that while you will still kill man for not giving you what you had picked out in the first place, You have to give him credit for finding some pretty decent gifts.
#10. When you arrive home, even with that black eye, man is still charming and adorable so you go to the restroom to spritz on some more perfume and put on that new lacy teddy that you got a week ago. When you come out and start talking seductively about wanting to lay down or something, you notice man is paying zero attention to you as his face is glued to that damn TV screen and the Playstation. After shoe hits TV square in the center and massive fight #3 begins, you start noticing how late it is and how you really need to get some sleep soon, you have a deadline to meet in two days and sadly, you haven't even begun...
#11. Two hours later you both have your silent treatments on and are laying there stewing when finally man takes off boxers and asks if he can at least have an ending to the night of hell.
#12. Ten minutes later he falls asleep peacefully and snoring louder than a chainsaw while you pull out Old faithful and treat yourself to a real helping of self gratification.

Ta-Da! A night we all know is un-avoidable. More or less, haha. To add more romance to the night, did you know about the Saint Valentine's Day massacre? Gotta love Al Capone ;)

Ahh cynical sarcasm in it's finest. What will my husband and I seriously be doing this year? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. We actually don't celebrate it. We celebrate it every other day of the year and don't think there is a need to rush out and grab chocolates and a card just because every other couple in the world is doing that today. Besides, you think we could even get a seat at a restaurant on this day?? HA!So to those of you who do celebrate it, I hope (and pray!) that your day does not go or end like my "theory". And that you have a lovely time and hopefully a little uniqueness about it as well. And may you all truly remember why you are in love with who you are in love with. And if you are not in love on this day...Enjoy the extra cash!! Until another day!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Well, readers, what do you think of the new look? I got a blog make-over from my very good friend, Gucci Mama. Who is an amazing and saintly woman in my opinion. I had asked about a button and she gave me this. What a fabulous gift from my fabulous friend!

Today is Thursday. It feels like it's been two weeks has gone by since Monday. Why? I'm babysitting. A one year old. All week. I have forgotten how tiring one year olds can be. All I say during the day is No and Get out of there or leave that alone. Or I sigh. A lot. LoL. Boy am I in for it when Ignacio starts walking. Yikes!

My phone is acting poopy on me. Again. I love Alltel but their phones are dissapointing me. I wait anxiously for word on when the switch will happen between them and AT&T. Most states have allowed Alltel to be bought out by Verizon. North Dakota won't. It's illegal to have a monopoly in North Dakota like that. So lucky us, we get AT&T. I actually don't mind. I dispise Verizon. Dirty bastards. I have an 800 dollar bill on my bad credit because of them. And yet since they put it on, no one has ever been able to tell me why my $40 a month bill had been charged that in one month. Nor were they willing to take it off. So they will eat it and I will never use their phones. Ever. There are only two bills on my credit that I refuse to pay. They. Are one of them. *Insert big stuuborn grin here*

My husband's birthday is coming up. I want to do a big party for him because he's never had a birthday party. Ever. I can't though. Their schedule on the railroad is messed up so the most advance warning I would get is like, the day before. He doesn't want one anyways. Because all his friends are railroaders and they'd all be working. He never gets to see his friends now. When one is working, the other is not. I feel bad :(

I'm fighting an addiction right now. My LoL after every sentence addiction. My theory? When I am not laughing out loud, it probably shouldn't be inserted. So I'm resisting using it. Does it make me more of a bland sort of person? I hope not. I'm anything but bland.

Is today's blog random? I hope so.

I'm bored. I'm off to play some farmville before teh babysitting charge comes in. Much love to you all! And until next time! (Kee those questions coming!)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Getting To Know Me...

So since I have a handful of new followers, I have decided to do a get to know me sort of thing. You can ask me a few questions and I will try my best at answering them. I've been seeing this get done from other bloggers and have decided to join in as well. This should be fun! I will take questions until, let's saaaay...Saturday. And then Sunday I will post my answers :) Sound like fun? :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'm Not Your Mother!

Appreciation. It's not that hard of a thing. When I was younger, I forgot to say thank you to one of my mother's girl-friends after she took me to the movies and she got angry. So angry that she shook the piss out of me and yelled in my face about what an ungrateful little brat I was. I've always been a shy, well behaved person. That incident turned me partly into who I am today. Why? I hate to make people angry. I don't say anything to anyone about how I feel or if they upset me, because I don't want to anger them or upset them. And yes, I hate receiving gifts from people because of this. I feel guilty when people give me things. All my life I have viewed myself as not good enough. As ungrateful. It's ridiculous how one little event can create such a mess of a person.

Why this little glimpse into myself today? Because today I have realized that I am under appreciated and deserve a little bit more.

Abel loves lasagna. Could eat it every meal, every day, all year long, kind of love. Abel wishes I would make it more often. I hate lasagna. Used to like it before I met him. Hate it now. I hate making it and yes, I have even grown to hate it's taste. Why? Because my lasagna is not as good as his mother's. So childish I know. But it upsets me. And today I let him have it.

Yesterday was a horrible day for me. I don't know why but I felt like crying at the drop of a hat. I snapped at everyone and even snuggling Ignacio and watching him smile couldn't get me to even a grin. That. Never. Happens. So at 9, I put both kids to bed and crawled into my fluffy pj's, denied my husband and went to sleep as fast as possible. Abel got yelled at yesterday morning because Ignacio had woken up fussing, I was still sleeping and he was laying in bed watching TV and not getting up to do anything for Ignacio. I snapped and it went from there. Well, this morning I woke up at 9 am realizing how late it was, went to check on my son and he was gone! Turns out my husband had gotten up an hour beforehand and taken my son down with him. Something must have been eating at his conscience...

He asked me why I didn't make lasagna often. That he was glad I had made it yesterday. So, Beckie, for the first time ever, let someone have it without any tears of frustration or hiding behind anything. I hate making it and hate that I hate making it. I used to enjoy making it for him but every single time I make it, the first words out of his mouth are "It's not as good as my mom's but it's okay." I'm tired of having my stuff compared to his mother and if he wants food like his mother's then he needs to go back with his mom. I feel better now and was really glad that it didn't start a fight and that he apologized and it was over with just like that. I feel so much better about it and that's what counts. And I'm learning that I no longer need to hurt myself by sheltering others, if I am upset well then dang it, I'm letting you know. LoL.

On a much brighter note. I received my awesome Valentine's box from Amity. Tell me how awesome it is to sign up for a Valentine's Day exchange and end up with your best friend as your partner?? LoL. I definitely got very lucky and blessed! So our box came:( address has been blurred to protect my identity)


And inside were these:


Which were these:


As we opened them we got to find a awesome cheerful new apron which will save my shirts lives from now on :)


And a hilarious new book which I will DEFINITELY be reading


And some yummy homemade goodies which I would love to know how to make myself


And some pretties


for my pretty


And a handsome new hoodie for the boy as well.


Amity also sent some new clothes for my pretty and I would love to take a few photos like this one


But sadly she stole them all and is playing dress up because she can't decide what to wear today, LoL. So that was my wonderful Valentine's surprise :) So come tomorrow (pay check day!!) I get to send off a box for her and her pretties (and handsome man too) and wait to see how she enjoyed them too :) I love exchanges :)

So with all this said pardon the picture quality, I sacrificed my digital camera batteries for my pretty's leapfrog computer thingy and need more, so you'll have to settle for my Blackberry camera quality :) I'm off to fix some dinner and change little man now. I hope everyone had a fabulous day and I will venture on here again. Another day! Ciao bellas!