Thursday, January 28, 2010

No Theme For Today??

Well then, I will make my own up! LoL. I love how each day there is a theme on everyone's blogs. Wednesday is Rant and Rave which I do sometimes....Rarely but still sometimes. And Friday Fragments I've been known to do too. Today I need something random and I can't seem to find nor remember if there is a theme for Thursdays. So I'm doing it anyways!

I follow an awesome blog and yesterday she had begun a 14-day challenge for us married women.
Women's Marraige Ministry
I'm not active in it because I have done it before and because I'm holding out for the Love Dare challenge coming up after it. It isn't that my marriage is perfect, it isn't but it is close to it. I know, a lot of people say that to hide what is really going on, but I wouldn't lie on my blog, nor hide things. This is pretty much one of the only places I can come running to, to let it all hang out. There was a time when my marriage wasn't going to last another year. Yes we've only been married 5 years now, (well a few short months from it at least) but believe me when I say it's been a looooong 5 years. It feels like 10 for us in reality. We've survived things that most married couples wouldn't and I hold that near and dear.

Have I ever told you guys that Abel and I only dated for 28 days before we eloped? Before that, we barely knew each other and even then we had known each other for 3 months maybe? Nice right? LoL. I know what you are thinking and crazy is probably in one of the sentences. But you know, I don't see the big deal honestly. We prayed about our relationship, stayed pure to ourselves, (Abel and I had only kissed and held hands the entire time we knew each other and dated) and when we eloped, we made the contract to ourselves and to God. Meaning, we meant our vows and had agreed beforehand that there would only be death as our way out of the marriage. I wish people who were getting married would be more concerned with the vows instead of the dress or the reception afterwards you know? Divorce runs rampant and it's hard to not get frustrated. I grew up in the most un-conventional family you can come across. A divorced mother turned lesbian with her life partner (now legally wife) raising us. But it was hard not seeing both parents daily and not having what everyone else had. When I lived with my dad and was in girl scouts, the mother and me programs were often and yet I had to miss out. My dad's boss took me bra shopping and I never had interests in sports until I moved back in with my dad in high school. There are things I missed out and yes I hold my parents responsible for that. So I grew up telling myself, I would never get divorced and I hold onto that very strongly. I firmly believe that if someone gets married telling themselves that there is always a way out if things get bad, they will never make it. People have gotten so lazy anymore. Something gets hard, run or find the easiest way out. I know, I can't say much about other people's life because I'm not there but believe me, Abel and I have been through a lot and made it through just fine, because we believe you can work through anything and come out stronger and better than before.

I should have been born back in the 1950's.

I guess I got my kick from watching that Teen Mom show on MTV. I feel for some of the kids but then there are some of them that I wish I could be there and give a wake up chat to. Some whine because they can't go out partying all the time like they want to. Some whine because they can't get along with their boyfriends but yet they are the ones always screaming and causing fights with them. In the middle of this stuff, are the babies. It just makes me feel really lucky and blessed to be with Abel I guess. I pray daily that when I teach my kids to stay abstinent that they do. It isn't a holier than thou thing by the way. I get that a lot. "You want your kids to think they are better than anyone just because they won't have sex?" Puh-lease. I want my kids to stay STD and cootie free. I want my kids to grow up without worrying about if the only reason a person is with them is for the sex. I want them to not have to be a parent of a child when they themselves are still one. And I want my kids to be able to look at a rumor of them being a "slut" or a "man-whore" and laugh at it because it couldn't possibly be true.

I truly feel guilty for hiding me on here. I try not to bring anything personal on here because not a lot of people share my beliefs. I'm scared of scaring people off to tell you the truth. Or to start a debate or get criticized. Lots of excuses for hiding myself. I am a Christian and extremely proud of it. I'm also Jewish as well and very proud of that too. I'm a bottle feeding, baby wearing, non-cloth diapering, Hamburger Helper making, junk food and non-organic eating, naive, sometimes judgemental, sometimes emotional, shy, kinda woman. When I get angry, I don't think well and usually the first thing to come out goes straight out of my mouth before I can think about it. And I do live my life kinda weird to everyone but I love it. I am a stay at home mother. I cook and clean on a daily basis. I am a homebody and love it. I put everyone before myself. When I get angry with someone I never tell them because I don't want to hurt their feelings or upset them. I over analyze everything. And I ramble. A lot. I serve my husband and childen their food because it makes me happy as well as take care of them and clean up after them all, husband included. I love colors. I'm very sarcastic. I never swear. The only alcohol that passes through my lips is a Mike's Hard Berry once in a blue moon and never a full bottle. I have OCD (which would explain the half bottle thing) and I also have anxiety. I never followed politics before Obama and Palin. I do not ever declare Rupublican party or Demacrat party. I am a I-vote-for-who-I-wanna-because-I-wanna party. But was a huge supporter of Palin, and NOT one of Obama's. My children and husband are Mexican American and we speak Spanish in my house and no, I don't care if you get pissed off that we aren't talking English in this country. And yes if you get offended when we speak Spanish, I will get offended too. I have high morals and values. My husband and I never yell at each other. We don't argue in front of the kids. Ever. And if I know that someone yells or swears or fights in front of their kids, they won't be able to watch my kiddos or have them over for any sleepover.

I don't know what sparred me to rant today or ramble but it was time. I thought I had a road block for my blogging. I'm a dull blogger and no fun but things will be picking up. I may be the quiet type when not on my computer but this is where I need to be the real me. :D Hope you stick with me after this! Things may get exciting finally.

Anyways, I get to go finish my loan papers (getting a new car finally!) and then some shopping and cleaning. So hope everyone is having a fantastic day! Oh and go visit This Mama Rocks! She is having a fabulous auction to raise monies for the Red cross for help and relief efforts in Haiti! Tons of amazing stuff!! Including a carseat too! Last I saw it was going for $20!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cancellation Notice

I have decided to cancel my birthday this year. I will just allow myself to be 25 but that is it.

I used to get frustrated because no matter where I have ever been, every year (And I really do mean every year!) on my birthday, there has been a storm which always prevents me from doing anything or going anywhere on my birthday. So you see, me celebrating ON my birthday hasn't ever really happened for me.

This year, what could possibly happened that may cause my reason of anger and sadness enough to cancel my own festivities?

Lung Cancer.

Not me. My father. You see, while being in the hospital yet again, they decided to do a CT Scan on his lungs. When studying the results, they came across 3 lumps in his chest that when comparing to all of his xrays in the past (the latest one not even 2 months ago), they have found that these lumps have been growing at a pretty quick rate. So now we are to venture off to Bismarck to have more tests done. It could turn out to be nothing. But the doctor doesn't think it will. And if it happens to be cancer, my father doesn't get to receive any radiation or chemo or surgery or anything. His health doesn't allow him to be a candidate.

Pretty depressing huh? But nonetheless we will not stop praying and I won't jump too far into conclusions although I pretty much live there right now.

So 6 days from now. I'll be 25.

And hopefully, dad won't have cancer.

And hopefully there won't be a storm of any kind.

For once.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Word!

It has been awhile hasn't it? I apologize. I'm a slacker and have not had much motivation for blogging lately. I don't know why or what's wrong with me. It should be back and I'll be a daily blogger again! LoL.
So I hope things went well with everyone's holiday season :) The kids and I go to be flown down to Las Vegas for a 4 day visit and then off to California for a two week visit that was only supposed to be a week long. It was fabulous! But let me begin in the beginning....
We left on the 27th to get down to Vegas. The trip wasn't as bad as I thought it would be what with two kids, a stroller, two carseats, two bags and a diaper bag. I begged and prayed for someone to assist me when landing and I found a fabulous woman who turned up right as Hannah threw herself onto the airport floor and refused to get up. Apparently toddlers get tired right as you don't need them to be. So this woman not only popped out a lollipop to quiet my child and turn her into an obedient princess, she also grabbed my carseat and luggage and walked me to the shuttle that was to take me to my hotel. I cried. I couldn't help it. I. Was at my wits end. Hating that I was 5 states away from Abel. Was alone with two kids. It was great!! So we got to Circus Circus and met up with my step-sister and her two kids and got checked in and into our rooms. Which memo to self. Never stay at Circus Circus with children again. I don't know how your children are but when a hotel can't even put locks on their doors and the valet is telling me a story of how a 2 year old wandered off without her parents knowledge...yeah sign me up for another stay!!
So we got to surprise my mom, visit the casinos and funness that we could. Oogle the shows that we wished we could go to and of course buy souvenirs and take lots of pictures. It was fun but crowded of course and I missed Abel, LoL. What more can I say?
So, on our way to California! My mother lives 30 miles from Twentynine Palms. Yucca Valley. I love the desert so seeing nothing but desert and yucca trees and joshua trees made me happy. Anyone else it probably would have made them gag. We spent a few days just chilling, getting over colds and visiting with each other. When Christmas day came along, we loaded everyone up and headed off to Disneyland. My one advice for you if you ever go to Disneyland. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best days to go and never EVER go on Christmas day. We got to hit It's A Small World with the kids, watch the parade, get souvenirs and that was it. Within 4 hours of being there. It. Was. Nuts! They quit selling tickets at 11am and I have never been there for that to happen! After all that fun we went to our hotel room, got dinner and the kids and my moms went to bed (it was 7 at this point) So my step-sister and I headed back where thank you Jesus for those fireworks and parades and Fantasmic show because of those, we got to hit tons of rides and get tons of pictures. It was awesome and I'm very glad we went. Hannah and Ignacio's first time wasn't the best but it was great. Hannah's face as she saw everything and got to meet Mickey was priceless and I'm so glad we got to go! I'm thankful to my parents who paid for everything. We went down with zero cash whatsoever. Mom, I won't badmouth you for awhile, LoL.
So then we were supposed to leave two days after that but found out that North Dakota had shut down everything for two days due to snow and storms so I had to change my plane ticket. I got it changed but just for future reference, never EVER fly Allegiant Airlines. They broke my stroller in half somehow and also broke my suitcase which they refuse to pay for. Jerks. And I paid extra money for their flex plan which allowed me to change my ticket at any time, they refused to honor that so my mom had to shell out $400 to have me shipped back home. Way to be Allegiant. Dirty *&%^%*&%^.
It really was a great trip though but I was sooo happy to get home to Abel again. The kids were too. Hannah didn't let go of daddy for a long time, LoL. We also got to go visit Abel's family for two days too so I did get to see family and it was good but nothing like home! :)
My lessons learned though? Never travel without Abel, never fly Allegiant, never go to Disneyland on holidays. And always smile no matter the drama going on within the family :) I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and new Year's. I apologize fo rthis being so short but a handsome little man in the front room is demanding some mommy and me time. Lots of love and happy thoughts!!