Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Word!

It has been awhile hasn't it? I apologize. I'm a slacker and have not had much motivation for blogging lately. I don't know why or what's wrong with me. It should be back and I'll be a daily blogger again! LoL.
So I hope things went well with everyone's holiday season :) The kids and I go to be flown down to Las Vegas for a 4 day visit and then off to California for a two week visit that was only supposed to be a week long. It was fabulous! But let me begin in the beginning....
We left on the 27th to get down to Vegas. The trip wasn't as bad as I thought it would be what with two kids, a stroller, two carseats, two bags and a diaper bag. I begged and prayed for someone to assist me when landing and I found a fabulous woman who turned up right as Hannah threw herself onto the airport floor and refused to get up. Apparently toddlers get tired right as you don't need them to be. So this woman not only popped out a lollipop to quiet my child and turn her into an obedient princess, she also grabbed my carseat and luggage and walked me to the shuttle that was to take me to my hotel. I cried. I couldn't help it. I. Was at my wits end. Hating that I was 5 states away from Abel. Was alone with two kids. It was great!! So we got to Circus Circus and met up with my step-sister and her two kids and got checked in and into our rooms. Which memo to self. Never stay at Circus Circus with children again. I don't know how your children are but when a hotel can't even put locks on their doors and the valet is telling me a story of how a 2 year old wandered off without her parents knowledge...yeah sign me up for another stay!!
So we got to surprise my mom, visit the casinos and funness that we could. Oogle the shows that we wished we could go to and of course buy souvenirs and take lots of pictures. It was fun but crowded of course and I missed Abel, LoL. What more can I say?
So, on our way to California! My mother lives 30 miles from Twentynine Palms. Yucca Valley. I love the desert so seeing nothing but desert and yucca trees and joshua trees made me happy. Anyone else it probably would have made them gag. We spent a few days just chilling, getting over colds and visiting with each other. When Christmas day came along, we loaded everyone up and headed off to Disneyland. My one advice for you if you ever go to Disneyland. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best days to go and never EVER go on Christmas day. We got to hit It's A Small World with the kids, watch the parade, get souvenirs and that was it. Within 4 hours of being there. It. Was. Nuts! They quit selling tickets at 11am and I have never been there for that to happen! After all that fun we went to our hotel room, got dinner and the kids and my moms went to bed (it was 7 at this point) So my step-sister and I headed back where thank you Jesus for those fireworks and parades and Fantasmic show because of those, we got to hit tons of rides and get tons of pictures. It was awesome and I'm very glad we went. Hannah and Ignacio's first time wasn't the best but it was great. Hannah's face as she saw everything and got to meet Mickey was priceless and I'm so glad we got to go! I'm thankful to my parents who paid for everything. We went down with zero cash whatsoever. Mom, I won't badmouth you for awhile, LoL.
So then we were supposed to leave two days after that but found out that North Dakota had shut down everything for two days due to snow and storms so I had to change my plane ticket. I got it changed but just for future reference, never EVER fly Allegiant Airlines. They broke my stroller in half somehow and also broke my suitcase which they refuse to pay for. Jerks. And I paid extra money for their flex plan which allowed me to change my ticket at any time, they refused to honor that so my mom had to shell out $400 to have me shipped back home. Way to be Allegiant. Dirty *&%^%*&%^.
It really was a great trip though but I was sooo happy to get home to Abel again. The kids were too. Hannah didn't let go of daddy for a long time, LoL. We also got to go visit Abel's family for two days too so I did get to see family and it was good but nothing like home! :)
My lessons learned though? Never travel without Abel, never fly Allegiant, never go to Disneyland on holidays. And always smile no matter the drama going on within the family :) I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and new Year's. I apologize fo rthis being so short but a handsome little man in the front room is demanding some mommy and me time. Lots of love and happy thoughts!!



Sassy Pants Freckle Face said...

glad you are back!

Justine said...

So glad you're back, Beckie and that even with all the airline drama you still had a great time! I've never even heard of that airline!

Justine :o )