Sunday, May 30, 2010

Meow! (& a little Getting To Know Me too!)

Life here has gotten twice as exciting! ;) We have added two sweet, yet shy, babies to our household! They are adorable, loving, a little shy, and yet hairy as can be and only going to get more so as they grow! Sisters and April Fool's day babies which is even more cooler! I have never known anyone who was born on April 1st. Have you?? Oh by the way...These are our new kittens, not humans, haha. No idea what we are going to call them yet, hopefully in a few days we will think of something.


And of course from Mannland a little Getting To Know Me session....Enjoy!

1. Have you ever snooped around someone else's house?
No, honestly I don't. I can't even pee in someone else's bathroom let alone snoop!

2. Can guys and girls be friends?
Yes. I'm one of those girls who had a very few amount of actual girl-friends and a whole crapload of guy-friends. Guys are so much less work. They can be awesome listeners, the best critics, and totally less drama. The only bad thing about being a guy's friend is dealing with his girl-friends. For some reason, just because I have been his friend for over 4 years, you think I want his body and don't want you in the picture. Puh-lease. Women, if you're man has a friend who is a girl, get over it. She's been there longer than you and obviously, if she had wanted your man at all, any more than just a friend, she would have acted on her feelings long before you came along. Ugh!

3. Can you curl your tongue?
I'm pretty sure that's what it's called, LoL.

4. Have you ever stolen anything?
Once when I was 6 I stole a pack of 25 cent gum. I got caught and cried as I had to apologize and give it back. I was so embarrassed I never went back. Then when I was 16 I took a pair of earrings from a store in the mall. Why? To see if I could. After I got away with it, I slid them back into the store and kept walking.

5. Would you rather talk on the phone or text?
If you know me outside of blogger, you know that I am a texter. I hate talking on the phone because I feel so awkward. And shy. I don't know why. I avoid calls from even my own mother so it isn't personal or against anyone or anything like that. I do talk to a very few friends, one from here and one from Montana back where I am from. I'll get over it one day I suppose...I hope...

6. Memorial Day plans?
Not really any. We've never made a huge deal out of the weekend, usually my dad will go out for a few drinks with his buddies and we hang out here. Tomorrow we will be remembering my dad who was in the Marine Corps and the Air Force and a few of my family who were also in the military.

7. What do you do to relax?
Relax? What is that?? I try to read and chill out for the most part. When I used to have panic attacks a few years ago I used to spray my bed and pillows with lavender spray, put on my i-pod to Enya and read a good book as I sipped on lemon water. It worked so well. I never took off the headphones even when I fell asleep. I'm so anti medicine it isn't funny....

8. Do you do anything to honor those that have died fighting for our freedom?
I'm ashamed to say I don't. I have never known anyone who died in action. When I see a Vet. or a soldier home on leave, I thank them. Always, always thank a soldier! My father served two tours in Vietnam during his 25 years in the Marine Corps. I always told him how proud I was to have him as my father and for what he did. Especially during that time when no one approved of the war. So even if you don't approve of this war going on, don't blame our soldiers, they day daily to protect us and to do their duty to our country. But thank them and try to help them in any way possible.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oooh what a week...

Only in this great nation of ours can one person go to court, sue someone for visitations and guardianship over a child that isn't theirs in any way shape or form and WIN!!! Love it! My mother's ex-girlfriend (yes, you hear me correctly and this will possibly explain a little bit why I don't believe in certain acts...)decided after they broke up to sue my mother for this. Over my sister's baby. Yes, that would make it my mother's grand-daughter. Stupid right?? Oh it gets better. This woman, this repulsive pathetic excuse for a human being decided to throw a brick through my mother's living room and bedroom windows (and was witnessed doings o mind you!) And also removed the brakes and reverse in my mother's van (and also witnessed doing so!) and has also admitted to a judge that she is a drug user and alcoholic and yet. YET! she has won visitation over my niece. What the heck dude!?! And people wonder why I want to move to Canada? Ugh...

Yesterday I made a trip to our local ER. My body decided to wake me up in pain and so I headed over to see if my kidney was bursting which it felt like it was going to do. All I have ever heard from people, doctors and civilians alike mind you, is how drug seekers need to stop seeking drugs, and how they are pathetic and blah blah blah. But yet when I refuse all pain meds, they try to talk me into taking some. Narcotics even! Umm I think the real problem lies within our doctors and nurses. Quit begging people to take meds and we won't have drug seekers right?? LoL I'm not really pissy today I'm just ... bewildered at people. Anyways, after all was said and done I have a cyst ready to rupture, some inflammation and a small kidney stone. It isn't bad, honest. But that's because mine is so small and I probably already passed it by now. Great! Good to know. My kidney still hurts though....

I'm going to be a maid of honor in a friend's wedding. never been in a wedding other than my own. I think it will be pretty fun. Once I get over the fact that we will all be wearing tangerine. Hmm...LoL. It's a fun color don't get me wrong but me in a strapless tangerine dress? I dunno...The really awesome part is that my husband is the best man for it too so I will have an excuse to be with him :) Yayness! The wedding is in October so if you all wanna see me look like a girl (rarely done) stick around, it should be exciting ;)

A friend and I are heading to the Wisconsin Dells in a month. It's only 9 hours away so it isn't too bad of a drive or anything. I've never been to Wisconsin so I'm excited about that. And for 3 days, we will be living at a the country's largest water park and resort. Love it!!

Certain special friends on here, my bloggy besties :) will know what I'm talking about here in my next rant. I love blogging. Simply because this is the one place I can be me, can vent and cant rant and never once be afraid or ashamed. That is because I don't tell my friends or family that I blog. It isn't that I don't trust them with this blog but only because I don't feel I can totally be me without some sort of a consequence you know? While I am also on Facebook, I am never quite me on there. When Abel and I argue or having a skirmish, I have never broadcasted it on there. Rather I play like everything is perfect all of the time. So a few days I wrongly went a vented about a recent tiff we had. i don't have my dad here so I didn't have anyone to run to and vent on which is where I can freely speak without thinking you know? So I ranted on my facebook status. Where I promptly got chewed out by Abel's younger, un-married, single mother, sister. Who has no clue what goes on here but will stand up for her brother no matter who or what. She's very into drama and very immature still. Well some very great friends of mine had my back and promptly dealt with it in a comical way. I thought it was freaking hilarious, she on the other hand did not. So I apologized, for she held me responsible (because as everyone should know, I tell my friend exactly what to do, I am the great puppet master ;) ) and then I deleted it shortly after because I knew she would run to Abel about it all. I texted her for about 20 minutes talking to her and explaining what was going on and my side of story and dealt with her beef basically. Then the last thing I asked was "Are we cool?" "Of course we are, don't worry about a thing! Now I know what is going on, I understand!" Yeeeaaah....So Abel comes in 4 hours later pissed off and we have at it. Why?? Oh because his siter ran and tattled to him. How I was badmouthing him all over facebook and how my friends were chewing into her all for nothing and out of nowhere and she's really worried about us and blah blah blah. Not only am I fuming (still) over the fact that she went behind my back and created a fight for Abel and I, but this is the girl who when she has been in trouble (Quite frequently) I'm the first one to tell her how we will send money or how I will drive down to California to come get her and bring her up here to live with us and anything else she needs. Yes I was wrong to vent on Facebook for all the world to see but don't come between my husband and I. Ever. So, little sister-in-law got her ass deleted. I don't feel bad about it either. In fact doing so makes me want to delete his whole damn family. Why the heck not? I'm so anti family right now. No one will ever live up to my standards now that my dad is gone. No one loved my children more than my father. He was the only relative to even give my kids cards or to think of them. Never mind the fact that he spoiled them to piss. Not the point. Now I am stuck with no one. Abel says it isn't anyone job to do anything for my kids, and you know what? You are right Abel. For once I agree. It also isn't my job to go see anyone nor send cards either nor give out photos. So if these "family members" want anything to do with my kids, they will have to start giving first. Cards are top of my lists along with a visit every five years or so. Abel has declared California a no visit zone which I can live with. We have gone down at least once a year, every year for visits, not anymore! Ugh feels sooo good! Ever since dad died, I've been bogged down with stress, it feels so great to vent and get some off my chest. I have decided to be a little selfish and start putting myself first for awhile. Not in a bad way but I tired of doing and giving for others and getting nothing back you know? My family sucks. Some of my old friends suck. So I'm done.

I feel good now. Thank you for letting me vent. I'm hoping I feel better tomorrow. I splurged and bought a new carpet shampooer because I have never owned one and my carpet is trashed. So I hope I can salvage it by washing it and I know I feel tons better afterwards too. Loove it!

So my little puppets, I hope you are having a fabulous day! If not then I hope it only ends fabulously. I think everyone deserves a Starbucks and a foot massage! Now if I had more $$ I might take me up on that...For now have a great evening and day tomorrow and I shall blog again later! (And happier!)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

God's Promises For Boys.

Such an adorable book! I requested it from Have you checked it out yet? Request a book and get it for free, then you in turn review it and as soon as your review is in, you can request another book :) Simple and fun. This time I requested this book for Hannah and am really excited! It's absolutely adorable and lots of fun to read too!

By Jack Countryman, Amy Parker(2010) - 128 pages

"God promises when...You want to be cool."

"Stylin', chillin', and rollin' your way
Are fine when you're breaking no rules.
But helpin' and respectin', and followin' God's ways
Are the one way to be coooool."

"Do not be shaped by this world. Instead be
changed within a new way of thinking. Then you
will be able to decide what god wants for you.
And you will be able to know what is good and
pleasing to Godand what is perfect.
Romans 12:2"

"So through Jesus let us always offer our sacrifice to
God. Thsi sacrifice is our praise, coming from lips that
speak His name. Do not forget to do good to others.
And share with them what you have. These are
the sacrifices that please God.
Hebrews 13:15-16"

I did a review for the girl's version a few blogs ago so I'm basically going to copy my review for that one as these books are the same, they just differ with what the verses used and for what reason. The Bible that we bought for Hannah and will be buying for Ignacio, is where they got the verses from, so not only will Ignacio become familiar with the book because of the Bible, but it will also push him to use his Bible more, in order to look up the verses. The promise verses are used to offer comfort and encouragement when a boy is feeling afraid, lonely, worried, angry, dissatisfied, discouraged, sad, rebellious, impatient, or sick and when they need reassurance of God's protection, love, forgiveness, help and that He listens when they pray. It's a great way for boys to hide God's Word in their hearts. Defintely a recommendation from me! Hannah loves hers and I know Ignacio will too!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Back To Life

Oh Blogger and friends, I really have missed you. Some of you have been on my mind a lot these past few days. And I have pulled blogger up a few times over the last week and then chickened out on writing something. I don't want to focus on my father's passing. It may consume me but it doesn't meant I need to bring everyone else down and chase you away with saddening blather right? Right.

My aunt and uncle left this morning. We got to drop off my kids at a friend's house and then take off yesterday for Minneapolis. It was eventful because while I was driving, I managed to blog a tire. And then, if anyone has been through North Dakota or Minnesota, a lot of places aren't named, you literally are in the middle of nowhere so you must rely on mile markers. I didn't. So I had to call 911, report to a state trooper who located us and sent a tow truck and himself to help us. I was ever so grateful! And then we got to go to a closed Mall of America to eat at my most favorite place to eat in the whoooole world, Bubba Gump's. It brightened my day so much and I even got a t-shirt and souvenir key chain. I am a huge fan of key chains. It's a bad habit actually but I love them. If there's a story behind them, I collect them. And especially if I go somewhere memorable, I get one. I have more key chains then keys now, LoL. Addictions get the best of us.

It's eerily quiet in my house and while my family was here I was able to forget about dad. Now I have no choice but to face it. I hate it only because I miss him. A lot. I feel guilty that I abused the time that he was here and didn't take advantage of it. I feel sad because my goal was for him to see Ignacio's first steps just as he did with Hannah. And I feel especially sad because the one grandparents who loved my children and showed any caring feelings for them, is no longer here. I feel sad. But I also know that his passing was really the best. Sitting on this Earth, stuck in a hospital room for 3 months and suffering for a single breath was not the way he should have lived. And I know in my heart we will meet again :)

I'm finally getting a new car. Almost all of this nasty paperwork is finished and my father's wishes are being respected to a T. Bills are being paid off completely, a car is on it's way, and money is going to my children's savings accounts. We had him cremated and it was the only wish I wish I didn't respect however. Let me take the time right now to advise you all out there, please, PLEASE have a will. If you don't have one, get one and if you do, make sure it is up to date with children and wishes and such. Create a living will as well. Don't take for granted that you will have tomorrow and if you don't, please take the time to consider life after you leave. Do you realize how expensive it is to die?? The bills you leave behind will be left to your lucky loved ones to pay off for you. People will have no clue what to do with your estate. And people will fight. It's a given. And if you don't have life insurance, get some of that as well. Out of consideration and love for your family.

I'm heading to Wisconsin next month. A friend and I are taking our kids to the Wisconsin Dells. Anyone been there before?? It looks amazing. Utterly and blissfully amazing. I can't wait. I need a vacation.

Another piece of bright news, we are getting a kitty! More exciting than anything right now. I'm a MAJOR cat fan. And with the house so lonely I told Abel that since I'm home all of the time, I'm getting me a cat. When I was little I was determined to grow up and be the crazy cat lady down the street. It starts :)

So anyways folks. That's my updates for now. I'm so tired from lack of sleep all week long and now that the kids are asleep I think I may follow that trend and head out. I love and adore you all, thank you for your awesome words of comfort and encouragement and your prayers especially. Thank you for being so kind and for being such amazing friends and I promise, I will be back. I got a new book in and it needs a review ;) Until then....

Saturday, May 8, 2010

New Meaning

Mother's Day will forever have a new meaning for me. Today, the day before Mother's Day, I lost my father. I lost one of my closest friends. The closest friend. My leaning tower of strength, the one who gave me wisdom and advice when I needed it, the one who taught me everything I know and the one who taught me how to be strong. I also am proud of the stubborness I got from him even. It's hard for me right now because it doesn't even feel real right now. He spent the last 3 months in the hospital so if I sit here and don't think of anything, I can pretend that all I have to do is pick up the phone and call him and he'll answer. And I'm proud because I lasted exactly two hours without breaking down and crying. Until now.
I e-mailed him this morning. Why? I don't know. But in a way, it makes me feel somewhat closer to him knowing I can at least send him messages. I can escape in a letter for just fifteen minutes. I can pretend that what I send him will somehow get read. Common sense tries to kick in but I chase it away.
Today was the first sunny day in over two weeks. Warm and beautiful and my birds were back. I kind of wished it would have been cloudy and rainy like it has been. A nice big storm would have fit my mood. It doesn't seem right that I can't be happy and energetic like usual. I can't even push these feelings away like I usually do. I know my dad, if he were here, would tell me to get them out. Grieve now and get it out and then start moving on. I know he would tell me to tough it up. As much as I want to curl up in my bed and be there for days, I can't. I have kids that need my attention. Bills to take care of. Papers to find. Lawyers to consult. Family is coming. So is the funeral.
That will be the end. That will be the day that I have to accept that this is really happening. This is not some awful nightmare. Like the one I had three days ago. I dreamt he passed away but in my dream I never cried. That should have been my warning. Because the worst of it? We didn't expect it to happen this soon. He was going to be coming home this week. I didn't feel good so I didn't go visit yesterday. I didn't even call him. And now I feel sick to my stomache racked with guilt and shame because I wasn't there. I left him alone all because I was selfish and didn't want to suffer just a little bit to go visit him. Or even call. How hard would that have been? I didn't tell him I loved him. I didn't get to say goodbye. I didn't get to see him one last time. But the one thing I have in my mind was when I saw him last, he finally had enough strength to hold my son. He held Ignacio and hugged him and kissed him and even fed him ice cream and laughed about it. My last memory will always be a happy one. Hannah was behaving for once. She gave her papa a big hug and asked him to come home. I have a happy last memory so I can't be regretful for that. I just have regrets of another nature I suppose.
I'm not blogging for sympathy. I had to vent. I have nowhere else to vent. I'm sure my husband and mother are tired of my phone calls, texts and just overall sadness. So for now, I will get through each day, one day at a time. My aunts and uncles are coming down so I won't be alone. And hopefully he is watching down on me from Heaven. Maybe I gained a new guardian angel. The thought that makes me incredibly happy is the picture of my father walking with my grandmother. No oxygen hoses, no pic lines, no gaspin or wheezing and no wheelchairs. Walking. Happily. In peace and painfree.
So today is not just the day before Mother's Day. It is now the day that my father, Richard Montgomery, took his place above. The day God chose another angel to join him.

You can shed a tear that he is gone, or you can smile because he has lived.
You can close your eyes and pray that he'll come back, or you can open your eyes and see all that he has left.
Your heart can be empty because you can't see him, or you can be full of the love you shared.
You can turn your back on tomorrow because of yesterday, or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday.
You can remember him and only that he's gone, or you can cherish his memory and let it live on.
You can cry and close your mind, be empty and turn your back, or you can do what he'd want: Smile, open your eyes, love and go on.

Rest in peace dad, we love you so much and will miss you always!!

Richard Montgomery

Nov. 22nd 1940 - May 8th 2010

Friday, May 7, 2010

God's Promises For Girls.


God's Promises For Girls.

Such an adorable book! I requested it from Have you checked it out yet? Request a book and get it for free, then you in turn review it and as soon as your review is in, you can request another book :) Simple and fun. This time I requested this book for Hannah and am really excited! It's absolutely adorable and lots of fun to read too!

By Jack Countryman, Amy Parker(2010) - 128 pages

"God promises when...You live like His princess"

""Did you know you are a princess?
Yes, a daughter of the King!
So live the life of royalty,
And show the joy God's love can bring!"

"Trust the Lord and do good
Live in the land and enjoy it's safety.
Enjoy serving the Lord
And he will give you what you want.
Depend on the Lord.
Trust him, and he will take good care of you.
Then your goodness will shine like the sun.
Your fairness will shine like the noonday sun.
Psalm 37:3-6"

"You are children of the Lord your God...
He has chosen you from all the people on
earth to be his very own
Deuteronomy 14:1-2"

The thing that gets me is that the Bible that we bought Hannah, was where they got the verses from so not only will she become familiar with the book because of her Bible, but it will also push her to use her Bible more, in order to look up the verses. It's easy to understand and it uses day to day things, such as fear of monsters or spiders, to sadness and lonelyness. It isn't very long so it doesn't intimidate you but what it has is very useful and will help a young girl get through her day's easier. If you know or have a little girl, this book would definitely be a great help for her! They also have one for young boys too. Definitey recommend them both!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mother's Day

This year, not only am I celebrating the wonderful mothers around me, I'm also celebrating my children. My reasons for being able to particiapte in this day at all. My beautiful and goofy 3 year old little girl who teaches me something new everyday and who shows me what love truly is. And my insanely handsome and playful 9 month old little boy who shows me what letting go can really do and who has taught me to live each day as if it were the last. And for the three who I wasn't allowed to keep with me here on Earth. Whom I love just as much as the ones I have with me even though I wasn't able to keep them with me for long.

I hope and pray each one of you get to have a wonderful day with your family and/or friends and that you are celebrated along with your children and your mothers. Because if your mother is as crazy as mine, in twenty years, you'll know how she got that way ;)

Saturday, May 1, 2010


What on Earth was I thinking!?!?! Ignacio hasn't had teeth for the past 8 months. And I was in a hurry for him to get them why!?!? The boy has been a whiny, nose-dripping, drooling, cranky mess for the past three days. Granted he finally popped his first tooth yesterday but dear Lord make it stop!! It is looking like he will pop another one real soon. I don't mind the teeth popping but my wonderful perfect angel baby has morphed into this...this...MONSTER! Argh I forgot how much of a pill babies can get to be when they are teething. I swore I wouldn't give this one Tylenol. I'm not a medicine momma. But this has gotten so bad that I ran to the store, got some and then gave him half a dose last night. I couldn't do it without it. I feel bad for him, really I do but oh my word....LoL.

Today was the city wide garage sale. I must have hit 2o houses and came up with some cool stuff but then with loads of uncool stuff. I bought a V-Smile with 6 games and turns out the game system is going out already. I want to gripe about wasting $20 but that really was a steal and if I have to buy the game system itself, at least I have the games right? I didn't find any clothes for my son. Zero! Walmart doesn't carry very many boy clothes and what they do have, I've not been able to get in his size. And I'm down to a handful of shirts and onesies and like 3 pairs of pants. I hate, HATE not having a ton of clothes for him. He'll be in 6-9 months for awhile so I just need to find a ton. I hear rumor of there being an all city garage sale for Minot (the next biggest city closest to us) in two weeks so if I can dig up money, I will be going just for him. I did get a few clothes for Hannah but nothing like I expected. Summer will be here soon and what I normally do is buy her entire summer wardrobe and then some from this garage sale thing. Not this year! Walmart here I come! I did manage to find a treasure though! A BIG treasure! Beverly Lewis wrote the Abram's Daughter's series. I gave mine to our church for their new library they had built, a few years back and although I was sad about it (they were my favorite series!) I knew I was doing something much better than keeping them to myself. Well today, I hit the Relay For Life sale and guess what I found!? All 5 books in the series for a quarter a piece! Brand new condition too. To me, books are greater worth than jewelry or clothes. No lie. So when I found these I almost bawled! I took them and donated more to them because of how excited I was and they were raising money for Cancer research. My day was not a waste at all because of this, haha. How goofy am I?!?

My sister-in-law, her fiance and their baby boy (who is 2 months younger than Ignacio) are coming to visit in two more weeks. It's a surprise that my husband does not know about which I think is absolutely great! I love secrets and am awesome at keeping them. Mainly because I forget all about the secret itself, haha. But I'm excited to get the boys together to play with each other and take tons of photos and of course visit with my SIL. I'm not so crazy about my drug dealing, gangster soon-to-be-BIL buuut I'll get over it. If he has to come in order to see my family, so be it! Does that make me sound like a bad person? Honest I'm not...

I got a job! Oooh I have been so tired I haven't been blogging lately but I got a job and that is my excuse. I had to get out of the house to do something and it hasn't been bad leaving the kids. Mainly because I'm only gone two nights a week but still, it's something and makes me feel like I'm doing something other than cleaning and sitting around the house. I'm cooking in a brand new restaurant. It's been fun so far but all we have been doing is cleaning, organizing and inventory. Grand opening is next Friday. I am nervous but at the same time I know it will be fine. I'm only in charge of the appetizers and fried food because let's face it, that's all I know. And honestly, that's all I really want to know. As long as I don't touch bacon though, I will be fine. I burn bacon no matter how low of heat it is and how short of time it cooks. Pathetic. I know...

Now that I have updated I think I will run off and go read some of my books. I still am getting through my Karen Kingsbury books. I'm on the Forever series of the Baxter family series. I LOOOVE this series and have begun collecting her books now too. I've gotten all but the last 2 books in the Sunrise series :( Oh well...So anyways, i hope everyone is having a fabulous day and that it isn't grey and rainy for you like it is here. I will blog again later! Until then, be blessed and have a fabulous week!!