Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How To Be God's Little Princess review

I requested this book from www.booksneeze.com and it didn't disappoint! My daughter has the basic manners down pat but now we get to work on why we should act like a lady and why certain manners are a must! I WILL NOT have a child in public acting like a heathen. And this book is great at teaching the kids how to act properly and why. Some of the how-tos are in fun, such as how to wear a tiara and how to make the best pink cookies but most of them are for real such as how to be respectful, how to care for the royal dog, and how to help mom. These are great and I hope my daughter learns a lot from this book. Knowing her, she will it will just be whether or not she wants to put what she learns, to use, lol!