Monday, December 14, 2009

Critter Cutter Giveaway!

Head on over to Oh My baby! She has a giveaway going on right now for critter cutters! Super awesome and easy to use cutters for sandwiches! The company I'm using to buy them from is but Oh My Baby has the actual website for you on these things. They are different shaped cutters that you use to cut out animals or puzzle pieces from sandwiches. Hannah is picky with her bread, no crust and she won't eat it whole. So I'm stuck spending 10 minutes making and tearing and cutting a sandwich and these will cut it down to like 5 seconds. I'm gunning to win the puzzle piece set for Hannah but I'ma blog about it to give you a chance to hit it up too. And if you know a godo deal, you will :)

Friday, December 4, 2009

My Puj Tub

I know that for some of you, this probably will not even matter. but for those of you with small babies or about to have a small baby or know someone who has/is having a small baby, this is definitely for you.
I signed up to be a Puj Tub tester and they sent me a free Puj Tub to review. So today after I got it in the mail I tried it out. The Puj Tub is a really sturdy, almost soft plastic like tub. It arrives flat and stays flat unless you are using it. When you are ready to use it you snap it into place thanks to some pieces of strong magnets. It snaps into place really easily and you can fit it into most any sinks. I tried both the kitchen sink (which is super small) and my bathroom sink (which is also super small). And Ignacio fit into it perfectly. I will tell you right now that the only thing I didn't like of it, I couldn't wash his hair in it without a bit of difficulty. But it is wonderful to use for a quick bath or just to wash off the spit up or messy diaper leftovers. He sat in it really comfortably and even giggled while I washed him. I tend to have bad knees so kneeling on the ground while bathing my son hurts like heck, so with this tub I got to stand and let me tell you how wonderful that was! Really.
The nice thing was that I used half of the water that I normally do and there was never any fear of the water over flowing. there are slots on each side that allow the water to drain out. I didn't make a mess and neither one of us (the baby or I) slipped or fell or anything worrisome.
The best part I think was the fact that it wasn't bulky and I could store it anywhere without it taking up a ton of space like my other tub. I put a hook up on my door and hung it right there! How convenient and amazing!
All in all, this tub was pretty awesome. It was even nice knowing there was no worry of him drowning like with any other tub. You have to be right there the whole time with my other tub and with this one, I could sit on the toilet to watch him and know that he would be just fine (running water makes me have to go potty what can I say?). Baby can't slip in it or out of it (at least mine can't) and I think it's awesome. I'm going to make this my quick bath or my travel bath because this will fit perfectly in my luggage. I think everyone should try it because I'm pretty sure, if you have a small baby, you will love it. And by the time they grow out of it, you won't need a bathtub, you can just use the regular sink as is or have baby sit in the tub with you. No need to pay $50 for a tub you'll use for 6 months maybe. Check out the Puj Tub for yourself at the new web site exclusively for baby bath tubs!

This is the Puj Tub put together in my sink. My sink is tiny yet the tub still fit


Ignacio sitting in his tub.

Filling the tub up with water

The slots that let the water out so it doesn't overflow

Ignacio content with his tub See how comfortable he is?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Quick Freebie

There is a button on my sidebar. It says North Dakota Frugal Mom. It's the very top one. See it? Go there. She is the best! Everyday there are freebies and coupons for fat discounts! And right now, she found the perfect freebie. It's for a free photo calander, free including free S&H!! I made one for my SIL and it took me 10 minutes. It may take you longer if you don't have an account with them or any photos uploaded already. She was the one who pointed out about free photobooks that they were giving away too. She's got a few other Christmas gooodies too, like info about a free photo with Santa at Walmart, or a free Christmas stocking. Free memory card for your camera...Etc..Gotta visit her! Only if you like freebies however, LoL. And tell your friends :)

Things are good here at home. I was having a rough day yesterday. One of my friends busted her ankle up so she had to come home and spend a few months here healing and getting fixed and all that. So I was happy because we normally see each other maybe once a year. She's been my best friend since I was a freshmen in high school-->9 years. Another friend came home for Thanksgiving break and I'm all mopey because they are going out everynight and having a good old time and the days of me just up and running around freely are over. It made me sad. Who wants to hang out with a marrried mother when you aren't married or a mom? It sounds dumb I know. Especially now that I've made two new friends who not only does my husband actually like their husbands, but they have kids as well. I'm not good at making new friends and it takes me a loong time to actually hit that spot of hey you and I are friends! And I can feel like myself around them, you know? Like my husband says, if you pass gas in front of someone and they laugh, you know you've found a friend, LoL. (Don't worry everyone, I don't pass gas. Ever. LoL)

So I'm off to go push the husband on the roof. He needs to put up my Chritsmas lights. He's late. Ugh. I'll take pictures once it's all dine. And I'll show you George. My deer. He's awesome.

Have a great day y'all!!