Friday, August 28, 2009

I Heart Baths

So my excitement of the day comes from the arrival of an infant tub. Sad isn't it? Well, my son has had a total of about 5 baths since coming home 2 weeks ago. Why so few? Because somehow I managed to forget that babies are slippery when wet. I almost dropped my son twice and since then I swore off baths until I was allowed to purchase a bathtub. And it came in the mail today. I bought the cheapest one I could find via and waited patiently. It's pretty cute and simple to use which is always good for me. And it's a whale. So my son had a great bath today. He didn't cry or anything.
I sorta blew up on the husband last night. I'm trying not to get down with the baby blues but so far I'm only halfway winning that battle. Meanwhile I'm hearing fat comments from my father and both men are always telling me how I'm holding Ignacio too much and how I let Hannah get away with everything and not spending enough time with her. I could think of other things but I don't want my list to overtake the blog...Ignacio's belly button was bleeding last night and since he lost his stump like last week, I got worried and took him into the hospital just to get it looked at. The nurses didn't charge me for the visit, they are too great to me so there wasn't any harm done but my husband told me how I'm over-reacting and needed to just chill out. So my over hormonal self popped off with "when you are done criticizing the way I raise my children, you are more than welcome to take over and deal with them yourself, in the meantime since I carried them in my body for 9 months a piece and then popped them out in two very painful ways, I'm the one who gets to be the parent and that includes being concerned over them." Then as I was dressing Ignacio I was also muttering something about how just because his parents didn't care enough to take them to the doctors or dentists or anything like that, my kids aren't going to be punished. Now that I look at it I'm shocked at my behavior but seriously? Something could have been wrong. Just because it wasn't, doesn't mean anything. Hannah didn't have this go on with her so of course I was worried. I couldn't look at it and go "Well this happened with Hannah and it wasn't a big deal so I think we're good." I wish.
I went out to the grocery store yesterday. Second time out of the house since I've been home. I need to get out more. I know it will help me feel better. I am looking for a stroller so I can take Ignacio with me and go walking. He really is spoiled and I proudly declare him spoiled. He doesn't like being put down but he's my last baby. Abel is getting snipped so I'm holding him and enjoying every minute of the baby stage as possible. Soon he'll be too cool for mom and loving the girls instead of me. Hannah already doesn't like cuddling me as it is. She'll cuddle daddy and papa but not me. So one of my kids better love on me darn it.
Other than that nothing else going on with us. Ignacio is going on 3 weeks now. And Hannah has a month left before turning 3. I'm hoping to do a small party for her in the theme of the My Little Ponies. She likes them all of a sudden. Which is fine. Anything but Barbies *rolls eyes*. LoL.
Anyways, My husband is going to be home soon so I better get dinner started. We did 10 jars of canning today. Pickles, yummy. I'm going to be doing jam soon. That's what I love doing. Easy and ever so yummy!
I hope everyone is doing well. Do you like my new blog look by the way? I even found a matching button but I'm not sure I'll be using it or not just yet. I'd hae to have to mess with that one again, LoL. We'll see...Anyways, Have a fabulous weekend everyone! I'll blog another day!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ignacio's Photos (Finally!)

Ahh pictures finally....







Monday, August 17, 2009

The Lost Art Of Blogging

Do you know how it saddens me that I haven't been on the computer in years?!? Today I feel like I've accomplished so much and just had to jump on here finally to get back in touch with the world again. It's amazing what a simple shower and a trip to the doctors will make you do, haha.
I got my staples taken out today. They weren't supposed to be taken out until Thursday but they were tearing my skin to crap and hurt so I went in early. My belly feels so good now. I can actually stand up tall, yay! And of course a shower doesn't hurt either. In the past two days I have been spit up on, peed on and pooped on too many times to count so showers are fabulous. And I enjoy griping about the whole breastfeeding thing too so beware. I love that it's free and semi-convenient and good for the baby and all but oh my gosh my boobs feel as if they have been ran over by a combine!! And that's only when the milk lets down or whatever it is they call it. I won't even begin to whine about the amount of pain I feel when he latches on lately. Ugh!! He latches great it's just pain!! LoL. Yeaaah....
Anyways, so Ignacio is a week old today. Everything is going great. Minus the fact that he will not sleep which is my fault. When I put him in the bassinet he won't sleep, he'll start fussing but he will curl into a ball on his tummy on my chest and sleep fabulously. Last night he woke up once to eat and that was it. My boobs were a size GG this morning and killing me so I had to wake him to eat but yeah, I got to sleep reeeal good last night, LoL.
Hannah loves Ignacio, she doesn't give him much attention until he starts crying which then she runs directly to me, tells me "baby caca and crying and then runs back to Ignacio and starts telling him to calm down, LoL. She thinks that everytime he cries, he pooped. We got a new bed for her as her old one she peed in one too many times and mommy was too lazy to get on the ball and order waterproof sheets. But she likes the new bed and as we downgraded to a toddler again, it gives her more room in her room.
Hmm what else..Oh yeah! So the c-section, haha. I must catch you up right? Right. So I have to say, the c-section was perfect. Not kidding. I went in at 6:30am with all my bags and stuff and got into the labor and delivery room and put immediately on monitors as they began having me sign forms and they attempted to put in an IV. I say attempted because the nurses stabbed me like 4 times before they had the anesthesiologist came in and got me on the first try. I swear that was the worst part of it all. Anyways, I made sure they were giving me a spinal block and not the epidural (Thank you Stephanie!!) They took Abel away and wheeled me into the operating room. Once Abel left me and I got in there I started to tear up and cry a little. It overwhelmed me and not having Abel there was hard. So then I got up on the table and shoved my face into one of the nurses shoulders as they shot up some numbing stuff into my back which didn't hurt shockingly. Then they put in the spinal and I didn't feel it at all. As soon as she took out the needle my legs were going numb. I had 6 nurses lifting my fat butt onto that table and putting me into position. My fat moment of my life by the way. You never feel fat until your lower part of your body is numb and you can't move at all and you see 6 nurses having to move you. Crazy oh my goodness! LoL. My hand touched my butt at one point and it was gross which I can't really say why, it just was weird...Anyways so I'm proud because I didn't freak out or panic like they said I would. They told me that my chest would get heavy and possibly make it harder to breath and that's what most people freak out but I never felt my chest go heavy. My body went hot all of a sudden at one point and I begged them to fan me and get me some oxygen and once I had some air on, everything was great again. Abel came back in and they started opening me up. Abel was camera happy and watching the whole thing and narrating as well. Let me tell you what, watching Abel giggle and tell me that "Hey it looks like they broke your w---HOLY CRAP YOU"RE PEEING OUT YOUR BELLY!" Yeah that does wonders to calm a person down, LoL. He was having a blast while I was bored out of my mind waiting to hear Ignacio's cry. I'm not all that emotional. And I admit with Hannah, I was accused as being cold hearted. They put Hannah on my chest right as soon as she came out and I wigged out and told them to clean her off before they give her to me. I can't help it and honest to God wasn't being cold hearted or a horrible mother. She was covered in blood and guck and yucky stuff. I don't do touching guck. I'm horrible I know...Anyways so as soon as I heard Ignacio's cry I started bawling and wanted to see him sooo bad. They took him to clean him and all that and then brought him back to me and I was soo happy. I was practically upside down but loved looking at him. It took about 20 minutes to finish sewing me back up. I was so bored and when I was asked how I was doing, I made them laugh because I asked if they were done yet and how I should have brought my book with me, LoL.
To make the rest a short story, as it wasn't too interesting, I refused my meds which they prescribed morphine. I don't do meds. I did however break down and take 3 Ibuprofens though. Yes it hurt to move around at first but I don't do meds so I didn't want anything. It was manageable. And two days later, I left the hospital to come home. They wanted me to stay the whole week and yes I love being waited on but man, I wanted home. Where for the past few days I have sat in a comfy lazyboy recliner getting yelled at for even going potty as the two men here are sissys and nags. My house is a disaster because men can't clean well for some reason and it's irking me. I don't have OCD but when it comes to my house and cleanliness it makes me freak out when it's a mess. I can't lift anything over 10 pounds for the next 4 weeks so that leaves out laundry and vacuuming. Which need done sooo bad. Ugh I need a maid...
So that's that. I'd love to post pictures right now but my son has decided to wake up so I must cut this short and run. I promise to post some pics within the next few days. Hopefully tomorrow :)
I miss you all and miss getting on here more often! We got Tivo today so now I have something to occupy me at nighttime and while he eats, LoL. So I'm not completely shut off from technology thank goodness.
Hope everyone has a great week! I'm off to feed the kid and will be on again soon! Love to all you all!


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Home Again

Hey everyone,
This will be super short as it is really hot, I'm not used to sitting in a chair for long periods of time yet and well, I'm still a bit lazy yet. LoL.
Everything went amazing. Not kidding. I will post more of a blog about it tomorrow along with photos but everything is going amazing and of course I have a beautiful little boy who everytime I hold or even look at I start tearing up and praising God for my miracle.
We just got a bit ago and I'm still taking it easy. Never knew how much I used my abdominal muscles oh my goodness!
So thank you everyoen for the prayers and good wishes :) I am going to go lay down now. I do have a link here forgive me for not making it clickable. I'm sore and lazy :) But it's the hospital page for the boy. With the stats and a photo. The picture is a bad one as it was in between crying and they didn't do a decent angle. LoL. But he's still cute. And his name is Ignacio, they spelled it wrong, haha. Good old North Dakotans...
Okay forgive me for parting so early. More tomorrow! Lots of love from us!


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Birth Day

So as of Monday the 10th (tomorrow) at 8:00am I will be in a surgical room getting my tummy split open and having a little boy pulled out of my tummy. Yay!! LoL. It's 10:30pm right now. Am I nervous? Not really. As long as I don't focus on it, I'm doing well. I'm not scared anymore but I am sooo sure that will change once I get into that room and they tell me "Okay lets' get in that spinal block now". Ugh. Oh well. So forgive me ahead of time for not being on here for a few days, I'm sure you will understand LoL. They say I won't be out until Thursday morning so a few days after I get home and get used to a semi-sort of routine, I will pop on, post pictures and a blog and tell ya alllll about it!
Love to you all!!


Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Fragments

Or rather, my attempt at it. If you want to also do this special weekly thing, head over to To sign up and find out how to!

~*~I've never known some brutality to occur while getting checked. If there was a second place for "What I dis-like about pregnancy" it would be the vaginal exams. Especially if your nurse is a woman. Shouldn't she be tender and understanding and not try too rip you apart from the inside? Or maybe I got the luck of the draw by having Rambo's missus as my nurse...

~*~Watching The Today Show today and this is what they cover on news nowadays?? No, no, this is what they come out with for children!?!? Oh dear... I'm honestly speechless, a bit scared and yet kinda concerned that I have no known feelings on this yet. I'm puzzled...

~*~Why is it that it rains for exactly 20 minutes, looks as if it is going to storm badly and the moment I smile about it and thank God, the sun pops out on me? Yes, yes, I admit, I tend to harbor a secret love for the rain. Although, one weird fact about me? I can not stand to get wet or be out in the rain at all! No idea why either....

~*~I need a pedicure. Badly. Realizing I may never get one. And if I could would I be willing for someone to touch my toes? They are that disgusting. I have my great-grandmother's toes you know...No really, they are hiding in a jar in my closet...Kidding, kidding...

~*~Our new dog, Katy, she is the sweetest and calmest dog I've ever met. We found out fast though she is quite the guard dog. I never knew something so cute and so small to be so lethal...

~*~This has been my attempt at the Friday Fragments. Maybe I'll be better next week. Or maybe I sorta entertained you a small portion. That would be swell!


Thursday, August 6, 2009


So I pretty much feel like an idiot even though everyone is glad I went in. Whatever this crap is about a woman in tune to her body obviously didn't know about me. So yesterday morning, I woke up puking and having contractions so I thought I was in labor and sorta got scared. Abel was at work so I bailed out leaving Hannah and my dad (who was white as a sheet and freaked out way more than I was) here at home and drove off to get Abel at work. Thankfully his location is only about 3 blocks from the house. Praise God for small blessings. I walked in looking like crap (yes, yes I know in the time of things like this, vanity is not acceptable but being in sweats and a midriff showing shirt and not even brushing my hair or teeth, made me feel like trash, ugh!) and every man in that depot must have jumped 6 feet out of his chair and shoved Abel in 3 different directions telling him "It's time! Go! Run!" LoL. What is it with men and panicking for labor? At least I got free entertainment.
So off to the hospital we were. Dr had been called and notified and so when I got there they were all ready and moved me into the delivery room. There were 2 surgeries planned for the day that got postponed because of me which made me feel bad. I'm sure the guy who was about to receive a colonoscopy wasn't feeling too bad about it though...
Long story short, I spent all day in there hearing about how we were doing the c-section, and then how we weren't and then how we should and then how we weren't. Everything died down, I'm not dilated or even effaced yet so they didn't think it was necessary. My nurse was fighting against it, doctor wanted it done and out of the way and I? Was so nervous and a little freaked out I wasn't sure of my name let alone what I wanted to do. So all in all, I go in Friday to be monitored all day then have an appt again on Monday with Doc. Hopefully I last until then which neither nurse nor doc think I will.
Both I and Hannah seem to have insomnia as we are both up and it's 4:30am and she's watching cartoons with my dad in the living room and I'm finishing this up. I'm going to go upstairs and pop on some Friends and hope that I can steal some sleep.
The benefit of this all? Baby is trying to turn and they think that is what is causing my "discomfort" (Male doctors psssh) and contractions. And I'm bedrest now. Dad and Abel are cooking and cleaning and doing everything and I get to lounge in the new and so very comfy recliner, reading my books. I'm enjoying every second of it and fully taking advantage of it because this? Will never happen again. LoL. When will I ever get to lounge and read with 2 kids and a house to take care of? Yeeeaah...
Now my vent of the day...I got to talk to one of my best friends from back home two days ago and you know, moving here was so not a bad idea at all. Among other things, it got me away from the drama of my other "friends" which is soo nice to be away from. I didn't realize how sucked into it I had gotten until I heard a piece of news that got me all riled up and I know that you know, maybe losing some friends and growing apart from people isn't such a horrid thing. I still talk to a few people from over there and have my best friend whom I have only gotten closer with so life isn't all bad. But I would fully appreciate people being upfront and honest for once in their freaking life! How difficult can it possibly be? For real!?! That's why I love my bloggy friends ever so much. Y'all aren't scared to share your honest opinions and feelings. THANK YOU! And you aren't low on brain cells either which is always a plus, LoL. When I have to hear through someone else how someone is judging me because they don't agree with how I'm delivering this child, it pisses me off! Like I sat down at the doctor's office begging and pleading with him to give me a c-section?!? Like I haven't been whining and complaining about having this done and praying my kid would just turn so I could endure the 14 hours of labor!?!? I mean it would be awesome to go through a delivery of a child butt first but hey I'm lazy and a horrid person who would rather slice open my tummy and have him pulled out the easy way right? Somedays, humanity terrifies me...Anyways, there's my vent of the day. Hope you didn't mind that one.
Anyways, I may be slightly absent from the internet. It was weird not being on all day yesterday and not even getting the "craving" to get on. Weirdness...
Ahh so I'm thinking of all my friends today and thought you should be updated on what's going down so far. I can't wait for all this to be done and can't wait to come home and show you pictures of this kid. I hope he looks like me. Hannah looks just like Abel and is all about daddy so I'm excited over at least one kid liking me. For awhile that is, LoL.
Much love to you all!!