Thursday, August 6, 2009


So I pretty much feel like an idiot even though everyone is glad I went in. Whatever this crap is about a woman in tune to her body obviously didn't know about me. So yesterday morning, I woke up puking and having contractions so I thought I was in labor and sorta got scared. Abel was at work so I bailed out leaving Hannah and my dad (who was white as a sheet and freaked out way more than I was) here at home and drove off to get Abel at work. Thankfully his location is only about 3 blocks from the house. Praise God for small blessings. I walked in looking like crap (yes, yes I know in the time of things like this, vanity is not acceptable but being in sweats and a midriff showing shirt and not even brushing my hair or teeth, made me feel like trash, ugh!) and every man in that depot must have jumped 6 feet out of his chair and shoved Abel in 3 different directions telling him "It's time! Go! Run!" LoL. What is it with men and panicking for labor? At least I got free entertainment.
So off to the hospital we were. Dr had been called and notified and so when I got there they were all ready and moved me into the delivery room. There were 2 surgeries planned for the day that got postponed because of me which made me feel bad. I'm sure the guy who was about to receive a colonoscopy wasn't feeling too bad about it though...
Long story short, I spent all day in there hearing about how we were doing the c-section, and then how we weren't and then how we should and then how we weren't. Everything died down, I'm not dilated or even effaced yet so they didn't think it was necessary. My nurse was fighting against it, doctor wanted it done and out of the way and I? Was so nervous and a little freaked out I wasn't sure of my name let alone what I wanted to do. So all in all, I go in Friday to be monitored all day then have an appt again on Monday with Doc. Hopefully I last until then which neither nurse nor doc think I will.
Both I and Hannah seem to have insomnia as we are both up and it's 4:30am and she's watching cartoons with my dad in the living room and I'm finishing this up. I'm going to go upstairs and pop on some Friends and hope that I can steal some sleep.
The benefit of this all? Baby is trying to turn and they think that is what is causing my "discomfort" (Male doctors psssh) and contractions. And I'm bedrest now. Dad and Abel are cooking and cleaning and doing everything and I get to lounge in the new and so very comfy recliner, reading my books. I'm enjoying every second of it and fully taking advantage of it because this? Will never happen again. LoL. When will I ever get to lounge and read with 2 kids and a house to take care of? Yeeeaah...
Now my vent of the day...I got to talk to one of my best friends from back home two days ago and you know, moving here was so not a bad idea at all. Among other things, it got me away from the drama of my other "friends" which is soo nice to be away from. I didn't realize how sucked into it I had gotten until I heard a piece of news that got me all riled up and I know that you know, maybe losing some friends and growing apart from people isn't such a horrid thing. I still talk to a few people from over there and have my best friend whom I have only gotten closer with so life isn't all bad. But I would fully appreciate people being upfront and honest for once in their freaking life! How difficult can it possibly be? For real!?! That's why I love my bloggy friends ever so much. Y'all aren't scared to share your honest opinions and feelings. THANK YOU! And you aren't low on brain cells either which is always a plus, LoL. When I have to hear through someone else how someone is judging me because they don't agree with how I'm delivering this child, it pisses me off! Like I sat down at the doctor's office begging and pleading with him to give me a c-section?!? Like I haven't been whining and complaining about having this done and praying my kid would just turn so I could endure the 14 hours of labor!?!? I mean it would be awesome to go through a delivery of a child butt first but hey I'm lazy and a horrid person who would rather slice open my tummy and have him pulled out the easy way right? Somedays, humanity terrifies me...Anyways, there's my vent of the day. Hope you didn't mind that one.
Anyways, I may be slightly absent from the internet. It was weird not being on all day yesterday and not even getting the "craving" to get on. Weirdness...
Ahh so I'm thinking of all my friends today and thought you should be updated on what's going down so far. I can't wait for all this to be done and can't wait to come home and show you pictures of this kid. I hope he looks like me. Hannah looks just like Abel and is all about daddy so I'm excited over at least one kid liking me. For awhile that is, LoL.
Much love to you all!!



Sassy Pants Freckle Face said...

Oh sweetie,.. I feel 4 ya!
I think this whole "waiting for labor" sucks my face off. Well at least you got seen and no worries. KIT <3

Stephanie said...

You're full term now, so he can come any time! Just relax and go with the flow. If anyone gives you a hard time about the c-section, tell them to cram it. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter HOW your baby enters the world, only that he does so and is healthy. And that you are healthy. By the way, having "your tummy sliced open" is by no means the "easy" way. It's just a different kind of difficult. But it isn't anything that any of us wouldn't do a hundred times over if it brought us our babies.

Green-Eyed Momster said...

We're pulling for you. Sorry you've encountered some stupid people. They appear to be almost everywhere these days. Sorry!

I'm getting so excited! I can't wait to see him! I hope he looks like you too!

Big hugs and love,

Justine said...

Oy, what a total pain in the ass. Having the c-section? Not having the c-section? You must have been so anxious!
But, I'm glad you're now wiling away the hours, sitting in your comfy recliner, watching everyone around you do all the work. HA! You deserve it!
Come on baby, TURN for mama!

As for your "friends" judging you. What the HELL? Sometimes c-sections are NECESSARY for the well-being of both baby and mama. Tell them to FUCK OFF! Even if you CHOSE to go by way of c-section, it's your damn body, your baby, and what the hell is the difference? You're bringing a new life into the world. Your only job is to get the baby out, no matter what way. Sheesh, some people are such judgmental morons. Pisses me off FOR you!

Justine :o )