Friday, July 31, 2009

It's Friday!

Ahh I was going to attempt a Fragment Friday but I think I will procrastinate and do that next week...Maybe...
I did though want to share some photos with you all. I have more coming but these are my favorites so far. The belly photos haven't done much justice as they make my belly look cute but not really show off my fat ass enough and we all know that everyone needs to see how big I've gotten. I need a wide load sign and some beep-beep noises, LoL. My thighs and hips aren't my friends right now....The last photos of the family of 3 :( The next set of pictures you'll see is of a family of 4, awww.
I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend, mine is going to be busy thankfully. And I shall jabber a new blog on a different day! Enjoy!!


~~Family shot with attitude~~

~~Always wanted a photo like this~~

~~One more family shot~~

~~And my favorite ever~~


Stephanie said...

Love the pictures! I hope to be happy enough with my rounded post baby body in time to have family pictures taken for Christmas cards. We'll see.

Justine said...

Oh Beckie, are these the professional pictures you just had done? They're fantastic! little Hannah is so beautiful and you and Abel are a gorgeous couple. Love his hat too! I also love the fact that these pictures are casual instead of formal. Perfect!!!
Btw... wtg on making your button! I'm grabbing it now!

Justine :o )

Green-Eyed Momster said...

Look at those beautiful pictures, Beckie! What a beautiful family you have!! You are so glowing!!

Love your new layout too! My gosh, it's gorgeous!!


Miss Yvonne said...

Awwww, you have such a cute family! My hips and thighs are not my friend either, but I'm not pregnant so I can only blame the french fries and the ranch dressing. Those jerks.