Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Completely Random.

And for once, I'm not being sarcastic. Today my hormones have put me in a mushy and ecstatic sort of mood. Abel left last night to drive to Portal, Canada to stay over night and then pick up a train and drive it back here to homebase. So after he left I set my restaurant up and went to do two loads of dishes (Thank you a billion times a billion to whoever invented the dishwasher!!) And did my laundry. Then I actually sat down and folded and put it away as I watched Mama Mia (Fabulous movie btw! One of my faves) That in itself is shocking but just the fact that I was nesting was driving me insane. How do I know I was nesting and not just bored? I lugged Hannah's kitchen set up to her room and then set to cleaning and organizing that mess as well. Then I balanced my check-book, figured out what bills are going to get paid on payday in a few days (loving my budget!) and then laid in bed reading my book until I fell asleep. I only woke up twice to pee last night which is great minus the pain of getting up and laying down. Literal pain. My pelvis area hurts so much anymore. It only hurts when I go to sleep laying down. When I'm up and moving around it's fine. So I'm very much so looking forward to the 19th which is in exactly 3 weeks mind you. Oh and an even better surprise for today? I won that Zapi from Shauna's giveaway blog! Yay!! No more germies. Ugh I hate germs. I switch my toothbrush out to a brand new one if it even falls on the floor. I realize that while I may kiss my husband and daughter and yes while my daughter did come from my own body, if they put my brush in their grubby mouths, it's gone. Just can not do that. And my last bit of greatness came form paypal. I've been ordering clothes on myspace as I'm finding baby clothes for $1 a piece and they are in brand new condition. It's like a virtual garage sale for me and it really helps save a few pennies. Well I fell in love with an outfit and have been battling this lady for two months. I paid and she never sent so i filed a claim with paypal and was awarded my money today. Yay! Well as I didn't have bassinet sheets yet and was stressing on that, I got to go and buy 2 blue sheets and am now feeling pretty good about it. There's still a few odds and ends I need before this kid comes out in a few weeks but I have a feeling I'll be fine. Oh and I've decided to not paragraph my blog today. Leave one thing messy for once. Everything else in this house is clean and organized why bother with this?? LoL. piece of randomness for you. I haven't worn a bra in two days. I feel like such a rebel. Might as well enjoy the last remaining freedom these ladies will see for a few months. Haha! I bought a baby bottle the other day. A soothie one. I love the soothie brand. And I'd love to sit here and say ok we're going to breastfeed this kid no matter what and do it right this time but secretly I bought this bottle as a just in case thing. In case I dry up again. In case it doesn't work. In case I change my mind sort of thing. My mother gave me sooo much grief over it but oh well. I pretty much don't care. LoL. I love those sort of days. I found out my best friend from Nebraska is pregnant again. She and her hubby have been trying for over a year to get pregnant and have ended up with 3 miscarriages so far. They are my kids' god-parents and we've been besties since forever. And I've been through the same thing as her so when she gets pregnant it feels like I am too. So I've been praying this time it sticks and works out and they get to have a baby soon. It was hard going through my own miscarriages but to watch my best friend go through it and not be able to take away the pain? It's so hard! And why is it that when it happens, even though I've been there, I never know what to say? I get so mad and tell myself that I should know what to say to help. I should be able to say something comforting...Oh dear my daughter is singing along to the Kidz Bop commercials...Hannah came down with the flu the other day. She's been taught to throw up in the potty as mommy can't handle puke without losing it herself. I'm proud of her for being able to do that. She threw up once and then was totally fine minus the not eating for two days straight and the constant fever. Now I pray I don't get it because I always end up with the worst case of it ever and am miserable enough without the flu. Abel has only 12 more days until layoff time! Soo nervous about that. I hope they hire everyone back fast so he can get back on quickly. I have gotten used to paychecks again and it's so nice to pay my bills for once. My bill collectors are being so nice and haven't called me in over a month! I don't know whether to feel abandoned or relieved? Well anyways, I need to go fold another load of laundry and attempt to sort some socks now. Watching 27 Dresses today. Decent movie...So I hope everyone's day is going well too. Excuse my random babble here. Love to everyone!!



Green-Eyed Momster said...

I can't believe your baby is almost here! Nesting is good. Germs are bad.

Sorry my comment is completely random....Yours are so sweet to me!!

Hugs and love,

Stephanie said...

I think I'm going to start calling my compulsion to clean "nesting". It has a much nicer ring to it than Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Sassy Pants Freckle Face said...

Well at least things are going to be in order,I love Mama Mia as well!!!! Have a great day cannot wait to see that baby

Justine said...

Wait. Did you just say that Abel is getting laid off? He just got settled in the damn job! WTH????

Btw... your text is very very tiny!

Justine :o )