Monday, July 20, 2009

Update Time.

So where shall I begin? A few days shy of 36 weeks pregnant I am. I had my weekly doctor's appointment today. They bumped me up to weekly appointments now, yay me. That was last week that they did that. We did an ultrasound last week and found out that baby Ignacio was still breech. So I was handed some positions and exercises to do in order to get him to possibly move and flip. They didn't work. I went in today hoping they had worked but they didn't. So today we did the ultrasound to see if he was breech-he is. And then we sat down and picked out a date for the c-section. I walked out with mixed emotions with it. I don't want a c-section but I know it has to be done and shockingly there are some advantages to having it done. Like now there's no shot of Abel missing his son coming into the world. He gets to call his boss and say okay this is what is happening and when and he'll get the days off whereas before it was just a guessing game. And then there will be the fact that now I'll be getting my tubes tied. Might as well since they are down there anyways. Abel was going to get snipped but I know that he'll do nothing but procrastinate about that one so I'm glad to just get this done and over with. And of course the time of it will be much shorter this way versus if I had the vaginal birth. A half hour versus 10 hours or something like that. Much faster. And of course just knowing the date that he will be here instead of wondering and wondering. So it isn't all too bad I guess. I'm just freaked out about the epidural and those side effects and any medications used in the whole process and of course my anxiety. So I'm working on that now while I still have time :) Remain calm, breath. That'll be my mantra. It's going to be so interesting though. A little saddening as Amity and I were trying to have our boys on the same day. Now we won't be able to :( If only her hippie doctor would tell her that she's farther along than they all thought and how oops! She'd have to have a planned birth on the 19th as well. LoL. No shot huh?
On a brighter note I'm stocking up on the baby stuff now. Got a few weeks left and hurrying up trying to make sure I'm all stocked up. Things like the toys and play yards and mats and such I'm holding off on. Those can wait. But I ordered my first case of diapers a few days ago and am going to be buying the case of wipes as well. And I actually need a few more outfits and sleepers and then some blankets and of course the sexy nursing pads. I don't know about you but those make me feel my sexiest ;) I have my whole list that I'm running through getting everything. So much fun let me tell you what.
Aside from that nothing else to report. The husband is away for the week again. His last one thankfully. Then he can be home again. Drag my fat butt up the freaking stairs. I'm so disgusted with myself. I gained 25 pounds with Hannah. Loved it too! I bragged about it all the time. This kid has made me gain double that and I am totally feeling it. Never mind that my legs are swollen 24/7 and look enormous. My skin is shiny which is weird and my thighs look like cottage cheese as well. Ugh my body. I get to look forward to losing 65 pounds at the least after all this. Wowzers...Okay mom I won't belittle you anymore for how much you gained and never lost. Just the thought of trying to lose weight again is making me ache. Least favorite part of pregnancy however? The fact that I don't pee all day and the moment I get into bed, my bladder turns into a colicky newborn. Up every hour telling me to deal with it or else. So I get to go down the stairs and stumble into the bathroom to pee a few droplets and then climb my fat butt back up the stairs and try to catch my breath and get back into a position I feel good in. Oh joy...One of the nurses today made me wonder if she was a liar or just really nice. She told me I didn't look like I was due for another few months. Bless your soul love! I feel like a waddling whale mind you but that picked my spirits up a wee bit. Oh yes, the waddle. Bless my hips and ligaments for the joyful waddle. My father is lucky I allowed him to live past his not-so-humorous comment this morning of "Love the waddle Donald" dirty heathen....
Ahh anyways, enough of my complaining. It is sorta humorous to me some of it actually. Some moments. Now I get to run off and do some laundry and play with this gorgeous little man in my house. I get to babysit for a friend of mine for her adorable and chubby 4 month old baby boy. Hannah has been nothing but loving on him so it gives us a tiny glimpse of our new one coming. So I hope everyone has a fabulous day/week. I'm stalking everyone's blogs for something good to read. I have nothing to do anymore :( Sadness... LoL. So much thanks and loves to everyone!



Beckie said...

PS--> C-section date--> August 19th

Stephanie said...

I sent you an email about the c-section. And, allow me to reemphasize (this will make more sense when you get the email) GET THE SPINAL WITH THE NARCOTIC, NOT THE EPIDURAL.

That is all.

Well, that and, YAAAAAAY! A BAAAAAABY!

Green-Eyed Momster said...

Thanks for your comment today. I always love hearing from you!

You'll be fine Beckie! What if he turns between now and then? There's still plenty of time. Will they change the C-Section plans if he does?

Search the Bradley Method for pelvic rocks. They really do work. I gained 70 lbs. with our son. He was only 8 lbs. 12 oz. LOL!!

Don't worry, you'll have your body back in no time.

Big hugs and love,

Justine said...

Ack, I know you don't want a c-section, but who knows. The little shit might decide to turn in the next four weeks. Hey, stranger things have happened!

Justine :o )

Me said...

Awww. Beautiful little boy on the way! Did they try (I have no idea what it's called) where they give you muscle relaxants and try to turn the baby with massage?

Other than that, the 19th is a great day for babies! It's my birthday, haha.