Friday, August 28, 2009

I Heart Baths

So my excitement of the day comes from the arrival of an infant tub. Sad isn't it? Well, my son has had a total of about 5 baths since coming home 2 weeks ago. Why so few? Because somehow I managed to forget that babies are slippery when wet. I almost dropped my son twice and since then I swore off baths until I was allowed to purchase a bathtub. And it came in the mail today. I bought the cheapest one I could find via and waited patiently. It's pretty cute and simple to use which is always good for me. And it's a whale. So my son had a great bath today. He didn't cry or anything.
I sorta blew up on the husband last night. I'm trying not to get down with the baby blues but so far I'm only halfway winning that battle. Meanwhile I'm hearing fat comments from my father and both men are always telling me how I'm holding Ignacio too much and how I let Hannah get away with everything and not spending enough time with her. I could think of other things but I don't want my list to overtake the blog...Ignacio's belly button was bleeding last night and since he lost his stump like last week, I got worried and took him into the hospital just to get it looked at. The nurses didn't charge me for the visit, they are too great to me so there wasn't any harm done but my husband told me how I'm over-reacting and needed to just chill out. So my over hormonal self popped off with "when you are done criticizing the way I raise my children, you are more than welcome to take over and deal with them yourself, in the meantime since I carried them in my body for 9 months a piece and then popped them out in two very painful ways, I'm the one who gets to be the parent and that includes being concerned over them." Then as I was dressing Ignacio I was also muttering something about how just because his parents didn't care enough to take them to the doctors or dentists or anything like that, my kids aren't going to be punished. Now that I look at it I'm shocked at my behavior but seriously? Something could have been wrong. Just because it wasn't, doesn't mean anything. Hannah didn't have this go on with her so of course I was worried. I couldn't look at it and go "Well this happened with Hannah and it wasn't a big deal so I think we're good." I wish.
I went out to the grocery store yesterday. Second time out of the house since I've been home. I need to get out more. I know it will help me feel better. I am looking for a stroller so I can take Ignacio with me and go walking. He really is spoiled and I proudly declare him spoiled. He doesn't like being put down but he's my last baby. Abel is getting snipped so I'm holding him and enjoying every minute of the baby stage as possible. Soon he'll be too cool for mom and loving the girls instead of me. Hannah already doesn't like cuddling me as it is. She'll cuddle daddy and papa but not me. So one of my kids better love on me darn it.
Other than that nothing else going on with us. Ignacio is going on 3 weeks now. And Hannah has a month left before turning 3. I'm hoping to do a small party for her in the theme of the My Little Ponies. She likes them all of a sudden. Which is fine. Anything but Barbies *rolls eyes*. LoL.
Anyways, My husband is going to be home soon so I better get dinner started. We did 10 jars of canning today. Pickles, yummy. I'm going to be doing jam soon. That's what I love doing. Easy and ever so yummy!
I hope everyone is doing well. Do you like my new blog look by the way? I even found a matching button but I'm not sure I'll be using it or not just yet. I'd hae to have to mess with that one again, LoL. We'll see...Anyways, Have a fabulous weekend everyone! I'll blog another day!


Green-Eyed Momster said...

I'm glad you had his belly button checked out. It can be serious and they can get infected. Good for you!

Don't worry about anything else!

I heart baths too and all of my kids did/do too! My son prefers a soak in the hot tub to one in the bath tub though.

Hugs and love,

Justine said...

Wow, I'm sorry, but it sounds like Abel is acting like a total asshole. Okay, I probably shouldn't have said that, but there you have it. And your father making fat comments to you? That is totally not acceptable and would certainly make those baby blues WAY worse. Tell this men to get with the program!
I mean, what if Ig's belly button had an infection? I'm glad you're on top of things, Beckie! Don't ever question your gut, ya know?

Btw... the blog is looking fab!

Justine :o )

Unknown Mami said...

First off that child can not possibly be spoiled. Hold him as much as you want. They don't even start developing habits until after 12 weeks.

Also, you are doing a great job. Sometimes men just don't get it. They do not have a reference point for what we go through when we have a child and they say things out loud that should just stay in their heads.

Take care of yourself and your cutie pie.

Me said...

You know, I've never been a "bathe your kids every day" kind of gal. My girls take a bath 1-2x per week, just like I remember doing when I was a kid and just like I'll most likely find myself continuing with my #3 (who is another girl! Lillian Sophia). Maybe it's just me and my entire family? I dunno.

I think you're in the right to get grumpified over the fat comments and being made to feel bad about holding Ignacio and being such a concerned Mom. Absolutely nothing wrong with what you're doing!

Hope you get feeling better. Those Hormones can be hell on us!