Monday, August 17, 2009

The Lost Art Of Blogging

Do you know how it saddens me that I haven't been on the computer in years?!? Today I feel like I've accomplished so much and just had to jump on here finally to get back in touch with the world again. It's amazing what a simple shower and a trip to the doctors will make you do, haha.
I got my staples taken out today. They weren't supposed to be taken out until Thursday but they were tearing my skin to crap and hurt so I went in early. My belly feels so good now. I can actually stand up tall, yay! And of course a shower doesn't hurt either. In the past two days I have been spit up on, peed on and pooped on too many times to count so showers are fabulous. And I enjoy griping about the whole breastfeeding thing too so beware. I love that it's free and semi-convenient and good for the baby and all but oh my gosh my boobs feel as if they have been ran over by a combine!! And that's only when the milk lets down or whatever it is they call it. I won't even begin to whine about the amount of pain I feel when he latches on lately. Ugh!! He latches great it's just pain!! LoL. Yeaaah....
Anyways, so Ignacio is a week old today. Everything is going great. Minus the fact that he will not sleep which is my fault. When I put him in the bassinet he won't sleep, he'll start fussing but he will curl into a ball on his tummy on my chest and sleep fabulously. Last night he woke up once to eat and that was it. My boobs were a size GG this morning and killing me so I had to wake him to eat but yeah, I got to sleep reeeal good last night, LoL.
Hannah loves Ignacio, she doesn't give him much attention until he starts crying which then she runs directly to me, tells me "baby caca and crying and then runs back to Ignacio and starts telling him to calm down, LoL. She thinks that everytime he cries, he pooped. We got a new bed for her as her old one she peed in one too many times and mommy was too lazy to get on the ball and order waterproof sheets. But she likes the new bed and as we downgraded to a toddler again, it gives her more room in her room.
Hmm what else..Oh yeah! So the c-section, haha. I must catch you up right? Right. So I have to say, the c-section was perfect. Not kidding. I went in at 6:30am with all my bags and stuff and got into the labor and delivery room and put immediately on monitors as they began having me sign forms and they attempted to put in an IV. I say attempted because the nurses stabbed me like 4 times before they had the anesthesiologist came in and got me on the first try. I swear that was the worst part of it all. Anyways, I made sure they were giving me a spinal block and not the epidural (Thank you Stephanie!!) They took Abel away and wheeled me into the operating room. Once Abel left me and I got in there I started to tear up and cry a little. It overwhelmed me and not having Abel there was hard. So then I got up on the table and shoved my face into one of the nurses shoulders as they shot up some numbing stuff into my back which didn't hurt shockingly. Then they put in the spinal and I didn't feel it at all. As soon as she took out the needle my legs were going numb. I had 6 nurses lifting my fat butt onto that table and putting me into position. My fat moment of my life by the way. You never feel fat until your lower part of your body is numb and you can't move at all and you see 6 nurses having to move you. Crazy oh my goodness! LoL. My hand touched my butt at one point and it was gross which I can't really say why, it just was weird...Anyways so I'm proud because I didn't freak out or panic like they said I would. They told me that my chest would get heavy and possibly make it harder to breath and that's what most people freak out but I never felt my chest go heavy. My body went hot all of a sudden at one point and I begged them to fan me and get me some oxygen and once I had some air on, everything was great again. Abel came back in and they started opening me up. Abel was camera happy and watching the whole thing and narrating as well. Let me tell you what, watching Abel giggle and tell me that "Hey it looks like they broke your w---HOLY CRAP YOU"RE PEEING OUT YOUR BELLY!" Yeah that does wonders to calm a person down, LoL. He was having a blast while I was bored out of my mind waiting to hear Ignacio's cry. I'm not all that emotional. And I admit with Hannah, I was accused as being cold hearted. They put Hannah on my chest right as soon as she came out and I wigged out and told them to clean her off before they give her to me. I can't help it and honest to God wasn't being cold hearted or a horrible mother. She was covered in blood and guck and yucky stuff. I don't do touching guck. I'm horrible I know...Anyways so as soon as I heard Ignacio's cry I started bawling and wanted to see him sooo bad. They took him to clean him and all that and then brought him back to me and I was soo happy. I was practically upside down but loved looking at him. It took about 20 minutes to finish sewing me back up. I was so bored and when I was asked how I was doing, I made them laugh because I asked if they were done yet and how I should have brought my book with me, LoL.
To make the rest a short story, as it wasn't too interesting, I refused my meds which they prescribed morphine. I don't do meds. I did however break down and take 3 Ibuprofens though. Yes it hurt to move around at first but I don't do meds so I didn't want anything. It was manageable. And two days later, I left the hospital to come home. They wanted me to stay the whole week and yes I love being waited on but man, I wanted home. Where for the past few days I have sat in a comfy lazyboy recliner getting yelled at for even going potty as the two men here are sissys and nags. My house is a disaster because men can't clean well for some reason and it's irking me. I don't have OCD but when it comes to my house and cleanliness it makes me freak out when it's a mess. I can't lift anything over 10 pounds for the next 4 weeks so that leaves out laundry and vacuuming. Which need done sooo bad. Ugh I need a maid...
So that's that. I'd love to post pictures right now but my son has decided to wake up so I must cut this short and run. I promise to post some pics within the next few days. Hopefully tomorrow :)
I miss you all and miss getting on here more often! We got Tivo today so now I have something to occupy me at nighttime and while he eats, LoL. So I'm not completely shut off from technology thank goodness.
Hope everyone has a great week! I'm off to feed the kid and will be on again soon! Love to all you all!



Unknown Mami said...

Congratulations and welcome home!

Green-Eyed Momster said...

I haven't seen pictures of him yet. The link didn't work for me. :(

I can't wait to see picture and I'm glad that you and baby are doing well despite a little pain...