Saturday, May 1, 2010


What on Earth was I thinking!?!?! Ignacio hasn't had teeth for the past 8 months. And I was in a hurry for him to get them why!?!? The boy has been a whiny, nose-dripping, drooling, cranky mess for the past three days. Granted he finally popped his first tooth yesterday but dear Lord make it stop!! It is looking like he will pop another one real soon. I don't mind the teeth popping but my wonderful perfect angel baby has morphed into this...this...MONSTER! Argh I forgot how much of a pill babies can get to be when they are teething. I swore I wouldn't give this one Tylenol. I'm not a medicine momma. But this has gotten so bad that I ran to the store, got some and then gave him half a dose last night. I couldn't do it without it. I feel bad for him, really I do but oh my word....LoL.

Today was the city wide garage sale. I must have hit 2o houses and came up with some cool stuff but then with loads of uncool stuff. I bought a V-Smile with 6 games and turns out the game system is going out already. I want to gripe about wasting $20 but that really was a steal and if I have to buy the game system itself, at least I have the games right? I didn't find any clothes for my son. Zero! Walmart doesn't carry very many boy clothes and what they do have, I've not been able to get in his size. And I'm down to a handful of shirts and onesies and like 3 pairs of pants. I hate, HATE not having a ton of clothes for him. He'll be in 6-9 months for awhile so I just need to find a ton. I hear rumor of there being an all city garage sale for Minot (the next biggest city closest to us) in two weeks so if I can dig up money, I will be going just for him. I did get a few clothes for Hannah but nothing like I expected. Summer will be here soon and what I normally do is buy her entire summer wardrobe and then some from this garage sale thing. Not this year! Walmart here I come! I did manage to find a treasure though! A BIG treasure! Beverly Lewis wrote the Abram's Daughter's series. I gave mine to our church for their new library they had built, a few years back and although I was sad about it (they were my favorite series!) I knew I was doing something much better than keeping them to myself. Well today, I hit the Relay For Life sale and guess what I found!? All 5 books in the series for a quarter a piece! Brand new condition too. To me, books are greater worth than jewelry or clothes. No lie. So when I found these I almost bawled! I took them and donated more to them because of how excited I was and they were raising money for Cancer research. My day was not a waste at all because of this, haha. How goofy am I?!?

My sister-in-law, her fiance and their baby boy (who is 2 months younger than Ignacio) are coming to visit in two more weeks. It's a surprise that my husband does not know about which I think is absolutely great! I love secrets and am awesome at keeping them. Mainly because I forget all about the secret itself, haha. But I'm excited to get the boys together to play with each other and take tons of photos and of course visit with my SIL. I'm not so crazy about my drug dealing, gangster soon-to-be-BIL buuut I'll get over it. If he has to come in order to see my family, so be it! Does that make me sound like a bad person? Honest I'm not...

I got a job! Oooh I have been so tired I haven't been blogging lately but I got a job and that is my excuse. I had to get out of the house to do something and it hasn't been bad leaving the kids. Mainly because I'm only gone two nights a week but still, it's something and makes me feel like I'm doing something other than cleaning and sitting around the house. I'm cooking in a brand new restaurant. It's been fun so far but all we have been doing is cleaning, organizing and inventory. Grand opening is next Friday. I am nervous but at the same time I know it will be fine. I'm only in charge of the appetizers and fried food because let's face it, that's all I know. And honestly, that's all I really want to know. As long as I don't touch bacon though, I will be fine. I burn bacon no matter how low of heat it is and how short of time it cooks. Pathetic. I know...

Now that I have updated I think I will run off and go read some of my books. I still am getting through my Karen Kingsbury books. I'm on the Forever series of the Baxter family series. I LOOOVE this series and have begun collecting her books now too. I've gotten all but the last 2 books in the Sunrise series :( Oh well...So anyways, i hope everyone is having a fabulous day and that it isn't grey and rainy for you like it is here. I will blog again later! Until then, be blessed and have a fabulous week!!

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