Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oooh what a week...

Only in this great nation of ours can one person go to court, sue someone for visitations and guardianship over a child that isn't theirs in any way shape or form and WIN!!! Love it! My mother's ex-girlfriend (yes, you hear me correctly and this will possibly explain a little bit why I don't believe in certain acts...)decided after they broke up to sue my mother for this. Over my sister's baby. Yes, that would make it my mother's grand-daughter. Stupid right?? Oh it gets better. This woman, this repulsive pathetic excuse for a human being decided to throw a brick through my mother's living room and bedroom windows (and was witnessed doings o mind you!) And also removed the brakes and reverse in my mother's van (and also witnessed doing so!) and has also admitted to a judge that she is a drug user and alcoholic and yet. YET! she has won visitation over my niece. What the heck dude!?! And people wonder why I want to move to Canada? Ugh...

Yesterday I made a trip to our local ER. My body decided to wake me up in pain and so I headed over to see if my kidney was bursting which it felt like it was going to do. All I have ever heard from people, doctors and civilians alike mind you, is how drug seekers need to stop seeking drugs, and how they are pathetic and blah blah blah. But yet when I refuse all pain meds, they try to talk me into taking some. Narcotics even! Umm I think the real problem lies within our doctors and nurses. Quit begging people to take meds and we won't have drug seekers right?? LoL I'm not really pissy today I'm just ... bewildered at people. Anyways, after all was said and done I have a cyst ready to rupture, some inflammation and a small kidney stone. It isn't bad, honest. But that's because mine is so small and I probably already passed it by now. Great! Good to know. My kidney still hurts though....

I'm going to be a maid of honor in a friend's wedding. never been in a wedding other than my own. I think it will be pretty fun. Once I get over the fact that we will all be wearing tangerine. Hmm...LoL. It's a fun color don't get me wrong but me in a strapless tangerine dress? I dunno...The really awesome part is that my husband is the best man for it too so I will have an excuse to be with him :) Yayness! The wedding is in October so if you all wanna see me look like a girl (rarely done) stick around, it should be exciting ;)

A friend and I are heading to the Wisconsin Dells in a month. It's only 9 hours away so it isn't too bad of a drive or anything. I've never been to Wisconsin so I'm excited about that. And for 3 days, we will be living at a the country's largest water park and resort. Love it!!

Certain special friends on here, my bloggy besties :) will know what I'm talking about here in my next rant. I love blogging. Simply because this is the one place I can be me, can vent and cant rant and never once be afraid or ashamed. That is because I don't tell my friends or family that I blog. It isn't that I don't trust them with this blog but only because I don't feel I can totally be me without some sort of a consequence you know? While I am also on Facebook, I am never quite me on there. When Abel and I argue or having a skirmish, I have never broadcasted it on there. Rather I play like everything is perfect all of the time. So a few days I wrongly went a vented about a recent tiff we had. i don't have my dad here so I didn't have anyone to run to and vent on which is where I can freely speak without thinking you know? So I ranted on my facebook status. Where I promptly got chewed out by Abel's younger, un-married, single mother, sister. Who has no clue what goes on here but will stand up for her brother no matter who or what. She's very into drama and very immature still. Well some very great friends of mine had my back and promptly dealt with it in a comical way. I thought it was freaking hilarious, she on the other hand did not. So I apologized, for she held me responsible (because as everyone should know, I tell my friend exactly what to do, I am the great puppet master ;) ) and then I deleted it shortly after because I knew she would run to Abel about it all. I texted her for about 20 minutes talking to her and explaining what was going on and my side of story and dealt with her beef basically. Then the last thing I asked was "Are we cool?" "Of course we are, don't worry about a thing! Now I know what is going on, I understand!" Yeeeaaah....So Abel comes in 4 hours later pissed off and we have at it. Why?? Oh because his siter ran and tattled to him. How I was badmouthing him all over facebook and how my friends were chewing into her all for nothing and out of nowhere and she's really worried about us and blah blah blah. Not only am I fuming (still) over the fact that she went behind my back and created a fight for Abel and I, but this is the girl who when she has been in trouble (Quite frequently) I'm the first one to tell her how we will send money or how I will drive down to California to come get her and bring her up here to live with us and anything else she needs. Yes I was wrong to vent on Facebook for all the world to see but don't come between my husband and I. Ever. So, little sister-in-law got her ass deleted. I don't feel bad about it either. In fact doing so makes me want to delete his whole damn family. Why the heck not? I'm so anti family right now. No one will ever live up to my standards now that my dad is gone. No one loved my children more than my father. He was the only relative to even give my kids cards or to think of them. Never mind the fact that he spoiled them to piss. Not the point. Now I am stuck with no one. Abel says it isn't anyone job to do anything for my kids, and you know what? You are right Abel. For once I agree. It also isn't my job to go see anyone nor send cards either nor give out photos. So if these "family members" want anything to do with my kids, they will have to start giving first. Cards are top of my lists along with a visit every five years or so. Abel has declared California a no visit zone which I can live with. We have gone down at least once a year, every year for visits, not anymore! Ugh feels sooo good! Ever since dad died, I've been bogged down with stress, it feels so great to vent and get some off my chest. I have decided to be a little selfish and start putting myself first for awhile. Not in a bad way but I tired of doing and giving for others and getting nothing back you know? My family sucks. Some of my old friends suck. So I'm done.

I feel good now. Thank you for letting me vent. I'm hoping I feel better tomorrow. I splurged and bought a new carpet shampooer because I have never owned one and my carpet is trashed. So I hope I can salvage it by washing it and I know I feel tons better afterwards too. Loove it!

So my little puppets, I hope you are having a fabulous day! If not then I hope it only ends fabulously. I think everyone deserves a Starbucks and a foot massage! Now if I had more $$ I might take me up on that...For now have a great evening and day tomorrow and I shall blog again later! (And happier!)

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