Thursday, February 11, 2010


Well, readers, what do you think of the new look? I got a blog make-over from my very good friend, Gucci Mama. Who is an amazing and saintly woman in my opinion. I had asked about a button and she gave me this. What a fabulous gift from my fabulous friend!

Today is Thursday. It feels like it's been two weeks has gone by since Monday. Why? I'm babysitting. A one year old. All week. I have forgotten how tiring one year olds can be. All I say during the day is No and Get out of there or leave that alone. Or I sigh. A lot. LoL. Boy am I in for it when Ignacio starts walking. Yikes!

My phone is acting poopy on me. Again. I love Alltel but their phones are dissapointing me. I wait anxiously for word on when the switch will happen between them and AT&T. Most states have allowed Alltel to be bought out by Verizon. North Dakota won't. It's illegal to have a monopoly in North Dakota like that. So lucky us, we get AT&T. I actually don't mind. I dispise Verizon. Dirty bastards. I have an 800 dollar bill on my bad credit because of them. And yet since they put it on, no one has ever been able to tell me why my $40 a month bill had been charged that in one month. Nor were they willing to take it off. So they will eat it and I will never use their phones. Ever. There are only two bills on my credit that I refuse to pay. They. Are one of them. *Insert big stuuborn grin here*

My husband's birthday is coming up. I want to do a big party for him because he's never had a birthday party. Ever. I can't though. Their schedule on the railroad is messed up so the most advance warning I would get is like, the day before. He doesn't want one anyways. Because all his friends are railroaders and they'd all be working. He never gets to see his friends now. When one is working, the other is not. I feel bad :(

I'm fighting an addiction right now. My LoL after every sentence addiction. My theory? When I am not laughing out loud, it probably shouldn't be inserted. So I'm resisting using it. Does it make me more of a bland sort of person? I hope not. I'm anything but bland.

Is today's blog random? I hope so.

I'm bored. I'm off to play some farmville before teh babysitting charge comes in. Much love to you all! And until next time! (Kee those questions coming!)


Sassy Pants Freckle Face said...

Love it! I want A signature!!!

Gucci Mama said...

I'm glad you like it; though truly I let the internet do like 99% of the work, and then James does the other .5%. The final .5% pretty much just doesn't get done. ;)

One year olds are tiring, holy cow. Ella's ten months old now and she has all the energy and curiosity of a typical ten month old, unfortunately she doesn't have the capability to be mobile yet. So that makes her mad which makes her cry which makes Josh want attention which makes me want to lock myself in the bathroom sometimes.

Summer said...

I found your blog from Hattie my "bloggy friend"! I love the new bloggy blog look! So cute! I am on the waiting list for one from "Sweet Cheeky Designs" it's one of my B-Day presents from the hubs! What a sweet friend you have to give you a new looky look for your blog! I love the butterflies and daisy button very cute :0)

Oh and don't feel like your alone I use LOL ALOT....LOL see just did it again....HaHaHaHa oh that's another one I use to much :0)

I am now a follower
Have a great day
Summer :0)

Justine said...

I like random posts! That's awful that Abel has NEVER had a b-day party. What a crap childhood he must have had.

Love the new blog look, but tell Stephanie to widen your main wrapper!!! There's too much wasted space on the left.

Justine :o )

Jessica said...

I don't think your a bland person, and I too am just soooo in love with the phone service providers. Ppphhttt!

I think it's awesome your husband is in the whole train business .. is that even what they call it?
I'll be that can be an adventure!

Dylan said...

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