Sunday, February 14, 2010

Answer Time!

Well readers, along with my cynical post about the V-Day that is today, I get to answer the questions that were posted to me. Only two sadly but I'm sure I will get more within time. Right?? :)

Justine asked how long Abel and I have been together and how did we meet. That is such a funny story. Because I get all kinds of mixed responses to it. You see, Abel and I have been together for almost 5 years now. It will be 5 years in May. That we've been together. We will have been married for 5 years in June. June 16th. So you see, we had dated 28 days before getting married. Yup. I will give you a minute to let that sink in. LoL. Let me start in the beginning I suppose....
Abel was a friend of my cousin's. I lived with my cousin, his wife and their two boys who I babysat when I wasn't working my two jobs. I love those boys...Anyways. So my cousin and Abel got to be good friends thanks largely to two things. God and cars. And the fact that my cousin had his own shop where they worked on cars all day long. So my first "chat" with Abel was insulting him without knowing it (How was I supposed to know he dropped out of school in the 8th grade?) and then him insulting me on my first time making macaroni salad (Not enough mustard). LoL. A little flirting here and there and then one night I was pissed off at my cousin and was in one of those "I'll show him" sort of moods and decided that after work at 9pm I wouldn't go home for a few hours. Really get him angry and all that. So I drove 30 minutes to the town over and hung out at Abel's house. The first time I had ever done something like that because A) I hardly knew him and B) I'm one of those kind of women where some things, women aren't supposed to do first and technically he was supposed to come visit me before I came to see him and yada yada yada. Half hour into my visit and a knock sounds at the door. It was the city police asking for me. First time visiting with police or ever getting in trouble with them, ugh! I had parked my car on the side of the street but it was too far in the street I guess (Hey! I didn't want to drive on Abel's lawn for crying out loud!) Abel says that nobody has ever brought the cops to his house so he knew it was love then, Haha. Jerkface. We started dating a few days after that. As we dated it was a pretty mature relationship for us both. And we prayed a lot together about whether us being together was what God wanted. We got some pretty neat signs into the relationship and one day out of the blue Abel asked me to marry him. So, 28 days after we started dating, Abel and I got married at the courthouse. 6 months after that, I got my big wedding ceremony that I threw a fit for :) And we have been together ever since. I love telling our love story but I don't look forward to the snide comments of "They'll never last" or "Wow what we're they thinking!?!" The first year was a struggle for us both. We never did anything more than kiss while dating so we got to experience the whole sex thing and issues, the whole moving in together and living with one another issues, and everything else that comes with relationships and marriage but all at once instead. It was not fun most of the time but we worked hard on everything and after that first year, it was downhill, LoL. Almost but you know. I knew that whether we had dated for 2 years or those 28 days, it wouldn't change a thing for either one of us. We're dedicated to each other, we are a lot alike while very different and we have the same goals in life as well. And we knew God wanted us together. We've also had quite a lot of struggles since being together so I'm not saying we've had the perfect life. We have but only because we come through every trial and tribulation, together and that much more stronger and closer. And I can guarantee you that anything that happens in a marriage, anyone can get through together if they are willing. No divorce necessary. :D

Sassy Pants asked what my fave color, song and candy was. Hmm...Well fave color is easy. Pink with purple behind in a close second. I used to hate that color growing up. But now it's so bright and fun and goes with anything that I have become quite addicted. Truthfully, I enjoy any color (as long as it isn't orange) colors are so awesome to look at. Song is tough because my favorite songs change so often. But as I was thinking about this, my husband's ringtone popped on and I think that honestly has to be my favorite. It's one of those songs that was written just for me all about me. LoL. I WAS the inspiration, you don't even know. Baby Got Back..*sigh*...LOL! Just kidding! Oh word no. Although..No I do have back but we aren't going there. Hate that song...Anyways, Rascal Flatts-God Blessed The Broken Road. I tear up every time hearing that song. And hence why it's the ring tone that warns me tells me when my husband is calling me. Annnnd fave candy...Too hard. Some days I enjoy chocolate (rarely actually) a lot of the time I enjoy sour candies. And a lot of days I enjoy gummies. The most I think. Right now I'm craving some gummi Lifesavers actually. That one is difficult...Oooh Nerds! LoL. I'm a big candy person, not so big on chocolates. I do not like candy hearts. Does that help? LoL.

So there you have it. Questions asked and answers revealed. I think I will dedicate my Sundays to answer sessions, if there are any questions to be had by then. So if you have 'em, ask 'em! Hope you enjoyed this as much as I had :) Thank you and until next time!


Justine said...

Oh wow, I'm SO glad that was my question, because the answer is just fabulous!!!!! I think it's amazing when two people meet and it's so apparent that they're meant to be together, they can make that huge decision without much thought. I think it's wonderfully romantic and the fact that you can be honest and say that the first year was TOUGH but that you got through it... well, I just loved this whole story!

Justine :o )

K8E said...

I think you have an awesome love story, made even greater by your obvious dedication to God.

Jessica said...

Don't ever feel bad over the 28 days. My husband and I never even "dated" - nope, not one date. We hung out with friends, sure - but that was it.
Everything happens for a reason.