Sunday, June 28, 2009

My New Baby Nightmare

......So my favorite Gucci Mama, Miss Stephanie herself, produced a crazy looking baby and posted it for all to see on her wonderful blog. My curiosity was piqued so I decided to give it a whirl too. Just to see what this kid could possibly end up looking like...AAAAAAAGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! LoL. Now I know what I will be having nightmares about for the remainder of this pregnancy.....

Can we say crazy looking kid? And he's white too no less! LoL my babies are all Hispanic. Whoa mama...
As for baby news, nothing to report here. I was having a meltdown a few days ago about how I have this baby room that needs a complete makeover badly before Ignacio gets here. It's got peeling white wallpaper, nasty carpet and everything that needs to get put in there. It's not like white trash, cockroach infested, it's just been 3 or 4 years since my dad was able to climb the stairs to actually be in there to do anything so like everything in this house, it just needs a little work. Well, I was having issues figuring out the scheme and how no matter what colors I wanted in the room, nothing would match the theme I wanted to do (rainforest) so I was feeling pretty frustrated. Well today I went to the hardware store and stood in front of the paint color swatch section thingy and picked out my two colors. Brown and green. LoL. I don't remember the fancy name for them but they are just a dark brown and a dark green. Really pretty but still boyish. And I've decided to do stripes and then do a tan color on the ceiling to sort of make the room look taller than what it really is. Next weekend is when I hope to begin the painting process. I hit up a garage sale yesterday and scored a big dresser for the room too and that will get painted as well. I'm thinking of doing it all brown and making the shelves and drawers green. To match the room. I'll do before and after pictures so everyone can see what it all turns out like and I can get some feedback. My husband is colorblind so he really doesn't care, LoL. My father hates the colors but he's old fashioned and thinks blue and white are great combos. Ugh too plain for me thanks dad.
Abel is leaving in a little bit to go off to Minot which is a little over an hour away. He'll be there for work until Friday afternoon when he gets to come home again. We're heading up on Wednesday so we can do some grocery shopping, pick up my baby swing (yay) and hopefully some bassinet sheets and a case of diapers. If I do a little baby shopping every check we get, we should be done by the time baby gets here. I hope.
So I hope everyone's weekend was great! Mine was a little slow but yet got stuff accomplished so I'm good. Now I'm off to play some Farkle on Facebook (talk about addicting!) and who knows what else. Have a great rest of the day and I'll be on again later!!


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