Tuesday, June 16, 2009

About Time For An Update Yes?

Ahh my bloggy friends! Sorry it's been forever and a day. I partly blame FarmTown over on Facebook and I partly blame...Well, me and my laziness, haha. It's so easy to feel lazy these days. 9 weeks left before this turkey comes out and I'm always tired it seems. Very little energy and just ehhh love to nap, haha. My body must be telling me to stock up on all the sleep I can, because it's the last I'll see for awhile.
Our little vacay in Minnesota went well. We hit up the Mall of America and got to do a little shopping. I bought a post-pregnancy dress which I tried on, cried and then tore off and stuck in the waaay back end of the closet. I'm upbeat about it for next summer however. My goal? I WILL weigh 145 again. It's been years but now that this I smy last kiddo, I can finally get off my butt and get back down to that weight. The husband has promised me a shopping spree and I get to throw every piece of clothing out once I hit that weight. How can I NOT lose weight, haha.
Anyways, along with the Mall, we also hit up the state zoo which was alright. I'm a California native, and San Diego Wild Animal park/Zoo is my idea of a place for animals when I think of them behind bars so when I see a Bald Eagle in a cage that probably is smaller than a jail cell, it makes me feel pretty sad. "Hi Mr. Bald Eagle, we love your wings and enjoy your flight patterns but we're sticking you in a cell and please don't extend your wings, you may get them stuck in the fencing." Sadness...But my daughter had a blast and it was fun for us as a family outing so I won't complain and put it down too much.
Abel passed his big test with only 6 questions wrong out of 250. I'm a proud wifey let me tell you what. Passing the test just means he's officially a certified railroad conductor. He can now ride without another conductor there watching over him and he gets to keep his job which is always good. Had he failed, they would have fired him. So this is all good.
Speaking of hubby, today is our 4th wedding anniversary. I'm prouder than ever to say we made it this far. It seems like this past year has been the hardest on us and our marriage. But we came through it stronger and a little closer so it was worth it. I'm just glad we came through it. I can sometimes be one of those people where when things get tough, I run away and for once, I didn't. It's a good thing :)
We also had an ultrasound today. It makes me horribly nervous because baby is still breech and I'm praying he turns soon. I don't want a c-section. I have anxiety about having one and I know I wouldn't be able to put up with the meds very well. Epideral? Holy crap no thanks! LoL. If I have to do it, I have to do it but I won't be pleasant about it. Everytime they do an ultrasound I always tell them, make sure and show me his little boy parts so I can be sure it's really a boy. I have nightmares of all them telling me how he's a boy but then when he comes out, he turns out to be a she. Today we got like two seconds of a glance of it and then could only see the scrotum as the stinker shut his legs. He's a prude. Takes after me, haha.
What else...There isn't much going on right now really. My mother is making plans and reservations on coming up after baby is here which will be nice. And Abel is taking a few days off to help out too which will be great. This will be the one hospital stay I ask to stay as long as possible, haha. I want a few days to be with my baby alone and not have to deal with both kids at once. Hannah has turned into a clingy child right now. She wakes up and wants me to carry her everywhere and freaks out when I put her down or when someone else deals with her other than me. I have no idea why she has gotten this way all of a sudden but am trying to break her of it so that I don't have to deal with that when baby gets here. Otherwise that will make for lots and lots of fun! LoL.
Anyways, I hear my husband's car coming so I better jump off and pretend that I was doing some housework! I'm posting some random photos just for fun for everyone :) I hope you are all doing well and hope you forgive my absence of comments and blogging!


*~*The son & his umbilical cord, haha~*~

~*~The husband & daughter at the zoo~*~

~*~The goat and Hannah sharing secrets and kisses~*~

~*~My fat belly, just for my sassy special friend :D ~*~


Green-Eyed Momster said...

I was thinking about you the other day. I saw you in a comment section of a mutual friend and I thought to myself, "She needs to do a post!" I'm so glad you posted. Happy Anniversary and many, many more. Thanks for the pictures too, you're really showing now!

Big hugs, Beckie!!

Beckie said...

I check in to blogger quite often and I have gotten so lazy with my blogging! I've been trying not to be one of those daily bloggers because nothing really interesting goes on but I've lost my blog creativeness too which sucks. These hormones have certainly messed with me and my mind arg! Thanks for the complements! I love my belly and am glad it has gotten "big". I wasn't this big with my daughter so now I'm satisfied for my last pregnancy :) The only thing I'm not happy with, are the veins that are popping out of my calves, ugh...LoL. Battle scars...LoL.

Sassy Pants Freckle Face said...

your belly is cute! shut up! see you on farmtown!

Green-Eyed Momster said...

I never really thought of the veins as battle scars. That's what I consider the stretch marks!!

You're doing and looking great, Beckie!!

Big hugs!!

Jill said...

I love the belly............! You should have attached your face to that pic too.. lol!

I am addicted to facebook too. Find me there. I don't have your full name.
Here's what I am under.
Jill Ferrara or
See you there!

Justine said...

Aw, I love the pics, but again, I don't think your belly looks all that big! GROW!

Justine :o )