Monday, November 1, 2010

God's Promises For Women of Faith-Jack Countryman

(Taken from Amazon's description...) Beginning with an introduction from Women of Faith® President, Mary Graham, promises of God specifically targeting women are then grouped by topic, including: Encouragement, Teaching, Blessing, Comfort, Growth, and more. Whether for daily Scripture reading or for a quick reference, these promises will help women of faith from all walks of life to worship, pray, trust, and abide in Christ every day.

God's Promises for Women of Faith has twelve chapter including God's plan, God Helps and God gives to name a few. Each chapter has six subtopics for reference and each topic has various Bible verses (New King James version) to meditate and read. The final chapter focuses on six Women of the Faith which I found both insightful and interesting. As a Christian I always enjoy books that have applicable Bible verses on hand that I can reach for when penning an email or card to a friend facing a hard time or circumstance.

The book ends with the Plan of Salvation and also pages for you to make personal notes of your favorite verses and prayer requests. This is a visual feast for the eyes, heart and mind. This makes an amazing book to read if you are falling out of your walk, have questions, feel troubled or have a friend with these issues. It's wonderful and I am soo thankful to have gotten this book. :D

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