Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lovely Doctor

So, I'm in love with my new Ob doctor. LoL. Not like THAT! He is fabulous!! He spent the first 45 minutes of my appointment going over every detail in my medical history. He calmed my nerves about a few issues and told me that the things I had been told by my previous doctor were in correct and he fixed my nerves. I am soo happy to have him!! Then he told me he didn't think I was 6 weeks along and wanted to do an ultrasound. So he wheeled in the ultrasound machine! He does all of his own ultrasounds right there in the office! Talk about awesome. So I got to see my little baby! It was so beautiful. It was all curled up and moving around a little bit which was good to see. I got to see it's heart beating fast and furiously which was awesome. And everything was perfect the Dr said. It was implanted perfectly and for once, the egg sac wasn't mis shaped or anything funky. Although the size of the baby was bigger than 6 weeks. So now he thinks I'm 9 weeks instead of 6. Which kind of sucks because I had two due date buddies and now I'll have none!
I go in to have an ultrasound via the techs at the hospital on Thursday, blood work and another appointment on Tuesday of next week. I'm off of bed rest hooray! He says that bed rest does more wrong than right and in my case, it will only develop lots of blood clot so I need to be on my feet as much as possible. If I cramp and bleed, it won't stop me from doing so, just lessen the flow and everything. So hooray for being emancipated!! LoL. Doctor wants to meet my family and the best part is, he is a Christian and told me to not stop praying. He thinks I'm going to be blessed with another baby and said that he can only do so much and that God takes over the rest. How awesome is that? o finally have a doctor who will admit to God having all the power? Yay!
Abel called after I got home and everything is going ok on that end. He has to stay another night because there were so many people that they couldn't fit in everyone for the interviews today. So his interview is at 8:45 tomorrow morning. He did all his paperwork today and tests too which he feels good with. He just needs a lot of payer tomorrow. He's really nervous.
Ugh, so I'm having some strange and funky cravings. Normally, the only thing weird that goes on is that I like peanut butter when I'm pregnant. Well now I'm craving giant salty pickles with a tall glass of chocolate milk. The idea should make me gag but it only makes me hungry. LoL.
I'm super excited about my appointment and how well it went today. I wanted to do a blog because I know everyone will see it and won't blame me for not writing 200 people about it, LoL. I have time but not THAT much time, haha.
So keep up the prayers everyone, they are working! I have to go update my tickers and everything now and then go watch a movie with Hannah. Then some dinner, yay! Haha.
I hope everyone is doing well and I will update you later! Much later!

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Justine said...

Wow, what fantastic news! I'm sooooooooo glad you've finally found a GOOD doctor. So wait, does this mean you're in N.D. already? I feel like I'm missing something.

Justine :o )