Monday, January 5, 2009

North Dakota

So as I have been without much free time lately, I wanted to let everyone know that our trip went well and we got to North Dakota safe and sound. Great news on the doctor front: I have found a doctor whom I get to meet next week. He is an actual OB-GYN and I hear nothing but fantasticness about. So I have high hopes that he can help me in my issues. I feel wonderful, morning sickness has kicked in and I have a tiny baby pooch beginning to show already. Yay! I look forward to a big belly. Here comes the free time lacking-ness: I made a blog and am lazily copying it into both myspace and here. I hope you'll forgive me for my being lazy but you see, I have an old friend over and haven't finished unpacking yet either. Forgive me my friends but it is long and detailed and I still love you all dearly. So hope you all had a wonderful New Year celebration and that this year is nothing but blessed for you all and I am thinking of all of my friends a lot and hoping you are all doing well. Here's to a new year full of greatness, adventures and friendship!

Well, we made it here safe and sound. We got in last night at about 8:30-ish at night. It took us three days to drive here when it normally takes two days. Well, two days in the summer time, no snow or wind blowing. It wasn't too bad of a drive which was nice.
Tuesday night , I got together with my girlies one last time to play Phase Ten and chit chat and giggle. Halfway through the game I got sick and got to....decorate Clarissa's toilet. I thought, oh great, morning sickness is kicking in, no biggie. So we ended up leaving to go home. But it didn't end. I was up all night throwing up which was awesome, let me tell you what....So Wednesday we took off at about noon and left Libby and headed out. We made it to Glacier pass and was in there for about 5 hours. A semi had gone off the road and they had to stop traffic to pull it back onto the road which took about an hour and then we got stuck behind another accident that was another semi, a school bus and a van. No one was hurt which was a good thing. Just took forever to clean up. After all that we hit a pretty bad weather issue and got to Browning and called it a night. We got a nice motel room and spent New Year's even there. Asleep by 8, haha.
Up and early the next morning and on our way again. We did great driving and made awesome time until we got to one of the Indian reservations and found that they had nothing but black ice sheet on the roads. So we drove 10 miles an hour until we got off the reservation and hit Wolfe Pointe and crashed there. I slept great let me tell you what. I remember that town because they served the largest, cheapest bowl of oyster stew and I have never seen so many oysters in one bowl of soup! It was sooo good too....Anyways, haha.
We hit trouble yesterday as Abel's car died on us as we were driving on the highway but luckily (and thanks to God) a nice pastor and his family pulled up to help us. He towed us to their town Bainsville, dropped me and Hannah and his wife and their two sons off at the restaurant/gas station and him and Abel went off to fix the Honda. We had a good lunch and Hannah got to play with their youngest boy. It was really neat because we found out they used to live in Ronan and know Pastor Kevin from the Assembly Of God church that we had been going to. Abel managed to get a job offer while we were there and the car never got fixed so we dropped my Honda off at Pastor Neil's farm and we'll be going back to pick it up and visit them in the springtime. We loaded up Abel's car behind the U-Haul and kept on going. So it was a blessing in disguise. That and the weather we hit in Williston was horrible and I'd never have been able to drive in it. So I'm glad we got to ride with Abel and the truck.
The trip was a great one. I say that because not only did I forget to pack anything for Hannah to play with, she never once screamed, cried or made a fuss. It makes me amazed because a trip to Kalispell with her and with all of her toys will be unbearable. But a trip here or to California, and she's a saint?? Weird....That and the three days in the car gave me a chance to work with her on her numbers and ABC's. She was fine with the counting, just kept leaving out 9 which we fixed. And she now sings her ABC's all by herself. All of them even the last part of the song. It's super cute and made Abel tear up when she sang to him. Granted not all the letters are perfectly pronounced but I am not worried about that. I adore that she knows her ABC's already. Now we're working on shapes and colors. She also is completely potty trained. I say completely because when we left Libby, she was only day time potty trained. Still wore a diaper at night. Well, I threw her in a diaper just in case you know? Well, she never peed in a single diaper, during the car ride or at night. It got so bad that when we were 20 miles away from here, she was screaming because it hurt to hold her pee any longer, haha. So we had to stop off at a small town bar and let her go in to pee. I was really impressed. So we're calling it quits. She's completely potty trained. Praise God! Haha. Not that night time peeing was a big deal, I just get tired of diapers. Oh goody, so now I have 7 months of a break before starting the diaper thing again...Haha what timing...
So Abel and a few of my dad's buddies got the U-Haul unpacked today. I get to begin putting it away tomorrow. Dad had beds in every room already so we've decided to let Hannah sleep in the full bed that is already in her room rather than deal with getting rid of it (It's only 5 years old) and buying a whole new set. I'm still going to get the bedroom set I want but just a different bed set. She can sleep in a big bed for good now. I put her crib and baby clothes and toy sin the storage room so I can wash everything and have it out of the way for a few more months before needing to set it up. I'm really excited because the baby is going to share our room for a few months and then have it's own room. Hannah will have her own room, we'll have our own room and I'll have my office and craft room. I'm not crammed into a small trailer anymore. It's weird having so much room.
I'm doing well during all of this. Thanks to my stomach bug I lost 8 pounds which normally would be awesome but I need to be gaining not losing. That and I got hit with morning sickness this morning that didn't go away from 9 until 2. This is early for me. I'm 5 weeks now so it's a great sign. I feel good and no worries. I have a feeling this one will work out and in 9 months I'll have another little Guerra running around. It's called Faith. I have it, haha.
So anyways, I better get off of here and go digging around for something to eat. I'm starving now! Imagine that! So I miss everyone already and hope everything is going well. I have 16 more days until I turn 24! Ech! LoL. I almost didn't know how old I am, I had to stop and figure it out in my head. Why is it so hard to remember how old I am?? LoL.
I'll get on another time and keep up the updates and as soon as I get my new camera, I'll post some pictures.Lots of love to everyone!!

There you have it! Hope that is okay for now and I will update later. Love to you all!


Traceytreasure said...

I'm old enough to be your MOM!! You are so young!!

I've been thinking about you a lot lately! I'm glad you made it and you're getting settled!

Thanks for the sweet comment!!


Stephanie said...

So glad you made it OK...though it sounds like it was eventful! Yay! You're starting to show already! I started showing REALLY early too...

I am so excited for you! I expect pictures!!

Jill said...

I am glad to hear you are getting a pooch!!!!! Also that you had a safe trip. Sorry about the morning sickness I went through it for 9 months with both my girls! I am praying for a healthy pregnancy for you!!!

Happy New Year!

Justine said...

Girl, you write this long damn post, but you've left out soooooo many details! How did it come to be that your dad is letting you share his house? How did hubby get a job so quickly, and what IS the job? When will you be making the final move?

I'm so happy you found a good doctor, and I look forward to hearing good news from him/her!

Justine :o )

Stephanie said...

Psst...there's an award for you at my place.

Sassy Pants Freckle Face said...

so, I was wondering how far along are you?