Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Just A Bunch Of Morning Blatherings

It's 3:53 am right now and I should be sleeping. I'm a day or two shy of being 4 weeks pregnant and I feel every pregnancy symptom so far, even heartburn. But no sleepiness. Ha ha. That's my favorite symptom too! I have been going to sleep every night at about 9 or 10 and waking up around 5 or 6, ready for the day. Before kids, I never woke up before 11 am. So I'm a sleeper to say the least and yet here I am beating the sun. Ugh.
It's Christmas eve today! I'm super excited! Mind you, we have no Christmas decorations up anymore as they have been packed and Hannah's gifts are all on top of the deep freeze. But I still am excited. Hannah doesn't get Christmas yet just knows she can't open her gifts until "it" whatever "it" may be. But it still is fun because she is very much about opening presents. My mom bought a bunch of gifts from only a week ago and they are supposed to be here today. I checked both shipping sites and they are both in Billings and Butte so I know they will be here. I'm totally excited to get those and wrap 'em quickly and put them with the rest of the gifts. My dad had his gift for her shipped to his house so it will be there when we arrive and Abel's parents sent a check with which I visitied and took advantage of their cheapness and bought 3 new movies for her. Wall-E (which I won't lie, it's also for us, haha), Tinkerbell and Sleeping Beauty. But I had them shipped to my dad's house as well.
Did I mention we're moving in with my dad when we move to North Dakota? I'll be able to take care of him and it will cut all of our bills in half except for rent which we won't pay as dad owns the house. It's a great situation. It's a two story, 5 bedroom house so it isn't like there won't be enough room. But sometimes after being together for so long, dad tends to drive me insane for a few days so I don't look forward to that. But it'll work out. If Abel gets this jobs I'll only have him home about 4 days at a time which sucks but I figure military people have it worse and who am I to gripe when they wait 15-18 months to see their loved ones for only 2 months or something like that.
Miss Stephanie, a blogger friend of mine, has brought decorating to my attention. I'm not a decorator by any means. Fashion and taste are nots omething found anywhere near me. I buy ugly things because ugly things attract me (like my new shoes from Walmart, haha) But I have been thinking about decorating rooms when we move and get finished with this. I'd like to actually get Hannah matching furniture and do an actual theme for her. And of course the baby's room will come somewhere after I'm 20 weeks. To be safe I won't be doing anything until then. But that doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about it. I'm excited though because it will give me something to do. What is so hard about painting and decorating? Pick a theme and do it, haha. And I did paint my kitchen which was my first time painting and it came out cute. So I'm not scared. Just excited.
*sigh* I'm bored. LoL. I'm almost finished playing my Lego Batman game on my PSP. That game has kept me busy for almost 2 weeks now. Sooo worth the money!! When this one is completely beaten Abel has promised to get me the rest of teh Lego game to keep me busy. Bedrest is not an easy thing, haha. But thanks to the internet ( and of course myspace/facebook and a few books here and there, I haven't gone insane quite yet. After this baby, I have informed Abel of the trips to California and misc. theme parks and family houses we will be visiting. I will not touch a couch or chair after this! Haha.
Anyways, I should quit blabbering. Married With Children is on and at 4 in the morning, anything is great, haha. So I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!! Be safe, happy, warm and blessed! And I shall blog another day! Love to all!!



Stephanie said...

I have some great ideas for both boys and girls let me know as soon as you know and I'll send you my plans!

Merry Christmas! Happy heart burn and morning sickness!

Traceytreasure said...

Merry Christmas Beckie!! Happy New Year and Happy New Shoes too!!

Hugs and love,

Justine said...

Happy New Year, Beckie! Hope you're doing well, and staying off your feet!

Justine :o )

Jill said...

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!