Friday, December 12, 2008

Boredom Has Set In....

So today is officially the 5th day of bed rest and I am already bored out of my mind. I didn't expect it this soon. Aside from the daily house cleaning and the occasional time out for my daughter, my day hasn't really changed much. But I'm still going nuts! Ha ha.
My husband has stepped up to the plate mega load. He is one of those men who expects the house to be clean and dinner to be done when he gets off from work. And truthfully, it has never bothered me. I like running a nice clean and tight house. But the bed rest thing has me a little worried as his house isn't getting cleaned and dinner gets done as soon as he gets up to make it. Be he amazes me. He has done all of our laundry and dishes, he has been cooking this week with a smile on his face. And he takes care of Hannah while he is home. We have a routine and he has broken it. He really wants this baby :)
I went in for my second HCG testing yesterday and go in again Monday. My levels are jumping which is great. Although I am sorely disappointed. I'm barely, BARELY pregnant. Like 2 weeks pregnant, maybe, maybe 3. It makes me feel a little foolish. I go in to the actual doctor's appointment on Thursday. I'm doing so good it's unbelievable. I'm taking lots of advice, like Justine's for example. I am drinking no kool-aid, no coffee and no tea. I've cut out all my soda even the root beer and non caffeinated sodas. Cutting out all the bad stuff right away especially the sugar.
Abel put us on the prayer chain at church and we have a handful of our close friends (those who know I'm pregnant) praying for us too. And I know some of you out there are praying for us as well. The notes and messages I have gotten from you have all touched my heart so much. I want to thank everyone for the awesome words of encouragement and for the prayers. It means so much to me that special people out there who barely know me would go so far in helping me out. I want you to know how I treasure you all! And you know who you are! I found an awesome verse in Jeremiah last night while reading my Bible and it gives me hope and faith so I know I'll come to it often in prayer: "Blessed is the man who trust in the Lord, whose confidence is in him. He will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out it's roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes; it's leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought, and never fails to bear fruit." Jeremiah 17:7-8 (NIV) Gives me faith and I know I have to trust in God. The doctor's can do all that they can but it all lays in God's hands.
We also got some news that is a semi good, semi bad thing. Abel may be getting a new and better job! He applied for a job on the railroad and my dad is pulling some strings to help get him on. Right now Abel builds log homes and has no benefits whatsoever. And we are a bit broke. A lot. So if he gets this job, his yearly income will pretty much triple, we will all be covered my medical insurance and when he retires we both will get a monthly check until we die. Too great to turn down for sure. The downside is that we will have to move. To North Dakota. I'm a Montanian through and through. Born here and lived here most of my life. So it will be a drastic change. I've lived in North Dakota for four years back in high school so I know what it's like and am used to it already but leave Montana??? Sadness!! But I know we have to sacrifice to do better and it isn't like I won't ever come back. Oh I'll be back! For sure! Until then....Well I'll just get used to it.
Let's see what else....I got a wonderful surprise the other day in a form of a special package from sweet Tracey! I got to put up my first magnets on my fridge! Tracey was offering these awesome magnets of a vampire and I think it's totally neat looking so I asked if she wouldn't mind passing one my way. She sent along 2 others as well! I was over joyed I put them up right away and stood there staring. My husband is a little creeped out but what does he know? Haha. Until that day, I have been sticky taping everything to my fridge. Awful I know. I don't have a clue why I never pick up magnets but I will be now. And looking for a few neat ones to pass back to Tracey just because I have weird taste and her fridge needs to be weirded out, hehehe. (Check your mail Tracey, I sent your Christmas card out yesterday btw!)
I think that's it for now everyone. I'm starting to get a wee nauseas, which is a great sign. I've never had morning sickness except for when I was pregnant with Hannah. So I've been praying that I get sick with this one. The more symptoms I have and the stronger the sickness, the more hormones are flowing in us and the better the chances of keeping it! Come on vomit! Haha. (My apologies Stephanie!) So I'm going to get back into my Laz-E boy chair that I live in now and eat soem soup. I send out my love to everyone and your families! And thank you again for being so sweet and for the prayers! And I will update you after my doctor's appt. Until then, have a wonderful weekend! And remember: 13 more days until Christmas!! (And me still needing to Christmas shop! Eeek!)



Stephanie said...

Beckie, seriously, I've been thinking about you ever since I read the post about your pregnancy. I told my husband your situation and now he's praying for you too. It's hard for them to be helpless when it comes to us, I think. But how awesome that Abel is helping out so much and getting things done. I? Had to hire a housekeeper when I went on bed rest because well, this was our conversation.

Me: Do you need help with the laundry?

Him: Why would I need help?

Me; Remember last time?

Him: Maybe.

Me: I love you, but when it comes to housework, you're a little, well, inept.

Him: I assure you, I am completely ept!

So, you're a lucky girl!;)

I wish Libby was closer to Bozeman so we could commiserate in our bed rest together, but it's like seven million miles away. So that sucks. But I've discovered the joy of Yahoo! backgammon if you ever want to give that a try...

Hope you enjoyed the multi-paragraph comment that was a post in and of itself.

Off to pray now that you can't stop casting up your accounts (that's what I call, well, you know..."morning sickness"), your boobs hurt like heck, and you can't stop going to the bathroom.

Traceytreasure said...

I was just wondering if you received the magnets. I'm so glad that you did!! Vamp and her daughter came up with her avatar and I really like it for that reason!
Besides, she is far from a vampire and we have a lot in common.

I wish you the best of luck with this pregnancy!! I was so happy for you when I heard the news!!

Your hubby sounds like a real sweetie!! You are really lucky!!

Thanks for the comment love!!

Big not-too-tight hugs!!

Justine said...

Beckie, your attitude is sooooooooooooooo good, that's gotta make a difference, right? And I'm so happy that you've already cut out your sugar, so it's not a total shock weeks from now when you have to do the glucose test. But come on, give yourself a tiny break.. you can have a diet soda here and there. Baby might like the bubbles.
Yep, I've been praying for you nearly ever night before I fall asleep! I do the same thing for Stephanie since she's another high-risker.

I can't imagine what it's like to always have that "what if" thought in your head. Almost makes me feel guilty that I had two pregnancies and both fairly easy.

And you're right. You can only do so much... the rest is up to God. I don't go to church and I don't read the bible, but my faith is strong and I believe God tends to do what is best for us, even if it sucks at the time.

Good luck at the doctor tomorrow. Update us!

Justine :o )

Allison said...

good luck with everything - I will be tracking your progress and I will be praying for you - and your husband!

Justine said...

Hey you, how are you feeling? how did your doctor appt go on Monday?

Justine :o )

Jill said...

I am glad to hear that you are taking my sister Justine's advice! She can give some good advice sometimes! I hope you have a wonderful pregnancy!
Have a great Holiday!