Saturday, December 6, 2008

Still No Snow!?!?

I can't believe this. I just can't. For the first time in my entire life, I have been excited for snow. I have been anticipating it worse than the holiday coming up. Seriously, I really am THAT pumped for snow. Yet is it here? No! Libby must be the only place on Earth with no freaking snow. It's driving me to the point of insanity. Well that and the nasty cold slash flu thing I have gotten thanks to my wonderful, sharing and caring daughter.
It's a mix of a sinus thing, a severe cold, and the flu. It's wonderful! Like morning sickness times 3. LoL. Luckily my husband has taken wonderful care of me, the house was for once beautifully spotless before I came down with this so now it's only kind of dirty, and my daughter chose this time to actually behave. Thank you Jesus. Hannah isn't a bad child by any means. Just the usual two year old, have to get into EVERYTHING kind of kid. Most of the time it isn't bad as I have things hidden away from her. But some days....These past two days though she was perfect which was awesome. I don't get sick days. My husband can't stay home to take care of her while I get sick as he has to work. And to take care of her I don't get time to sleep all day long and lay around. This time, she laid down with me and we watched movies all day long. (Yes Martha Stuart, I am a horrible mother! ) I used the movies to be a babysitter while I slept on and off all day long. I would get up and make her some quick and fast meals so I wouldn't stand and get dizzy for long and she would bring me her cup and the milk or juice when she needed something to drink. Wonderful system we had going on. I got two glorious days of rest thanks to her and now we are officially back on the path of two year old-ness. Ha ha.
I never did let anyone know about how Thanksgiving went for us did I? Wonderfully. My cousin's wife (my best friend too) made amazing dishes, the turkey I made came out moist and wonderfully and we all had lots of fun and stuffed ourselves silly. It was great. Oh and Black Friday was awesome! I didn't run into a single mean person. Everyone was really nice and it was so chaotic and crazy all I did was laugh. I got almost everything I went in for and even got a few extra things. I intended to get nothing but Christmas presents for everyone but missed that one. We ended up getting Hannah's gifts and the things for us. We're doing another trip closer to Christmas to finish up our shopping. We really are that crazy! Ha ha. That and we have to still get Hannah's photo with Santa. We had an opportunity to do it Turkey weekend but the prices were outrageous! No way am I paying $35 for a few small pictures with Santa! What ever happened to the simple one photo for $5!?!? Hello recession and we're overcharging for a few pictures?? Uh-huh...I'm a penny pincher, I can't help it...
Let's see....What else....My husband hates my movie selections. One of my latest movies that I love was on sale the other night for only $5 and he refused to get it for me. He hates the movie he says. I have to stop here and confess something. Those stupid comedies that are out there, like Juno, Napoleon Dynamite...I'm into those. A lot. My latest craze? Lars & The Real Girl. I found it hysterical while others just looked at me strangely and slowly started walking away. I don't know why I'm into the dumbest movies, I have strange tendencies I guess. For instance, ugly shoes. I love ugly shoes. the uglier, the better. I'm not into fashion very much. Which is awful of me claims my best friends. But I just bought a pair of clogs from WalMart (thank you Black Friday) and they are so ugly my husband won't take me out if I wear them, ha ha. But I adore them!
My confessions for the week I suppose. I guess I do have some oddities about me. I took a survey the other day and left the "Is there anything strange about you" question blank because I couldn't think of anything. That'll teach me.
So anyways, I'm going to go make some breakfast for me and Hannah. Then I'm going to get some dishes and laundry started. Thank you to whoever invented the dishwasher. I am spoiled and don't know how I did it before the dishwasher. So I hope everyone has a wonderful day slash week and remember: 19 more days until Christmas!!!!



Justine said...

You think you want snow badly? Try living in FL during the holidays! It's 67 degrees here right now. Ack!!!!!!!!

Glad to hear you're on the mend and that Hannah was so good for you!!!

Justine :o )

Traceytreasure said...

You can have our share of snow too. It's not here yet but when it comes, I'll send it your way!! LOL!!

Glad you are feeling better and that you survived black Friday intact!

I tagged you for a Happy MeMe! I hope that you'll do it!!


Me said...

oh my goodness.
i love your selection of movies.
and lars and the real girl?

Justine said...

How are you doing BEckie? Hanging in there? I've been praying for you every night!

Justine :o )