Friday, December 19, 2008

A Mixture Of This & That

Ok so my daughter hit the submit button while I was on the phone and I didn't know it until now which is about an hour after I left the computer, ha ha. What a ham...
So, my doctor's appointment was yesterday. Big waste of time. Did nothing pre-natal wise because even though I have been getting a HCG test done twice a week and my hormone level is quadrupling every two days when it is in fact supposed to double, and even though I got a positive pregnancy test both at his office and at home, he STILL doesn't seem to think I'm pregnant. So in his mind my hormones are rising for a different reason and my boobs and back are killing me because I must have crappy posture or something. It really angers me that he's being this way. They did find that I have some weird gene mutation or whatever it is called that makes me really prone to blood clots. He just doesn't think it effects any of my pregnancies and they won't put me on blood thinners because it raises my chances for having a blood clot. I'm so getting a high risk OB-GYN when we move.....
We have decided to move a lot sooner than what we had originally planned for. Our pipes busted all throughout our trailer so we're cutting our loses and leaving. Abel's fixing it enough to get by and then we have decided to tithe our trailer to our Bible Study teacher who with the help of her hubby they will fix what needs fixing which is just to hang a few loose cupboards, do a massive fix on the pipes and a few small things and then give it to someone who needs a home. It seemed the best thing to do. We don't get a chance to tithe to our church often with cash and hope this works as the next best thing.
My mom and I got on last night and ordered Hannah her Christmas gifts from her. We did it via the phone and computer so it was fast and easy. Even better, the gifts will all be here the day before Christmas. I'm really excited. She doesn't completely get Christmas, she knows she can't open anything until Christmas Day but that's it. I'm just excited for her. Now my Christmases have more meaning. They never really mattered once I hit high school, until I had Hannah. I did the volunteering at the homeless shelters and gave gifts but that was it. Now it has the excitement like it used to when I was a kid! I love Christmas!! LoL.
Shopping for kids' toys is a whole new thing for me though. I'm terrified of screwing my daughter up some how so I'm trying to do what's best for her in my mind. I read the books and magazines. Subscribe to the mommy groups and websites and such. But it isn't until you begin thinking about our toy selection do you REALLY get to thinking. For that matter I decided long ago that we would not under any circumstance do Barbies. Not that it's n evil toy or anything like that and yes, I'm positive my ideas may sound kooky to most anyone because trust me, I hear about it ALL the time. But one of the books I began reading after I had Hannah was To Train Up A Child by Debi and Micheal Perl. Some of their ideas are different and not for me but a lot of what they write is great. I have more of their books and admire them. They are Christian and live amongst the Amish and get a lot of their ideas and practices from them. I recommend everyone to at least read the book. How To Be His Helpmeet is another fantastic book and saved my marriage truth be told. Anyways, so part of the book was going over toys and Barbies in particular. Comparing Barbies and baby dolls. Baby dolls create the caring, nurturing, and tenderness in a child whereas Barbies tend to make little girls focus on fashion, men, and themselves. So I have banned Barbies. Well from that and the fact that these dolls were originally created to be a man's sex toy back in the 20's or whenever. A little weird if you ask me....But even some of these baby dolls are odd, I must admit. I bought Hannah a Baby Alive doll from WalMart. I got it for $10 during Black Friday. Couldn't pass it up. So we get home and I see that this doll really pees and drinks. It comes with 3 diapers and 2 juice packets. To buy a 6-pack of baby doll diapers is $20. Sorry but that's what I pay for a case of diapers and even then I hate shelling out money for something I'm just going to throw away. It bugs me. So we took some unused quilt material I was saving and made home made cloth diapers. As for the juice packets? Baby can drink water. Sorry dolly but you are not drinking better and wearing better than what we do. No way. Now granted, I love the baby doll and love how technological these dolls are getting but why is it the corporations just keep getting greedy? All the prices are rising because of gas yet gas dropped $3 in the past 2 months and isn't stuff supposed to go down?? I thought the doll would help Hannah with understanding what it takes to help with a baby that way when this baby comes along, she'll want to help out and she'll understand somewhat of the time it takes to care for baby and not be jealous. I plan on including her in everything I do with baby so as to lessen the jealousy factor. I hope...I'm trying, that counts right?? That and I'm really excited that she adores baby dolls as much as she does. I plan on buying a kitchen set for her so she can have even more fun playing house.
I'm so giddy about Abel getting this new job. We won't be poor anymore! We aren't exactly classified as poor but after we get a paycheck and it's blown in one day due to bills and groceries, it gets sorta depressing. I'm not all about money or fashion or anything like that. I'm low key. But I tell you what. After a few paychecks, mommy is finally going to buy herself some new clothes. Something she hasn't had in over 4 years. Thrift stores don't count as new...Oh and new furniture is in store as well as a few other things. I'd like to spoil ourselves for once and then begin putting it all away and paying off our debt. Trying to be wise yet trying to for once, be generous to ourselves, you know? Some of my friends don't agree with us doing all of this but I would like to make our lives better as does my hubby and sometimes we must sacrifice to do better. That and God seems to be pushing us out of here, ha ha. Everything going wrong and the house falling apart and the only way to be ok is to move?
So I feel good so far. I had a massive episode of morning sickness last night. Nauseas as all get up. No oranges in the house. It was a fantastic long night. But the whole time I felt sick, I was smiling thinking yes! Hormones are working! Not one pregnancy of mine (total of 5 with this one) have ever had morning sickness. I felt ill a few times with Hannah and that was it. So early signs of strong symptoms with this one gives me a ton of hope and faith. So again, thank you all for your prayers. I don't feel stressed or worried and I have very little doubt in my mind right now and losing that all the time. Abel has a good feeling about this and we have such a powerful force of a prayer network that I feel like God can't ignore our please this time. I have faith this one will survive. And crazy as it sounds, I'm actually praying for twins, ha ha. I know, I'm nuts but hey, two babies all at once? I'd be done with having kids for good! And not have to go through this difficult pregnancy thing again.
Anyways, I'm going to go lay down and watch Narnia- Prince Caspian. Such an amazing movie. I dig those Narnia books and movies.
I hope everyone is doing fantastically! And I shall jabber at you later! Have a fantastic weekend and remember: 6 more days until Christmas!!!



Stephanie said...

I'm glad things seem to be going so well for you guys! And I want to say I'm say I'm sorry you're sick, but it's good news, right? Yay for morning sickness!

Your doctor sounds like kind of a tool, so I'm glad you'll be finding a new one when you move.

Where are you moving by the way?

Merry Christmas!

Traceytreasure said...

Thank you so much for the Christmas card! I received it in today's mail!! I love getting cards, so thank you!!

I read your comment regarding the Baby Alive doll. It was nice to hear your side of the situation. I have mixed feelings about the doll but I'm glad that you are using it for a learning tool for your Hannah. I'm really, super happy about the fact that you are making diapers and not buying them for the doll!!!

Wishing you the best of luck with this pregnancy Beckie!! Have you considered a Midwife? I love mine!! I've had two and I keep in touch with both of them even though my youngest is 6!! LOL!!

I miscarried a twin with my last pregnancy. I'm okay with it because one baby at a time is hard enough for me!!

I hope that you have twins if you want a set of twins....Best wishes!! Hope your Christmas is a merry one!!

Big hugs!!

Beckie said...

Stephanie: You're right, his "tool-ness" is starting to come out more and more now. It doesn't make me like him which sucks because I love him as a doctor. He is sadly the best in this town. I should have guessed when I was delivering Hannah and he had to insert his hand to check whatever and began to tell me how it wouldn't hurt. That and sometimes he pretends to know what women go through during labor. Men who pretend to know our troubles flip me into kill mode, ha ha.

Tracey: I'm so glad you got it and liked it! I know it wasn't as adorable as yours to me was but I was so excited to have gotten yours in the mail, I just grabbed one of the few I had left and sent it off. I adore Christmas cards more than gifts so your card meant a lot! I'm glad you didn't take offense to the baby doll comment. I re-read it after I posted and started freaking out. I didn't mean to argue about it or anything. That's why I wrote part of it into my blog so as to explain it better, I'm on your side really! Lol. And I am debating a midwife actually. After I had Hannah, I was ready to go home 4 hours afterward and it was such a quick and easy delivery and I don't do medications of any kind anyways so I think a midwife may be in my future. I'm scoping some options out.

Merry Christmas to you both and to everyoen else out there in Blogger-Land!! I'm so thankful to have you all as my friends!

Justine said...

Hey Beckie! First of all, I've gotta say, DO NOT wait until you move to get a high risk doctor. You need one NOW! You have a genetic tendency to clog yet he/she won't give you blood thinners? Hello, you need to the blood to flow through the umbilical cord to feed baby. What the HELL is wrong with this doctor? And quadrupling HCG levels and you're not pregnant? Sounds like twins to me! Why on earth didn't they use the internal sonogram dildo thing to see the baby?????? Oh man, I am all riled up now. I'm pissed for you!!!!!!

I'm so sorry you've been living in a broken-down trailer, but happy to hear that you're moving. But just curious, how can you afford to move with no money? Oh wait, you'll probably rent, right? Well, what kind of job did hubby get? I need details! Email me dammit!

Btw... I took HATE Barbie, but, as Hannah gets older, you may have to bend a little when it comes to certain toys. My girls were never into Barbies, but Bratz? Whole 'nother story, and they're even worse than Ho-bag Barbie! Just remember, it's more what you teach Hannah in everyday life that will affect her negatively and positively, not so much the toys she plays with.

Justine :o )