Monday, September 28, 2009


It has been forever! Maybe even years...Okay okay yes I'm ex...egg...stretching the truth...Kind of...
My computer has been a sore spot with me for awhile. This computer was given to us completely brand new. So I can't really complain. But I can. You see, the man who gave it to us? Was homosexual and very into porn and didn't do a good job of putting on a virus protector. So welcome viruses. I, am not that knowledgeable when it comes to computers so I stave off anything technical. There's my excuse.
A week ago my computer resorted to turning on, which took long enough for me to use the bathroom, find something to eat and fix it and then maybe be ready after that. Then I'd log into facebook and tada! It would freeze up. So my cheap butt finally walked my computer into the shop and told them what to do and walked out in a huff. I'm too cheap to have it fixed you see. Had I not been, this computer would have never gotten so bad and it would been done a few months ago. Most of my friends didn't believe me when I'd pop off facebook suddenly or tell them that my chat wasn't working. Seriously though? It wasn't. I'd never get to farm and hence why I gave it up and my chat sucks. Pardon me. SuckED. Past tense.
So now, today I got to pick it up. It almost was like greeting a long lost relative. Except more exciting. Haha. It had 3 Trojan viruses on it along with so many more little viruses that I was operating on half a gigabyte or megabyte o whatever it is that they call it. I was lucky my computer even turned on is what I was told. Yay. So they wiped out the whole thing and re-put everything back on along with an extra fligagigamegaramabyte and a half of memory so it will run faster and they even put on a few virus defender thingies so I won't get anymore viruses. HAH! Watch me...LoL.
In the meantime, I had Abel's wonderful aunt come from Seattle to visit for a week. She cleaned my house, cooked for me and dealt with Hannah the whole time. Talk about amazing rest and relaxation. In that time, my husband ventured off and we got a vasectomy. Yes, we. I get to suffer his healing time, care for him and am dealing with the emotions of never having children again. Oh and now I have a love...No, excuse me, loathing for our insurance company as well. I'm so confused as to why a insurance company would be willing to pay the couple thousand dollars to have my tubes tied and not pay for my husband's $800 vasectomy? I was talking to them the day it was done and they told me they wouldn't cover it unless it was a matter of life or death. Dirty *(%^&$%8...So whatever I told hubby and Dr to just do it and we'll pay for it on our own and hubby can count this as a early birthday present. LoL. My emotions are doing fine actually. It's just unreal yet. I know I'll hate it in another two years when baby fever hits but then we'll adopt. I'm thinking of fostering for older kids and adopting later on in a few years. I always feel bad hearing about older kids who hit 16 and no one wants them because everyone wants babies and toddlers so maybe I'll be that one rare person to give them a home when no one else will. Call me Angelina won't you?
I've been enjoying my time without my favorite addiction reading. What amazing reads I've stumbled upon. I'm into Chic Lit mind you. And searching for amazing authors. If you are too, check out Jennifer Weiner. Never mind how I pronounce her last name...She's amazing though. Her book that I just finished, Good In Bed is all about me. Without the ex-who-dumped-me-right-before-I-found-out-I-was-knocked-up theme. Well actually there are many parts in there that aren't me but the main character is just like me it's scary. I may write this author and ask to star in the movie...By the way, she wrote the book that inspired the movie In Her Shoes. I'm reading that one right now too. LoL. I'm addicted.
Gifts given to me always make me feel guilty. Just so you all know. But. Me sending gifts make me feel on top of the world and quite amazing. I've had a certain little pink gift here waiting to get sent off to a special friend of mine and every time I looked at it I'd get giddy and giggle and smile. I had to wait for my computer so I could get the address and send it off. I'm so retarded I leave all my addresses on my computer and don't put them anywhere else. I'm now in the process of collecting them and transferring them to other sources, LoL. I hit the jackpot though. I bought a movie, Twilight to be exact (melting...melting...melting) and got two copies for the price of one! Talk about exciting. My luck is always backwards where I usually pay for one and get none so this was quite unexpected. So I had to pass it on to someone who would enjoy it just as much as I would and who needed a few goodies as well. Shopping for others gives me a high unlike any drug I swear...
Biggest Loser and Survivor are on again! Yes, I'm a reality TV bum. I'm trying to backtrack and watch Grey's Anatomy so I can be caught up on this season but my reality shows come first. the best part? I have my dad addicted as well! Score! Can you imagine a 70 year old man watching Biggest Loser or Survivor? LoL. It's hilarious. You walk by my house and can hear both of us screaming at the people on the TV. No we haven't realized that they can't hear us yet. Darn them for not listening...
My Hannah~Bug will be 3 in only 3 more days. It makes me sad because she has grown up so much in the last two months. We're doing her party on Saturday and I'm pretty excited for it. A little Princess party. I didn't get her much because she has been spoiled rotten these few months. So she is getting a Princess papoose chair for her room. I also bought her adorable birthday outfit complete with shoes that she'll wear to the party. Pictures will come I promise. My little girl...
Ignacio is doing great. He's finally smiling tons now. He's such a serious baby. Quiet but serious. Today I finally got him to break down and smile big and quite a few times. He's so handsome. I'm in love. Over and over again.
We got the greatest news in such a long time too. I will again disappear in a week and a half for about a week or so. We are heading back to Montana for a visit. I'm excited to see my friends again. It's actually half and half. A few friends have had nothing to do with me and I know we'll get over there and hear nothing but how much they've missed us. But then we'll come home again and it'll go back to how it was before. So I kinda don't even want to bother seeing them you know? I'm trying to gain access to the car while hubby goes and does a weekend job with my cousin too. I have a special friend in Montana who I want to desperately meet up with. So if she's reading this (you know who you are!) I'm trying hard I promise!!!
And this for now is it. I'm off to deal with fuss butt in his swing. Why oh why does he not like this dang swing!?!? And to check my e-mail. I will catch up on blogs a little bit later. Soo much has gone on since I've been gone, it's almost overwhelming!
Lots of love and hugs to everyone!! I've missed you!!


Justine said...

Wow Beckie, so much going on! I'm so glad you had a nice visit with Abel's aunt and that you got some rest time in.

I'm all about Survivor right now too! Woot woot!

Have fun on your next trip!

Justine :o )

Unknown Mami said...

The insurance thing is just straight up sexist and ridiculous.

So glad to hear about your computer. Was it very expensive?