Thursday, September 10, 2009

One Month Down...

Today marks Ignacio as being 1 month old already. It didn't seem as if time had been moving fast but now that I look at it, it has definitely flown by. Which makes me sad because he will be a year old in no time. Not that I don't want to see the wonderful little guy my son will be turning into, I just really enjoy the baby days and know that it will be the first year that I will miss the most.
Everything is going great here. Hannah has been going to daycare for a week now. She only goes twice a week for about 5 hours each time but she loves it and I have to admit. It really is nice to have a small break. She's one of those kids who is quite busy and never slows down and these days, I just don't have the energy to keep up with her. So her being at daycare with other kids definitely helps. She's going through an adjustment phase there which is normal but I hope she passes through it fast. I don't like hearing that my kid is the one who has been hitting other kids. I can't help it that she hasn't had much interaction with other kids her own age. I'm glad I did this as next year she'll be in Head Start and we don't want her getting in trouble there.
I didn't buy a stroller because I never used one with Hannah and having Ignacio so close to winter, I didn't think I'd get that much use out of it. Boy was I wrong. A good friend of mine lent me her new stroller as she has two of them and now I get to go for walks. Last night was the first one and it was great. It was both Abel and I and then the kids. We both enjoyed it and Hannah was ecstatic to be out in the fresh air running around. We stopped for ice cream even! I love me some root beer floats! It was really nice though because Abel was along with us which will be rare once he goes back to work on the railroad. And I felt like my normal mommy self just with more happiness. It feels weird. now that i have two kids I finally feel like a mommy. When it was just Hannah and I, I didn't really ever feel like an actual mom. I know it sounds stupid huh? I'm messed up, I admit it, LoL.
Hannah's birthday is coming around the corner. My baby girl is turning 3 on the 1st of October. I love it because it brings the terrible twos closer to being at an end but then again I hate it because she's getting older on me, LoL. I have issues with kids getting older can you tell? Well anyways, she's very excited because she picked out her own invitations and decorations for the party (Disney Princess of course) and we know that finally this year will bring about actual excitement for her. She understands what is going on for once. We haven't really decided on what to get her. We got her a really cute princess papoose chair so far and then we are looking for a big gift. We always do a small gift and a big gift. I'm thinking a dollhouse. She's turning girly slowly but surely, LoL.
So I'm really excited for next week to come. Abel's aunt from Seattle is driving over to spend a week with us. I'm really lonely for family right now so this is a really big ray of sunlight to me. My mom's reason for not coming up when I had the baby was because she couldn't take any vacation time off and didn't have any money to go anywhere. So yesterday? She and Teri took off to go drive up to San Fransisco to spend a week up there with Teri's kid and grandbaby. It's really funny because I'm the only one out of their 4 shared children that have not had a visit whatsoever. I'm so butt-hurt and pouty it's unbelievable. I'm envious of anyone who has a great bond with their mother. You know that fabulous "we're more than mother and daughter-we're best friends" kind of relationship? Yeah I wish I had one of those. But alas, I do have a small blessing. Abel's parents want to come move up to be nearer to us. They are talking next year of retiring and coming up. My mother-in-law is amazing and loves me to pieces so I'm thankful that while my mother isn't what I need, I at least have a mother in law who tries :)
Well folks, I think this is a good catch up for me. I need to get going and clean my house, bathe the baby, eat something, and get stuff ready for tomorrow. We're leaving at like 5 in the morning to drive 2 hours away to Bismarck to do a whole day of "Pow-Wowing" which is actually a day of garage and rummage sales. I love me some garage sales, LoL. So I hope everyone out there is having a fabulous day and that your weekend goes amazing! I will blog again :)


~*~*~*~ONE MONTH~*~*~*~



Me said...

He's so amazingly cute! Awwww! I'm jealous! I mean, I'll be having a baby in 4 months (woohoo!) but someday i want a little boy too. I've decided that #4 will be a boy. He will be. But #3 has hiccups right, off subject, I know.

Good Luck with everything. When we had Kate (#1) in daycare it took a while for her to adjust too. Before you know it she'll be having a grand time and you won't hear about the hitting so much :)

Stephanie said...

He is so cute! How big is he? He and Ella look about the same size...

Jill said...

OMG he is getting so big already!!!!!!!! Time really goes by fast. Did you ever get your stroller??

Unknown Mami said...

Root beer floats are awesome!

He's a good lookin' one month old!

Justine said...

Beckie, I feel so bad for you that in the parent department you got the short end of the stick. Just know it's not you, it's HER. She should be ASHAMED of herself.

Just enjoy the fact that Abel's family knows what it is to love properly!

Justine :o )

Green-Eyed Momster said...

I feel all caught up! Wow! I'm glad that things are going along well. Sorry your hubby has to leave again. I can't believe Hannah will be 3 already? Time sure does fly!

I love the pictures of your son. He is so handsome!


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