Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rant & Rave Wednesday

Thanks to Little Ms Blogger I've decided to do a Rant & Rave of my own. I was bored and wanted something to do while the kiddos were napping...

RANT: I hate that I've stopped losing weight. I totally should be doing my Billy Blanks right now but I'm too darn lazy. I really need to shed 50 more pounds.

RAVE: We are leaving for Montana in exactly one week! I am packing and making my lists already! I can not wait to go!

RANT: I'm so done with childish drama. Why is it that fully grown adults feel the needs to act more immature than actual children under the age of 12? I'm so tired of hearing about the she said and then she did this to her and then this happened, garbage. Ugh!

RANT: I'm so tired of parents who can't behave as such. Why do people have children if they can't be a parent? My daughter may not be perfect but at least I'm trying my best and not just letting her run around like a heathen. Discipline is a must when you are raising children. And so is the word no. Oh and a 3 year old wearing a diaper until it sags to her knees? Either potty train or get off your duff and change the diaper before it hits this point. Otherwise I may feel the need to strap you in a diaper that is duct taped to your hiney for a whole day to show you how it feels.

RAVE: My daughter is 3 as of tomorrow. She may grind my nerves some days but she is my precious baby girl forever and always. I spent 9 months being told the pregnancy was not viable and that I'd lose her at any moment but my baby girl held on and blessed us with her presence. And everyday on her birthday I thank God extra hard for allowing us such a gift. I miss the baby days but I love seeing her grow up and how awesome of a little person she is becoming more and more.

RANT: I despise the railroad for holding out on the last 7 guys that need to be hired back on. This layoff sucks and in exactly 2 more months, we will lose our health insurance if he doesn't get hired back on before this.

RANT: Why does it take a hospital 2 months to report that my son was born? I had to drive to our state capitol to get Ignacio's birth certificate and was told that as soon as the hospital calls in and reports that our son was born, they'd send us the certificate. never mind that I need it to get him on our insurance and needed it like 2 months ago when he was actually born...Still need his social security number and card too! Can't very well get that without the birth certificate. Does this mean my son doesn't exist?

RANT: Why does my rant list outnumber my raves?

RANT: Bad things happening to good people. Husband has excellent theory about it but I still can't help but grumble when good people suffer and the bad ones reap the rewards.

RAVE: I have an albino frog staring at me. A certain bloggy friend who is crazy about frogs made me think of her when buying fish for daughter. Luckily, daughter had same idea so we brought home Diego. He's albino. And crazy. And kinda cool. Except when you can see through his body and see his innards...

RAVE: Decided on my son's Hebrew name finally. Yitzhak Shmuel bar Rivkah. Which translated means Issac Samuel son of Rebecca. Abel sin't Jewish therfore he doesn't get a part in Ignacio's name. Now we just have to plan a trip to California for the actual ceremony. Hannah was named when she was 5 months old and her name is Hewbrew is Hannah Elisheva bat Rivka. Her name was easyily translated, Ignacio's? Not so much.


Little Ms Blogger said...

It's okay to have more rants than raves ---besides it seems as though your raves are much larger in scope than rant (loved the one about your daughter's birthday).

Thanks for joining in the game.

Matty said...

Nothing wrong with ranting more.

My wife does Billy Blanks and always complains that she never loses weight, and wonders why she even does the workout. I tell her that even if she doesn't, it's still good for her.

Unknown Mami said...

That's crazy about the birth certificate. When my daughter was born, they sent us her social security card in a few weeks. I didn't get around to picking up her birth certificate until she was 9 months old. Embarrassing.

Justine said...

Dang girl, couple people pissed you off this week, eh? Hope Hannah's b-day party is a success!
I had no clue you were Jewish. Didn't even know you were supposed to pick Hebrew names. I love it when I learn something new!

Okay, I do love frogs, but those albinos? Ewwwwwww. Freaky lookin'!

Justine :o )