Friday, November 6, 2009

Fragmented Friday

It's that special time again!! Thank you Mrs.4444 I'm joining the fabulous Friday tradition yet again :)

*Today at noon begins the wonderful time honored tradition of deer hunting. Not only have we paid a guy to shoot us 4 deer, but my husband also got his license and is now going hunting for 2. While i understand that the (almost) free meat is amazing and lasts us forever, I lose my husband. I don't see his face until every deer is brought in. You'd think that would be a happy point, when I could see him yet again? Nope. It's not. Why? Because guess who gets to help gut and package the meat???

*I am so tired of my typing skills. Or lack thereof. I can type fast. It's great. But yet my THE is always teh and KNOW is always knwo. I tire of it. I love you spell check, for you are truly, my best friend and companion...

*We had beef with Abel's now ex-best friend. He decided to flood the husband's cell phone with disgusting insulting text messages declaring my kids, me, my MIL and dead grandpa-in-law horrid names. Then he tells Abel he never wants anything to do with us. Thank you Jesus (I never liked the guy) so here we are breathing lighter and having better days when we find out that this guy tried 3 different times to hack into hubby's voicemail and e-mail. I love that Verizon gives you the phone number of who was attempting to get into the voicemail, LoL. Loser...

*I'm in the middle of a pregnancy scare. Too bad when you pay for a vasectomy, they can't throw in a guarantee for free. Because it scares me. I don't want another child. I've chosen not to risk mine or another child's life. Or go through yet another miscarriage.

*I love that when I tell people I don't want anymore children and how if I were to end up pregnant I wouldn't know what to think, they call me a bad person. Hey, if I wasn't such a lousy child carrier or broke, I'd totally be up for being a Duggar-like family. But I'm a lousy child-carrier and I'm broke. Eat it.

*Oh we aren't done yet. We'll be adopting. Later. Very later in life. And not babies.

*My fish comforts me. He watches me when I'm on the computer. And follows my finger. Everywhere. I love him. I've secretly named him George. Hannah calls him Oreo. Who am I to argue with a 3 year old?

*I have a canker sore on my lip. It's driving me insane. Hey. It's random and it's a fragment. I win.

*This week has begun my life changing process. I'm up at 6 (or 4 today) and immediately put on the coffee for husband and do up any dishes left in the sink which aren't ever many as I do dishes right after dinner. Then I clean whatever needs cleaning up, start any laundry that needs done and then hop on here for about a half an hour. My day is open with nothing to do thanks to my new routine but I feel like a much better person and I have much more time to focus on the kids. The best part of my week and new routine is that I can get them both to sleep at the same time leaving me spare time to watch any tv shows that Abel dis-likes watching (I heart you Tivo!) or a nap myself. I'm a much happier person these days.

*I'm looking forward to November 20th like it was Christmas. My husband is taking me on a no kids date out of town to see two movies that are opening that day. The only movie I have ever seen on it's opening day was this last Harry Potter. I've never been on a date with no kids. Hannah was always young enough to take along or we've never had a babysitter. This. Could be the greatest day of my life. Seriously. (Psst the movies are Twilight and Blindside)

*I've been on a typing thing lately where my favorite words are PS and slash. Why type / when I could just write out slash and forget about it? Oh and my husband has put Yo into my vocabulary. Talk about 1990-gangster here, LoL. yes my name is Beckie and I am a dork. Eat it.

*Goodie season is upon us. 49 more shopping days until Christmas. Don't be surprised some of my bloggy friends when I jump onto your blog begging you to trust me with your address as I may have something for you. I love giving gifts to others. That's why I put us into debt every year at this time. It's worth it.

This concludes my Fragmented Friday! *Muah* Hope you enjoyed it :) Now go visit Mrs.4444 and do one yourself. It's quite fun :)


The Devil's Daughter-In-Law said...

I must have missed the beginning of this Abel's now ex-best friend, but that sounds juicy. Nothing like a little drama to liven up the life of a sahm, eh?

And what are the chances my MIL's devil-horns could be mistaken for deer antlers anytime in the next month or so?

Cat said...

If I had the resources I'd have a big family too. But I don't so I'm going for 2 early in life, then I want to be a foster parent to sibling groups when I retire.

There's nothing wrong with not wanting another biologically. Especially if child bearing is that tough on you and your emotions.

What a psycho ex-best-friend!

Enjoy that deer meat! I saw a deer slaughtered once (my brother's first kill) and couldn't stomach it. I was 13 at the time, but still... something about all that blood. You're a better woman than I!

won said...

I will keep you in my thoughts about the pregnancy scare. I hope all turns out well.

I hate November 20. Just a personal's a day filled with horrible reminders and reality.

Stephanie said...

"My name is Beckie and I'm a dork. Eat it."


Eve said...

People have called you a bad person for not wanting more children? Seriously? I didn't realize there were those kind of people left in the world (other than my grandma). ;)

Hmm... what would those same people think of me: 31, married for 11 years with NO children? Haha - we could gang up on those mean people and have a good laugh.

So sorry to hear that you are experiencing a pregnancy scare - and that it could be a danger to your health too!!!

Wow - his ex-BEST FRIEND is doing this stuff? It sounds like it's time for new friends! Did something just change in his life recently? How bizarre!

Unknown Mami said...

It drives me crazy that women are so judged. I mean if you don't want to be pregnant for whatever reasons that should be enough. You shouldn't even have to explain yourself. Men just don't get judged in the same way.

mub said...

Handling meat and such didn't used to bother me, but lately it just makes my stomach churn! Venison does sound really good though, so I'd just grit my teeth and do it *L*

Justine said...

Ew on the deer. Don't you have someone who can do the gutting and such for you? I've never heard of someone doing it themselves. At least, not these days.

Um... didn't Abel go back to the doctor for his vasectomy checkup to make sure it had worked???

Justine :o )

Troop said...

Abel's old BFF reminds me of a jerk friend Mr.4444 has. I finally just started being cold towards him (he is a major leech, liar, and drunk driver, and he makes me sick), so he pretty much keeps his distance these days. Mr.4444 even appreciates it, so it's all good.

I love the repeated "Eat it" reference--funny :) Your blog is all nice looking, sweet even, and you're saying, "Eat it." Cracks me up.

I'm happy for you that you've found a schedule that works for your family and makes you happy :)

Tracey said...

I'm sorry about the pregnancy scare.
the friend? Yikes, weird, huh?

I always type teh too!

Good luck with the gutting and packaging of the meat.

Green-Eyed Momster

K8E said...

Yay for date nights! I'm so jealous.

Mel Fraase said...

Haha! Our small-town school actually was called off for deer opener!
I'm spending 11/20 with the girls a the movie theater, too! I already bought tickets online!
E-mail me if you have time, I think we may be close (geographically that is!)
Happy FF!