Monday, November 2, 2009

PS--I Am Addicted To Spellcheck

So happy November Second! LoL. I need something to celebrate. 3 months with holidays in each. I'm going to be really burned out on my birthday in January. LoL.

Halloween went great. It was so awesome to watch Hannah get all excited and running to each house to do her trick or treat. It was our first Halloween as Abel isn't crazy about it and is brainwashed that it's the celebrating of the devil or whatever. He isn't an extremist I promise you, I just have a long way of re-brainwashing him, LoL. His family didn't do any celebrating of any holidays. They were lazy and not real with it. So of course I reap the rewards of him not wanting to do much. We're working on that. He's come a long way from when we first got together, haha. He did have fun with Hannah. For some reason daddy was who she wanted coming with her, not mommy. And he was entertained by her excitement so it did go very well. And the kid loaded up on 4 bucketfuls of candy. So mommy and daddy are well stocked for awhile. We don't like her having too many sweets so we're really doing her a favor by eating her candy, LoL. I'm sure some of you saw my Facebook status: Is it child labor to make your child go begging for candy for 3 hours only to eat it myself? For real though...Is it? LoL.

My dad is back in the hospital again. This is day number 5. He went in last weekend to get checked out and whoever the traveling doctor was, was a twit. She sent him home on nothing but steroids. Umm steroids for pneumonia? Really? And you got your medical degree where...? So when dad went in again on Wednesday, he doesn't remember the entire day. Yet he drove to the doctor's office and saw the Dr and all that. Talk about scary. He's not really on the mend yet and called me yesterday freaking me out telling me he thinks the doctor thinks he is going to die. I don't do well with death talks and yet I get one every time he goes in to the hospital. This time was a little more real though because he was really bad. He still is. Double pneumonia and the flu on top of his normal COPD issues. I have this huge issue of anything can happen but not to us so when I think of the fact that lots of people die from just the flu, I still sit here and say not him. Never mind that he's going to be 69 this month. Or that he is in horrible health. I'm pretty selfish because I pray that God heals him and lets him come home again. Whereas I get sorta mad at Abel because he simply prays that God's will be done. And then he tells me that in all of dad's suffering don't I want him in peace? Ugh. Death. Hate it! Where is the dis-like button....?

I massively cleaned my house this weekend. Totally sucked but I did it. I have been spending too much time on the computer lately. It's because I'm bored and my kids are too good. Hannah plays in her room or on her new game or watches a movie. Ignacio. Well he still sleeps. A lot. So I get bored. Well in my boredness my house has fallen apart. And that bugs me. So I cleaned. And organized. And rearranged. It felt good. LoL. Now I'm aware that minus the fact that I have laundry to do. I have nothing to do. Oops! LoL. Maybe I'll read a book today. I'm giving myself a limit of time I can be on here. Break myself sorta. It's bad when you get to that point. LoL. Maybe I need a job? LoL. NO! Bad words! Never say that again!

OKay anyways, I'm running off. Coffee needs to be made for the husband and Hannah wants me to watch Spongebob with her so I'm going to jet. I've been up since 6 and it actually feels good. I slept too much yesterday night and didn't feel good. Sadness...I hope everyone has a wonderful week and hears only great news! Blessings to all and I'll blog another day!


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Justine said...

Aw, I'm so sorry to hear that your dad's not doing well again. Is he close enough that you can visit him daily?

What religion is Abel's family? Sounds like they were/are Jehovah's Witness. Blech is all I can say to that.

And Halloween is not a bad holiday! It actually stems from Christianity. If he's going to be totally against something, tell him I said he should research it and find out WHY he's against it. MEN!

Justine :o )

Unknown Mami said...

I want to sleep too much.