Saturday, November 15, 2008


To work music with words is a daunting task. I gaze upon my keyboard wondering when my muse will come. Pushing me forward with her gift of inspiration. Showing me what beauty lies within my soul. To give me the amazement of what can flow with just the touch of my fingers. Everything I've hidden inside is surely to bubble up. Arise oh words, may I bring to life what has been asleep for so long. I wonder at such gifts that others have,will I too be able to possess such a talent? I sit and put down on paper my thoughts but only my eyes are to see what I feel and think. I will put it away so that I may never read it again. For when I read the things I have written, I become scared. Of others thoughts and opinions, yes. But a small part of myself will always have pride of my writings. For I see beauty in everything. From the writings of a small child to the writings of an elderly grandmother writing for the last time. From the small cherry blossom on a simple tree to the greatest mountain in the world.
I have desire and passion inside. And I have beauty despite what you may say or think. Always remember, I may not write like you nor may I write as giftedly as others. My opinions, my views, my thoughts are of mine and unlike yours. I know this. But my gift is only beginning. Great things will come from me. In time they will flow from my soul like the waters of the great Mississippi. trickling like a stream at first and pouring forth like the raging waters that they can be.

*I wrote this back in high school and wanted to share this with you. It was part of a piece I had to write for my speech class. We were required to write about a topic of our teacher's choice and I couldn't write anything decent so I wrote about not being able to write and yet wanting to and desiring to. I scored an A on it although I was told not to do it again, haha.
I'm becoming better about sharing what I write although it takes time because I do worry about what other people may think or say about me. It's a self esteem issue that I need to work on, I know. So be gentle...
Anyways, I hope you enjoyed it. And see? I'm not just an idiot with a keyboard, haha....Have a good night!*



Tracey said...

Lovely piece.

Unfortunately, the second we hit "publish" on our blogs, our writing no longer TRULY belongs to us. It hurts, DEEPLY, for someone to be unkind, but it is the way the world is. However, there ARE ways to let the rude comments roll off of our backs without becoming hardened.

Be true to yourself. That's all any of us can be.

Traceytreasure said...

I would have given you an A+! I loved it. I think you were only scratching the surface of your talent. I love it when People have opinions and write with heart.

I really appreciate your comments! The one you left on my "What Would You Do" post was pure genius! I let hubby read them all and he liked your idea the best. Personally, I liked the "throw a ham at him" comment but I've been told that I'm immature! We are considering what you said and will take further steps if he bothers us again!
Thanks and hugs!!

Stephanie said...

This was lovely! I think you are a talented writer!