Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Stupidity

I like to think of my friends as family. I have made many, many myspace friends and some new friends on here even. (Faster than I thought). So when I hear of or read of my friends being verbally abused or harassed, there's this caring and protective part in me that tends to not think and react at the attackers. So this is to apologize for ever doing so since I was used as a source of mockery and humiliation for standing up for someone. So I will never do so again since me acting as a friend would was only a stupid act on my part. I apologize. If you have an issue or have someone attacking you or someone, I'll just read everything, have a pity party in your honor and let you handle your own. From now on it won't be any of my business. And I'm fine with that. I guess if that is how people like their friendships to be like, ce la vie!
Anyways that's pretty much it. Totally excited for it snowed for the first time today. Now I will put my new seat on my snowmobile and start taking Hannah and the nieces and nephews for rides! Yay winter! have a good day!



Traceytreasure said...

Oh Dear, we must be cut out of the same cloth. I too stick up for friends. I don't think it's a crime, being nice that is. It's just a sad world we live in, okay? Don't take it personally!

Feel better, okay?

Kimberly said...

hi beckie- I am writing an article on parents & money and I saw your last entry about it- would it be possible to talk to you to get your perspective? please email me... alphaconsumer@usnews.com. Thanks so much. - Kim Palmer, US News & World Report

Traceytreasure said...

Off Topic: They will be pinnie gigs from now on!

I wish I could send you one but I love them so much! We might even have baby pinnie gigs!

Are you anywhere near me? I'm checking your profile!!