Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!

All my friends, you are amazing mother's hence what drew me to your blogs and your friendship. It comforts me that you don't live a 100% life or brag of being the perfect mother. Thank you oh so much for that! Let's say I have a few of those people in my life as it is, LoL.
So I hope your day is magnificent. Mine is less that perfect...Well very less than perfect but I'm content so it's not a bother. I have a very cranky and whiny two year old that finally is napping on the couch. And a sick husband who has been sleeping for the past two hours...Wasn't I supposed to be the one allowed to lay in bed alone all day??? I think we messed this day up a little...And the son residing in my belly? Is once again wanting out early. Yes, contractions for the past 24 hours. It is lovely let me tell you what. I'm guzzling water just to cover that base before rushing off to the ER for a $1500 bill that I really don't need. And I look at this as practice for the future. If I get used to the pain now it may not hurt as bad later, LoL. Sick way of thinking but it works, haha.
Hubby and I went out last night to go see Fast & Furious the movie. It was a great movie and something we both love watching. But why may I ask, is a movie about cars and racing and action allowed to include at least two scenes of lesbian orgies??? Watching women in groups of 3 or more making out and grabbing each other just isn't my thing, pardon me. And my husband made me ever so proud when he turned to me and said well since we're in the middle of worthless garbage, I'm going to the bathroom. Oh thank you for not enjoying it while drooling. Ugh. Other than that it was great! I love cars and hubby and I enjoy imports and racing. LoL. I just don't enjoy getting under the hood and getting dirty. Oh well.
Afterwards we went to the bar so Abel and I could have a few minutes of grown up time before heading off back home. I actually enjoyed turning heads, haha. I would stare if I saw a 6 month pregnant woman walk into a bar and order a Shirley Temple. It was fun and I enjoyed myself.
So ladies, I hope you have a glorious day, this is YOUR day as you know. I had plans of this being longer but I want to go lay down and take a Tylenol (shhh don't tell my doctor) Love to you all!!!!!


Traceytreasure said...

Happy, happy day to you too Beckie!!
Wow! Thanks for the head's up on the movie! I won't take my girls to see it and I won't waste money on it either!!

Hope you feel better! Hope Abel is feeling better soon too!!

Hugs and love,

Stephanie said...

Happy Mother's Day...even though it isn't exactly your dream way to pass the time it sounds like;)

So, still need your address by the way...have a bunch of goodies for you!

Justine/Justiney/Tiney said...

Aw Beckie, I'm sorry Abel is sick and Hannah was cranky yesterday. I hope you did wind up getting some rest. Hey, at least you got out Saturday night! That's a good thing!

Justine :o )