Sunday, May 3, 2009


Thank you swine flu! I adore you! NOT!! So my trip to California that I was supposed to be happily going on, has been canceled. Too many outbreaks where my mother lives and it would put too much risk for the baby to catch it and although there haven't been any deaths (minus the one Mexican toddler who came to Texas for care) I still don't feel like putting Hannah in that situation either. Oh but it makes me ever so sad! I had so much I was looking forward to and the fact that my daughter hasn't seen my mother in over two years was the main thing. I want my daughter to have a decent relationship with my mom but how can she when we never see each other?? I hate living so far away from family. Abel's family all live in the Fresno area of California, mine live near Palm Springs and then our friends all live in Montana, back in Libby. When I let it get to me, it is quite depressing....
So now I'm in the blahs lately with nothing much to do. Our town held one of it's bi-annual City Wide Yard Sales yesterday. Everyone who wants to have a yard sale gives the city $5 and the city prints out a map of the city and highlights their house. And beginning at 9am everyone goes nuts trying to hit all the houses they can first, haha. I left Hannah here with my father and I went with a friend of mine and her 8 month old daughter who was on her best behavior. I spent a total of $80 and got like 13 bags of clothes for Hannah, a few clothes for Ignacio and two toys for him as well. There are so many people here that are clothes snobs. I'm sorry but if I just bought my daughter her entire summer wardrobe for $80 and they happen to also be name brand, I think I'm doing fabulous! A friend of my dads told him that she never clothes her grandchildren in used clothes, she's too good for that! 'scuuuuse me!
So I have Hannah completely outfitted for summertime and it's a relief on me! Yes I spent so much money but I did very well. For some reason no one around here has baby boys so there were hardly any baby boy clothes but I'll deal with it. I hit one house and this lady had nothing but sets of clothes. No separates. She buys all her stuff on the internet in sets so I got super lucky and basically bought an entire table worth of stuff from her. Hannah even scored a few pajama sets! And I even managed to find a maternity dress for this awful wedding I have to attend in August. 5 days before my due date. Down at our city "lake". I'm going to be such a b*&^% when that hits. August here is humid and hot and nasty and I'm going to be down near the water for over an hour sitting my fat butt there for someone who I hate...OMG! Why am I even going!?!? LoL. Gotta be nice, gotta be nice...In the process if meeting new friends and rekindling old friendships from high school, this is one of the girls who I had a BIG problem with in high school who thinks we are cool now...Gotta be nice, gotta be nice...Anyways, I scored a maternity shirt and got Abel a shirt as well. So it was a good day.
I'm sitting down finally, with a little over 3 months to go, trying to figure out what all I need for Ignacio. I can't quite actually get to the sitting down and doing the work part but it's nice thinking about it. LoL. Did any of you actually use a stroller? I can't figure out if I want to get one of the stroller and car seat combos, just a car seat or invest in a car seat and a double stroller. I'm having Ignacio in August, doubt I'll be taking him for a walk anytime before winter hits (which snow falls usually at the end of September). I just don't know what to do but really can't afford to waste money. Any hints or helpful ideas??? LOL.
Ugh so anyways, my dishes are doing themselves in the dishwasher and I'm going to wake up Hannah to go to the park with some friends. I met and talked to her soon to be daycare provider and am really excited for September to roll around. It sounds horrible I know, here I am a stay at home mommy and trying to dump my kid off on daycare. But Head Start is fully booked so far so they don't think they can get Hannah in on September and Hannah is in dire need of some kid time. She is definitely an only child as hard as we tried to not make her one but if she doesn't get near kids her own age, she'll be screwed for later. So I figure one day a week for 3 hours or so, she'll get some good kid time in and yet not be gone too long. And yes, with the new baby here, it will help me out to have sort of a break. I know, I am a huge slacker, no words for it. I have guilt trips about it don't worry...
Anywho I should get going. I need to get on here more often and post updates for everyone. I'm such a slacker on that too. I hope everyone's weekend went well and that you are all doing fabulous! Lots of love to you all!!



Sassy Pants Freckle Face said...

I would look into a sit and stand by baby trend, You'll Love trust me and you can get a carseat that will work as well and Baby trend has great saftey marks as well, Sorry about Cali. Maybe she can come out there???

Stephanie said...

A) I have TONS of boys stuff that I would love to pass onto you. Sassy Pants has written her name on a lot of it, but still, I have boxes and boxes of stuff that I won't use again and I'd love to see it go to you if you want.

B) I just bought a sling for Ella because we are going to brave the airport (on Friday, actually and with masks) and she is too small for a regular car seat yet so she can't go in a stroller. I thought I'd only use it the one time, but when I tried it out, I totally loved it. So you should try that if you don't want to spring for a stroller. Who'd have thought I'd turn into a baby wearer? Not me...

C)Want some maternity stuff as long as I'm sending you some baby clothes? Because I AM sending them to you; you rock and I want you to have my stuff. So there. You might be smaller than me (most people are; my ass doubles as a shelf, remember?) but I have tons of cute tops that might fit. If you want. I don't have use for them now, and even if I get pregnant again I know myself well enough to know I'll buy all new stuff. Because I like to exasperate my husband like that.

D) There's NO EFFING WAY I'd go to a wedding five days before my due date. You are a brave soul.

Justine/Justiney/Tiney said...

Score on the clothes! Hell, you DO have a washing machine. What's the big deal there?

I'm so sorry your CA trip is cancelled, but it's better to be on the safe side, especially when preggers. Can't mom come visit you?

Justine :o )