Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weed Nazi!

Ugh so Sassy Pants, you have a standing ovation from me girl! Well, no I'm not really standing but it's the thought that counts and girl, this thought is huge! LoL.
So, Beckie was bored today. Hubby left to do his "pool duty" as they refer to it on the rail. He went to Portal, Canada and comes back tomorrow. Typical run, not a biggie. So my father had bought these flowers and wanted me to plant them. Today was beautiful and Hannah has been a pill so I figured sure why not let's all go outside for the day and I'll do some planting finally. Ugh. Famous last words...
I will say thank God for small blessings. I'm terrified of bees. I can handle an IV and giving birth but one thought of a bee sting terrifies me, go figure. So I only saw two bees and it was sticking around one of my strawberry plants so I walked away and that was it. Thank you God. But the 4 hours of weed pulling just about killed me. I hate weeds. I spent 4 hours outside and when I had to quit to make dinner, I felt so good! I was like heck yeah, I rock at this and I love gardening and I can't wait to do this more often and yaaay. I was all kinds of making verbal love to myself. Until I stood up and REALLY took in what I did. Nothing. Seriously. It looks like I did nothing. The area I worked on isn't huge but then again it hasn't been touched in over 11 years. The weeds were so bad and twisted around the couple of Tiger Lillies that have been there since before we moved here and the grass outside of the little boundary bricks had grown over and actually covered my bricks! It took me four hours but I have a nice spot completely weed free and have uncovered a good amount of my bricks again. I just must be the slowest gardener in the world. I felt so good until I really surveyed my handiwork. Can I use the excuse that this is my first time gardening ever? LoL.
I have a nice patch out in back of the house that is going to be used for my veggie garden too. We're planting Onions, Cucumbers, Green Peppers, Tomatoes, Chili Peppers, Green Beans, and Lettuce out there. And then I have a rhubarb bush and a few strawberry and raspberry plants as well. I'm very excited. I'm planning on making my own baby food with this one. Only because I don't want to spend sooo much money on baby food when I can just mush up whatever we're eating. So that's what I'm doing with most of my veggies and fruits. Yay me, LoL. Susie freaking homemaker after all.
I got to go out the other night. A friend was having a birthday and one of the bars was having a huge Luai and DJ so of course the only thing to do in a small town? Hit the bars! My favorite thing about being pregnant? Putting on a skin tight shirt that flaunts the belly and walking into a bar to order a shirley temple, Haha! I love people staring at me for that one reason. Like it's wrong for a pregnant lady to go into a bar to have a good time. Hey, someone has to be the designated driver right? Anyways, so Abel came along and we got to go out for a few hours which was nice. Usually it's me and a few girlfriends or just him and his boys. Not ever us both. So we got to hang out with a bunch of our friends and I got to be one of two Designated Drivers and watch how funny (and stupid) drunk people can be. I was very proud of myself as well. After the bars closed down at 1am, we went to the birthday girls house to finish out our night. One girl who was very intoxicated started hitting on Abel and I didn't get my hackles up and freak out like I always threaten I would. I just laughed it off and told everyone around me when they became worried, "ehh it's okay, I know who my man is coming home with tonight". Abel said he was pretty impressed. I figure it's time to drop the high school crap and start acting like an adult right? LoL. Well...Most days, haha!!
So it wasn't the most amazing and glamorous night out but it was a night out and I had loads of fun.
A co-worker of Abel's passed away this week. Just a few days ago actually. It's been a trying time for me for some reason. I knew of the guy but didn't know the guy you know what I mean? I know his wife and can't stand her. I can be quite the snob when it comes to people in this town, you will soon find out btw...Anyways, the guy hung himself because for over a year he's been battling depression and his wife has been running around on him. I get so mad when I hear about railroad wives running around on their husbands. Seriously what is the difficult part of staying faithful like you vowed you would? It's my shining "society sucks" moment I apologize. Railroaders are gone for 2 days. Not even whole days mind you, but two days each time they make a run to Portal. And they don't go that often. most of the time they are stuck here in town doing yard work or whatever. So forgive me but where is the difficult part in being faithful? I tell Abel all the time, it's like a mini vacay for me. I adore him and love him and can be quite clingy but seriously? I enjoy sleeping in a full size bed all by myself sometimes. It can be nice every once in awhile, LoL. That and I can watch any movie I want, play the Xbox and skip out on doing chores for a day. So I look at it with a different view I guess. It just frustrates me to all get up why women in this town, and not just limited to this town mind you, but women can be so...grrr. You know? Abel and I talked about it and he knows he never has to worry about me and trust. Well, I told him that if I run into a very desperate Vin Diesel or Matthew Perry, we may have issues, LoL. but the chances of that actually happening...But I just feel horrid because what happened to this guy. I just feel bad....
Anyways to get off my pedastool now and quit my whining and griping about useless stuff...I'm posting pics of my pitiful flower bed. I still feel slightly good about how I did. I'll post another few when I finish. These can be counted as my "before" pics, haha.
Anyways, I hope you all are doing well! I get to go boil some water as our water heater went out and the plumber isn't coming until tomorrow and as I was playing in the dirt today, I should clean up. LoL. So have a good evening everyone! And I'll blog again another day!


~~My little flower corner. You can actually see the brick boundary again!~~

~~From afar...Doesn't look great...~~


Sassy Pants Freckle Face said...

well I should put a pick of my fat preggie a$$ with my weeding :) You rocked and you are 6 months prego so give yourself a big bag o cookies :)

Jill said...

Should you be doing all that weeding??? hmmmm.. NOPE! you shouldn't!

Justine said...

First, let me say that it sounds like Abel's coworker needed some counseling if he decided to hang himself. A normal person would not do that even if their wife is running around, ya know? And really, you have no clue what their marriage was like. Maybe he was abusive, or neglectful, etc. Not making excuses for the woman, but you just don't know.
Anyway! You did a great job on that little spot of garden, but boy oh boy, four hours for that one spot? Well, if the weeds were as thick there as they are in the rest of the area I can see why!

Justine :o )

Traceytreasure said...

I love your flower corner! It's very beautiful!! I don't know how I missed this post! Sorry!!

Hope you have a good Memorial Day.


Shauna said...

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