Friday, June 18, 2010

Hermie Review

This will be mighty short as I in the past hour have come home from my spontaneous trip to Montana. I'm not even going into the chaos that greeted me as I walked into the house....Egad!! So I will actually blog later...But for now...

I recently got a Hermie movie in the mail and watched it while we were gone. It's called Who Is In Charge Anyways? and it was super cute!!

When Freddie hears Hailey and Bailey ask their mother whats special about fleas, he think it's time to have a talk with God.

Freddie is reminded that Hermie and Flo and Buzby and Webster and even Antonio all had to learn important lessons before their special talents were put to use. Freddie learns that God didn't make anybody by accident, and that he's not finished with us yet.

It contains newly animated flashbacks of key garden characters in their youth along with pivotal scenes from classic episodes from the past. And the lesson is based upon Psalm 90:16 "Show your servants the wonderful things you do; show your greatness to their children."

Hannah really loves the Hermie series and the Buzby as well and this one didn't let us down at all. If you haven't found the Hermie series yet you absolutely have to try at least one. You'll be hooked!! :D

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