Sunday, June 6, 2010

I've Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts....

Deedly dee!! LoL. I love that movie...Wish I had it now. Ever get movie cravings? Where you just really want to watch a specific movie right now? I get those more frequently than food cravings. Hmm...

So how was everyone's week? Hoping all went well with everyone. I finally got my beautiful car. And loving it so much. It's a much bigger step to driving a car that literally runs on it's last leg. And now I have room for both of my children and groceries or something else at the same time. I used to have to put one or both kids in daycare in order to go grocery shopping. Not anymore :) And I'm not scared of driving anymore either. Best part ever.

I have accompplised paying off 85% of our debt. I love the brand new feeling that I have. I feel new. It's taken what seems like forever but it's finally almost over and I may end up with some credit yet! Yay!

the only part is, I feel mucky. On the outside I'm fine of course. I shower. But on the inside I feel...weird. like a little dark and murky. I can't really describe it. One of my closest friends has been ignoring me. She's the kind of person like I am, when I'm sad or upset, I shut down. She does too. And that's what she is doing. It's hard to not feel upside down. We're planning on going to Wisconsin on a trip with the kids at the end of the month and now I'm not so sure what's going on. I don't like it though, that's for sure.

So to bring a little sunshine into life I've decided to venture home for about a week. Abel is getting sent to Portal, Canada for at least a week and I don't feel like hanging around here alone for an entire week if not more. The house is too empty. I dis-like it. So I'm going to go visit my bestie and hang with her for a week. Plus, it'll be nice to be in Montana again. My mom is moving up to Bonners Ferry, Idaho in about a month so she's hoping that will help get me over there faster, haha.

My kitties are doing well. Such sweet little buggers. Hannah of course has to truck them everywhere but for the most part, they fit in great. Now if we could only find a home for our dog who attempted to eat one of the kitties, we'd be great!

For the most part that is it for me. I'm going to clean, get some groceries and pack. I'm heading out tomorrow same time as Abel does. So busy day ahead of me! Yay! So I hope you all have a fabulous week and I will be on when I get back.


Unknown Mami said...

Have a wonderful trip and congratulations on paying off so much debt. Hope things with your friend sort themselves out quickly.

Blessing said...

I'm cleaning right now too. I'm a new follower (via google connect). Thanks for sharing your thoughts on your blog. Looks like i'll be digging into archives. When you get a chance please stop over at Safe Home Happy Mom and follow us as well. Have a terrific week!