Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Gucci Mama!!!!

I like big. And bold. And what's bigger and bolder than posting about the high queen of Gucci's birthday!?!? That's right, today out of all the holy days in the year is the holiest. She turns another year sweeter, wiser, and more refined. Just not older, hehehe. Once you get to the high Queendom, you won't age either :P

If you have no idea who I am talking about, you should be ashamed! Letting such a fantastic woman (and a great bloggy friend as well!) get past you. You should visit her by clicking on her link. If that isn't incentive as it is, she is giving away something! I knwo right?!? Insane for someone to give away a gift on their own birthday!! But that's who she is, always giving and wonderful. So Gucci Mama I sincerly wish you a very happy birthday. And I hope today has nothing but happiness, great memories and blessings galore!

1 comment:

Gucci Mama said...

Thank you! This was an awesome birthday wish! You rock. Hope you win!