Friday, March 5, 2010

Post Number 100!

Woot-woot! It's my one hundreth post! I wish I had something to give out to all my followers and loyal commenters, sadly, I'm not cool like that. How do they say...I don't roll like that I guess...LoL.

My great grandpa died yesterday. If you are on my Facebook then you probably saw the long list of comments. It made me upset though which is probably very stupid. I posted about my poppa dying. He was my poppa. My Zayde actually but goys don't get the Hebrew words, so as to not confuse, I said papa. ANYWAYS. So along the way, the comments somehow got twisted to it being my father who died. Then began the LONG line of phone calls and text messages wanting to know when the funeral was and how I was doing and if they came down where would they be able to stay. One of my besties called and alerted me to what was going on and posted how it wasn't my dad who died but my great grandpa and yet, that somehow got missed because the comments and phone calls continued until this morning. I'm very thankful that had it been my father, so many people cared about me. But as I'm nearing my emotional break down point, it only upset me to have to go to each person and "fix it". I didn't put the status on my Facebook in any mixed up twisted way like I normally do, it was very easy to understand....I don't get it. I guess the game telephone works in person and on Facebook....

The whole issue of him passing didn't get messy until yesterday as well when my mother told me not to bother coming down. I loved my poppa. We had a very special reletionship and due to being just a child, I had family members insert their childish ways and drama and I wasn't allowed to see him for many years and had lost contact with him. He was the one to tell my family how he was going to raise a Jewish grandchild and not allow my mother to make me out to not know my heritage. I'm so thankful for that. And had my mother not have been so ignorant in her ways of dealing with BS and drama, I would have completed my learning and had my Bat Mitzvah. I don't blame my mother alone, but many of my "family". So many of them were involved in this big family ordeal. I grew up without knowing any of them except my grandmother. Now that I'm 25, everyone is cool again minus my grandmother and an uncle. My great uncle passed away a few months ago and because of that, everyone got together and said the I sorry's and everything is fine. For them. I feel left out because I don't know them and I'm not so quick to say oh let's be friends. It's more of a, where the heck were you when I was a kid and needed a family around her!?! It frustrates me more than anything. So when my mother told me not to come, I said fine, I don't need to be around those people anyways. When asked further I admit, I was pretty hot headed and said I have no use for people who don't appreciate and value family. I no longer consider myself to have family. I will teach my children that my husband and I are their family and that no matter what, you stand by your family. They will know family values, they will always be there for each other and help each other out no matter what. You know, be a family.

I have been stuffing my emotions for about half a year now and I think it is coming up on me because I am just so cranky and upset about it. It isn't just this but also Abel's family and their issues as well. Stupid family drama....

On to better news. I got a Cricut a few weeks ago and so far I have made a few decorations for the kids' scrapbooks and also a card! Which turned out fabulous! I have definitely found my new love. I ordered a photo box to sort and place my pictures instead of leaving them in the paper envelope they come in. It took me two hours last night but I have them sorted now and after I order about a thousand more pictures, I will be ready to sit down and begin doing my scrapbooking, LoL. I take tons of pictures but I never had the money to get them developed. Now playing catch up will bankrupt me Abel says, haha! But I'm glad this Cricut is so handy. I don't have to buy cards anymore but will make them and with that people will know the care and effort I put into their cards :) And they will say and look just like I want them to. Lo-o-o-ove it! Do I recommend a Cricut to everyone? Of course! USeful for anything!! My next step is to get the magnet background so I can make my own picture magnets and send them to people for Christmas! If they turn out like I hope, my gifts this year will scream love, be inexpensive, and be completely handmade. Love that too! I know...I know...March and I'm already thinking Christmas. Sick huh? Naah just trying to be well prepared. I vow to make this the first year I'm not running around at the last moment like a chicken with it's head cut off. Christmas has become more of a stress for me so if I complete the gifts ahead of time, like say, by November. I can sit and enjoy it this year. That's the plan...Let's see how well that goes.

I got the kid's Easter pictures done too! I got to shop at Children's Place thanks to Sassy Pants' recommendations of that place. I ordered two outfits a piece for the kids. One was a spring outfit and the other was a matching Easter outfit. And then we went to Sears and did our photos. And boy did they turn out! I am soo impressed! And so excited!





Along with pictures for Easter thsi year, I have taken the ball into my court and decided to put on the town's Easter Egg Hunt. They haven't had one in years and that makes me sad. So I teamed up with a friend from the city council and we are putting it on. He's doing the background work such as rdering eggs and getting the okay for the buildings used and stuff like that while I get the dirty work, stuffing eggs, painting eggs, hiding eggs. The fun stuff! LoL. I hope it goes as planned but I'm not a leader. Ever. I'm a tell-me-what-to-do-and-I'll-do-it kind of person. This is my first take charge and do it event and I'm excited! I just hope it goes as planned, LoL. And this year, the kids will have a Easter Egg hunto to do which makes it completely worth it. What is Easter without the egg hunt, right?

Well, folks, that's about it for me. I'm off to go mail a book of mine from that book swap thing (Has anyoen signed up under me yet???) and then my daily chores and talk to my daycare lady, I'm ordering in some scrapbook supplies that she sells, LoL. I'm an addict, I will admit. It has been great venting useless vent but now I'm all feeling better and will be making my usual sunshiney blogs again :) I hope everyone is doing well!! And I shall blog again later!

PS---> Has anyone seen Dear John yet? I bought the book, was told to wait until after I saw the movie, so now I'm going to the movie on Sunday night...I hope it's good...


Gucci Mama said...

The pictures are darling! I love the outfits!

Seems like every family has some crazy drama crap attached to it, though it doesn't make it easier, necessarily, to know yours isn't the only family full of nutcases. You're right; family should be a safe haven, a soft place to land. At least YOUR kids will know that and will have that experience.

Love ya. Have a good weekend!

Sassy Pants Freckle Face said...

Stunning pics!!!!
Dear jhon? nope?

Yes it is time for you to step it up you are a natural born leader, you'll rock the egg hunt!!!

Justine said...

Beckie, I'm so sorry that you lost your great grand, and that your family SUCKS! What the hell? how did you turn out so well grounded and family oriented when raised by people like that?

Holy cow, the pictures are truly incredible! To have both kids smiling and looking in the right direction at the same time is a feat in itself! And they're gorgeous... just truly gorgeous. I LOVE Hannah's dress!!!!!

I think it's funny that the first part of your post was about your Jewish heritage and the second part was about getting an EASTER egg hunt going. You confuse me. LOL

Justine :o )

Jessica said...

My family experience was the same way. The only family I have are my brothers and sisters.
It is enough.

What exactly is a cricut?

Unknown Mami said...

Congratulations on 100.

I am sorry for your loss. I'm also sorry you had to deal with the misinterpretation. Try not to focus on the negativity related with your extended family.

The children look beautiful.