Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm Sorry.

I'm sorry that I manage my money and pay my bills like a responsible person.

I'm sorry that my husband got blessed with a great job and now we can afford for me to stay home and take care of my children instead of having someone else do that for me.

I'm sorry that I choose to stay home and not only take care of my children, my house, our dog (dumb as she is) and the various errands and to-do's on my daily list, but also to take care of my father who on most days needs round the clock care and constant doctor appointments that are 2 hours away.

I'm sorry that I'm apparently "not good enough" to have my child in the government funded program called Head Start. Good to know that because my husband makes too much money, that I'm not working (well working under your definition of working that is) and that my child is not handicapped in any way, I can't enroll her into the ONLY form of school that there is in this town. But if my husband were to quit his job and trade it in for a minimum paying job, we were to join up on everything Welfare, and I was to dump my son off on someone else and expect them to raise him and pay out the butt to do so while making nothing and probably end up putting my father in a nursing home, I would be able to put my daughter into your program??? Good to know....

I'm sorry that I think my government sucks. And I'm sorry that I think small town living, officially has a suck point. And I'm sorry I'm so frustrated that my daughter will not be recieving education that she SHOULD BE entitled to just as much as anyone else, no matter the fact that my husband has a job and can provide for his family and that I choose to stay home to take care of my family.

Ugh. Horrible me. I'm sorry.

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