Saturday, April 17, 2010

You Can Be Everything God Wants You To Be

It's only Sunday and you're already dreading Monday. You spend 50+ hours at a job you hate andcome home too exhausted to pursue anything other than reality TV. You are not alone: 87 percent of workers don't find meaning at work and 80 percent believe their talents are unused. The resulting attitude impacts health, relationships, and a fundamental sense of happiness, but best-selling author Max Lucado has a cure. In his winsome, encouraging voice, Max gives practical toolsto explore your uniqueness, find motivation to put it to work, and get perspective to redefine your concept of work. It's never too late to uncover strengths, discover God's will, and cure the otherwise hopeless prognosis of a common life. You were created for a purpose, but not just any purpose–A special, divine purpose. Understanding that purpose and knowing how to go after it is the message of this book.

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