Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous day today! And remembering the TRUE purpose of this holiday. To remember the one who died for us. Sacrificed Himself for our sins and washed us clean. Are you remembering???

First stop today, check out Mass Hole Mommyshe has a fabulous giveaway going on for teething bling! Perfect if you have a teething baby like I do! I want one of these for Ignacio. No teeth yet and STILL teething and gnawing on everything like a mini beaver!

We are having a great time so far. Yesterday was the big Easter egg hunt that I put on for our town. A friend of mine and my husband and I stuffed a thousand plastic eggs with all kinds of treats and candies, got together 50 prizes plus 2 grand prizes for whoever found the two special eggs out there, and then spent an hour hiding them all. It went wonderful to be honest. I survived the stress of changing the location at last moment due to some unfortunate flooding of our original area. I also survived a public chewing out, and my butt shall heal thankfully. I won't go into details because I don't want to relive it again but I was in the clear, it wasn't anything that I could have done better or differently therefore I feel no guilt. What counts is that about a 100 kids had a fabulous time. And I have decided that while there will be people who will never be completely satisfied with how it goes, I still will push on and put on one every year. No one else will and knowing that these kids loved it this much, I want them to have something every year. So it went wonderfully.

My children woke up this morning and we brought down their Easter baskets for them. We don't do the bunny, only in jest. We did the story of Jesus dying and being resurrected and then we let them open up the gifts. Hannah got a Precious Moments basket that came with a dolly and some goodies plus a notebook and markers. Ignacio's held a stuffed frog and a few pieces of goodies that mommy was only too happy to eat for him, LoL. They also got both Toy Story movies as well. So it was a good Easter for them. We are now currently cleaning the house and doing laundry while I am continuously cooking and baking as we have some friends of ours coming over with their kiddos for dinner. I love cooking for others! Hannah got to pick out a few Easter goodies to give to them so she is excited for that as well. I'm teaching Hannah how to be giving and un-selfish. I think it is starting to take effect. I hope....

We are moving soon. Just houses, not towns or anything big like that. They have suspected our house to have black mold and it being the cause of dad going into the hospital so frequently. So Abel went down to our dirt basement to look around and he found mold growing everywhere. It's easy to fix, you just spray it with a special chemical or something and then pour cement. But we don't have time to do all this nor the money to put into a house that won't ever get sell for the amount we've invetsed so we have decided to buy a house and sell this one. So hopefully within the next month, we will be in a bigger and better house. Hopefully, keep your fingers crossed and prayers a'coming!

Well, my timer just beeped so it is time to baste my ham and get some more food going. I hope you all have a blessed holiday. Enjoy teh family and friends you are spending it with and remember to say an extra thanks at the table. For the one who died for us all! From the Guerra household-Happy Easter!!

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Krystyn said...

Happy (belated) Easter to you guys!

Sorry about the mold. That really stinks.